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  1. Kyoshi

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Congrats! EDIT: If it's digital, please share the link when it's up.
  2. Also like to add I feel that at this point, The Book of Dust is far ahead of His Dark Materials in terms of retaining the overall quality of the trilogy. IMHO, HDM started falling apart in the second book, if not structurally, then thematically.
  3. Agreed on a lot of points. To add to that:
  4. but it's also telling that the show/HBO thought that, as someone else has said, Lena Heady standing by a window and drinking wine, was compelling enough to submit as a viable choice.
  5. Agreed. I expected GoT to win nearly everything it was nominated in,because nostalgia and "rewarding the entire body of work" and all that... but that was before Season 8 premiered and even the unsullied turned on it.
  6. Sorry about the repeat posts. Also sorry if this has already been discussed. As you were...
  7. Have you guys seen this?
  8. Kyoshi

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Congratulations!!! Hope to see it on the shelves soon.
  9. everything was stupid and i have no words. but the dragon's death just made this whole series pointless. if dragons were so vulnerable and useless as demonstrated on the show, how the f**k did aegon and his sisters conquer a whole huge continent with just 3 dragons?!
  10. Fringe, not sure how I feel about its ending.
  11. I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but I thought Friday Night Lights ended at the right time.
  12. Similarly, "true trek fans" need to leave people who enjoy Discovery alone. For me, Charmed is a special show. I totally hate the reboot/remake or whatever the new installment is. What I don't do, is try to ruin it for people who do genuinely enjoy it. Same with Game of Thrones. I think the show is pure crap now. I'll complain about it here, especially in rant and rave, where it's essentially an echo chamber. But to dedicate myself to convincing people who enjoy it that's it's pure crap, is something I have no right doing. Leave people alone, is my thing. We can't all love/hate the same things. And we really shouldn't. And that's my issue with "true trek fans." The pretentiousness and self importance, no offence meant.