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  1. Kyoshi

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    GN having weapons in season 1 speaks to how the rules don't apply to them for some weird reason. Ake going off wouldn't necessarily alert anyone since the remaining Ghost Nation hosts would continue on with their programmed slaughter. And like someone else said, it was pre-reverie programming that Ake deviated. And I personally expect all kinds of incompetence for something this huge. So early-days incompetence makes more sense to me than complete competence. I mean, we have some of the "butchers" essentially pimping hosts without anyone "important" caring. Even Elsie uses it to her advantage at some point. I'm actually more shocked that the park has managed to keep the tech this contained for so long. Screw ups make sense to me. But maybe I just have low standards.
  2. Kyoshi

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Not necessarily. Ghost Nation is a weird anomaly. Like I said, one reason the Woodcutter was noticed was because he was the only one of his group allowed a weapon (that wasn't a gun). And I'm guessing it's because axes and knives don't have the same rules as guns, because we've seen that hosts couldn't kill guests because that function wasn't enabled. Or something like that. This is since QA took over, which I'm guessing is more recent than Ake's awakening. But throughout season 1, even with QA in charge, Ghost Nation is roaming around freely with weapons. And there seems to be an unspoken rule that no one f***s with them. Even Maeve couldn't control them. So if there's a plot hole, it maybe starts there. I'm also of the mind that Ghost Nation was largely ignored because they're Native. In fact, that was the first thing I thought. And maybe I'm wrong. But it honestly makes sense to me.
  3. Kyoshi

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    The guy in season 1 got noticed because he was the only one of his group to carry a weapon. The Woodcutter, I think they called him. So when he went off, roughly six other hosts got stuck in a non-standard loop because none of them could cut wood for the fire to make food. And so they didn't reach some place they were meant to go to, irrc. So the woodcutter got noticed because his trailing off visibly altered a storyline.
  4. Kyoshi

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Also, I feel like it makes sense that Ghost Nation was largely ignored and Ake allowed to evolve without interference. These worlds are very disturbing. You have ridiculously rich people paying ridiculous sums of money to basically live out some of the most oppressive times. The first time Ake was reprogrammed one of the techs says something like "dehumanise him. Makes it easier for the ghosts to treat him like crap. They'll feel good about themselves." I don't think it's coincidence that the hosts that have been awake the longest, without anyone seemingly caring, also happen to be native American. Last season we saw that some of the tribes had built being taken for repairs into their religion/mythology. Maeve draws a picture at one point and asks Hector what it is, and Hector says some tribes believe there are worldwalker/dreamwalkers, people who can go between worlds. So yeah, ramble over but I feel like everything fits together nicely. Perhaps too nicely even.
  5. Kyoshi

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Hope I'm not just being dumb, but regarding the switch between Lakota and English, for some reason I felt it was meant to indicate that throughout the episode Ake was actually talking to Maeve. I feel like since the daughter remembered things from before, and we saw that she wasn't afraid of him (having given him water and made friends and all that), in this whole episode Ake was actually trying to justify himself to Maeve. This made way more sense in my head. But Maeve is the one host we've seen switch languages. I think they all have this built in but yeah....I'm rambling now... My favourite epsiode of the series so far. Mostly because Ghost Nation's separateness from everyone else finally makes sense to me. So the plot holes don't really seem like holes to me.
  6. Kyoshi

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    ^^ thanks for the info. Would be great to get it all in one volume. Thing is, most stores and libraries I've been trying have the fourth book under "currently unavailable." That's where the frustration is coming in, some have the first 1 or 2, and another will have the 3rd, but none have the last. I've had to audiobook it (not my favourite thing to do, especially jarring given that I read the first 3).
  7. Kyoshi

    March 2018 reads: share your latest books read

    Reading The Long Price Qaurtet for the first time. Really good series. But also really frustrating because (as far as I can tell) the series isn't tremendously popular and copies of the books are very hard to get hold of. I'm afraid I'll end up getting spoiled as I search for the books.
  8. I'm also calling it Colonial World.
  9. Kyoshi

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Nothing to add. Just that I'm so dumb. Was watching the latest episode last night and it literally just dawned on me that Elizabeth and Phillip are named Elizabeth and Phillip. I obviously knew their names, but I just didn't make the connection until last night. I'll show myself out now.
  10. Kyoshi

