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  1. Sorry about the repeat posts. Also sorry if this has already been discussed. As you were...
  2. Have you guys seen this?
  3. Kyoshi

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Congratulations!!! Hope to see it on the shelves soon.
  4. everything was stupid and i have no words. but the dragon's death just made this whole series pointless. if dragons were so vulnerable and useless as demonstrated on the show, how the f**k did aegon and his sisters conquer a whole huge continent with just 3 dragons?!
  5. Fringe, not sure how I feel about its ending.
  6. I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but I thought Friday Night Lights ended at the right time.
  7. Similarly, "true trek fans" need to leave people who enjoy Discovery alone. For me, Charmed is a special show. I totally hate the reboot/remake or whatever the new installment is. What I don't do, is try to ruin it for people who do genuinely enjoy it. Same with Game of Thrones. I think the show is pure crap now. I'll complain about it here, especially in rant and rave, where it's essentially an echo chamber. But to dedicate myself to convincing people who enjoy it that's it's pure crap, is something I have no right doing. Leave people alone, is my thing. We can't all love/hate the same things. And we really shouldn't. And that's my issue with "true trek fans." The pretentiousness and self importance, no offence meant.
  8. Seen it too. Calculus.
  9. I think I'll start with the most recent and work my way backwards. Maybe that will improve my experience. Main reason I started with the orginal series was Leonard Nimoy. Loved the guy and he carried the show for me. Plus, and maybe I'm small minded, but like Whoopi Goldberg, it blew my mind that the one black woman on the show even "back then" wasn't a maid. Honestly didn't expect that. So ironic that a certain group of Discovery detractors are so against "SJW bullshit." But that's another debate altogether. But yeah, I'll concede that maybe I need to widen my Trek knowledge. I'm just dreading having to rewatch 2 episodes of next generation because I honestly have no recollection of what happened and I hate jumping into the middle of a show with no prior knowledge. Another reason I started with the original series. So I guess I can't start with the most recent and go backwards...Ugh. On the bright side, I have a new show to binge.
  10. That's my biggest frustration. I'm with you here.
  11. Heartofice and Gertrude, I get it. I also have frustrations with Discovery. And I concede that the show sometimes sets itself up for failure. It smacks of desperation when we suddenly see No 1 for literally 2 minutes and Spock's name gets dropped every 5 seconds. But at the same time, people want it to be "more trek" and I'm thinking the writers wrote themselves into a corner they can't quite get out of. I honestly do think the show tried to be itself (which resulted in the proverbial corner the writers wrote themselves into) but that wasn't good enough for the fandom. They're dammed whatever they do; either they're trying too hard to be trek or not trying hard enough. And I disagree that the older versions could be excused for being products of their time. The old pilot with Pike was better than the stuff that followed in my opinion. For example, and maybe it's a small thing, but No 1's outfit was totally practical in the discarded pilot... then in the later pilot we got the USS Callister stuff (I'm guessing after some screen/audience tests), showing that "progressive thinking" wasn't so farfetched, the show just decided on the USS Callister stuff. For some reason Discovery isn't allowed the same freedom of (for lack of a better word) discovery. I know it's season 2, but they're only on episode 20 or so. I honestly don't know what to say about how detractors of Discovery like to congratulate themselves for being "true fans of true trek." So I won't be touching that even with a twenty foot pole.
  12. The first bit of this post summarises my frustration with the show's reception. People, or rather, Trek fans, aren't disappointed with the show itself but with their expectations of the show. The criticism isn't on the show's failings, but people just being generally pissed that it didn't do this thing or that things or some other random thing the way another version of the franchise would have done. This isn't directed at you per se but at the general crapstorm that's been the reception. Nostalgia and somewhat misplaced reverence for older versions, in my very humble opinion, have been this show's biggest obstacle. I finished watching the original series for the first time not too long ago and honestly, so much of it was so problematic that I started to believe I actually watched a different show from everyone else. I've been on episode 3 of the one after the orginal series (honestly can't be bothered to check the subtitle) for literally 2+ years now and I don't see myself continuing any time soon. But Discovery, for some reason, really works for me. The Klingons are freaking stupid and I have no idea why they thought that was a good idea to begin with, but everything else has, in my opinion, not been as bad as lamented here and elsewhere. And it's quite honestly the only show I'm genuinely excited about every week. But I'm thinking that's because The Americans is over. Ugh. Anyway, it's just been interesting observing the reception.
  13. I'm honestly sitting here thinking that's the reason Gaga got the nom. Didn't see the film, but she looked "ordinary" in one of the promo pictures and I thought wow, she looks like she could have killed it here. I mean, we're used to meat dresses and stuff like that with her. But again, I didn't see the film so she might have actually been brilliant.