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  1. yeah, totally decided to read the books just to understand that part.
  2. Loved the show, but I think what I find most disturbing, is how we're now discussing the semantics of abuse. I don't think any abuser thinks they're an abuser, I don't think an abuser's intentions are important, abuse is abuse, and Diana's account of things has been, quite literally, documented. In her own words, pun intended. EDIT: Just to clarify, not fighting, not accusing anyone of anything, just passing by.
  3. Reading that you saw your book was on loan, @The Marquis de Leech, and that you saw yours on a shelf against known titles, @Derfel Cadarn, kind of made me smile ... okay, it definitely made me smile. That's kind of beautiful.
  4. I think this is what irks me about the selection, it does seem that the Academy was trying to correct the error with Dylan. And I say this without trying to take anything away from Glück; but I'd have preferred if she perhaps won it in Dylan's year, and the Academy could have then made its way to rewarding someone on the perennial bridesmaid list. I'm honestly personally tired of constantly hoping Ngugi Wa Thiong'o will bring it home. PS: also kind of unhappy an organisations was picked for Peace. Personally not a fan of organisations getting awards and stuff, especially the Peace one.
  5. Regarding the name: probabaly what @A Horse Named Stranger said. Names are important to people; we see it even more recently with more people insisting on their names being spelled and pronounced correctly (this is a thing in South Africa). I'd also insist, whether or not Americans would pronounce it correctly, I'd even go as far as putting the umlaut with a pen/pencil on printouts that didn't have it, when I could.
  6. Congratulations. And thanks for sharing. FYI, the link gave me an English option.
  7. Just a small but totally not so small nitpick, it's not Margot Martindale, it's Character Actress Margot Martindale! But yeah, I've literally never heard of most of these shows. So I was rooting for Character Actress Margot Martindale by default because I've never seen her be bad in anything, ever. And What We Do In the Shadows, because that stuff is hilarious.
  8. This is some legendary stuff. I just came here to say I love everyone on here. Good luck with everything. No, I'm not high or drunk.
  9. Thanks for this. But I guess I'm naive because even with this, I just don't understand how a group of professional adult people sat in a room and decided this was a good idea. In 2020. This is basic idiocy, and I thought we'd advanced beyond this is a species, you know, in terms of microaggressions. This is just first level, basic nonsense. It's really disappointing.
  10. But why market it under the diversity banner? That's misleading and... ...I just lost interest.
  11. It's actually shocking though. Surely (some of) these books have descriptions of the characters in the story... but if the cover is a dude with a turban, or a chick with dreadlocks... that just... I guess I'm just trying to understand how anyone thought this was a good idea. Like: who came up with the idea and why weren't they immediately frowned on and told "shame"? Who approved this? How did NO ONE at any point in this process think this was a bad idea? It makes no sense.
  12. I saw this. People are rightfully pissed. Like... why not just promote books by diverse voices. I believe there's something called "own voices stories." Why not just promote that instead?
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