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    We're watching. Some of us just have nothing to say and enjoy reading other people's analyses.
  11. Kyoshi

    His Dark Materials Series

    lol. This happened to me too.
  12. Kyoshi

    Academy Awards 2018: Oscar Night

    Lol at the people who think there's a right and wrong way to speak out against the horrors experienced by women in Hollywood. Women are tired. Women are tired of being harassased and assaulted and when they stay silent they're told "why didn't they speak up/why didn't they speak up sooner?" And when they do speak up they get told "this is not how you should speak up. speak this way or that way." Anyhoo, was rooting for Dunkirk and Nolan. Sad Nolan didn't get it. But McDormand's speech cheered me up well enough. Wasn't particularly invested this year since I watched literally two nominated movies.
  13. Kyoshi

    Survivor 35: "Heroes vs. Heroes vs. Hustlers"

    Well, that finale was definitely rigged.
  14. Kyoshi

    Survivor 35: "Heroes vs. Heroes vs. Hustlers"

    Well, to start with, the editing patterns in Survivor always favour male players over females. Especially in the early seasons, seasons in which men won were certainly edited to showcase why the men won; while seasons in which women won were edited to highlight why men lost. Think of Sandra in PI*, Natalie White in Samoa, Amber in All-Stars, Jenna in Amazon, etc. Australian Outback's outcome is still, to this day, seen as Colby's mistake as opposed to Tina's amazing win. With the exception of Micronesia, seasons where only women are in the finals tend to be more balanced in how the players are shown, but overall everyone seems to be somewhat blander. Marquesas comes to mind as one of the first seasons where this happened. SJDS is another one; they spent so much time focused on Josh and Jeremy in the pre-merge that we thought brilliant people like Natalie were non-factors. By the time we came around to Natalie, her story was all about avenging Jeremy and by then the season was in the toilet bowl. Sandra's story in PI was about avenging Rupert, and in HvH it was somewhat about avenging Rob Mariano...it wasn't completely about HER, but about the man she was attached to in the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but no male player have had a stories like these. Things like that are so glaring that I can't believe no one who has watched the show since its inception has not noticed. And when asked of these editing patterns, I believe Jeff alluded to that female player games aren't dynamic enough i.e. flashy. So production obviously has a preferred game-type they like to show us. They deem it as more entertaining. If these players are in trouble, it makes sense to want to keep them in the game. As to this season, there are things like this: Dr Mike said that one of the reasons he didn't believe there was another idol was because he had looked everywhere and nothing could be found. I think that's one of the reasons they didn't feel the need to follow Ben around. Its late in the game and they've looked themselves to no avail. But Ben, while looking, just happened to stumble yet another clue. I'm not saying women haven't found these things. and I'm not saying all male players who have found idols have had production assistance, I'm simply saying that some of these players, especially those who are favoured by the producers, have, from time to time, benefited from the favouritism. Also, I can't believe that a whole demographic of people don't go looking for idols. Sandra can't be the only woman in the history of the show who has actively sought an idol. *At the time it aired, PI was certainly Fairplay and Rupert's season.
  15. Kyoshi

    Survivor 35: "Heroes vs. Heroes vs. Hustlers"

    I agree there are too many idols. There are always rumours that the production team always goes out of its way to "assist" alpha male archetypes* whenever they're in trouble. They'll suddenly find a random idol, or the immunity challenge will be less about endurance (these challenges usually favour older women) and more cardio-related. Well, Ben finding that idol really pissed me off because the rumour just seems to have more strength now. Also, players can be complete jackasses and completely disregard social and strategic play and simply rely on the idols. Too many idols and they remove so much from the game. The game becomes too dependent on luck*. *Historically, far more men have found idols than women. It's a ridiculous ratio that I can't quote off the top of my head, but just from memory, the only women I know for sure with idols are Kim, Sandra and Parvati. Men: Russell (multiple times), Ben (multiple times), Mike, Ryan, Adam, Yul, Jeremy (multiple times), Tony (multiple times), JT, Malcolm, Tai, Joe(multiple times)...There has to be something there. But I still love the season. Still rooting for Chrissy to win.