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    I play in two online Pathfinder D&D games. Basically the games are set up in a message board/forum much like this one here at Westeros. We have a couple different threads going on depending on what all is happening in the game including the game thread, a thread of out of character planning and discussion, a party status thread, a map thread, etc. All the players have their own individual forums where only they and the GM can see what is going on there. This is cool because it allows the different members of the party to split off and do their own thing or be given additional information that would only be known to their character. As we progress through the story, the GM will open new chapter threads for ease of organization and story telling. The way stuff actually happens is the GM will post the particulars of a scenario (ie combat, diplomacy, shopping, sneaking around, etc). Then each of the players can post their character's actions. The GM filters and processes all the actions then posts up an update. The GM does all the rolling behind the scenes and incorporates successful and failing rolls into the storytelling. Obviously, it takes a long time to play this way but both games I am in have been going strong for 2+ years with up to 8 players in one of games at once. We have friends from all over the US and overseas all playing in one game. I really do prefer this style of play to table top gaming for a number of reasons. #1 it is too hard to get everyone together in the same place for hours at a time like we could back in high school and college. 2) You can really put a lot more thought into what your character is doing if you have 5-10 minutes to organize your thoughts 3) there is a permanent record of all that goes on in the game so you can go back and find important information when it's needed. I have an entire folder of bookmarks in my browser with posts that I think will be relevant later on. Anyways, until one of my friends asked me to join his game almost 3 years ago, I hadn't played any D&D in almost a decade. As much as I enjoyed playing it as a kid, I just never found time to play once I had more adult responsibilities and hobbies. This way, I post in each game once or twice a day... I can take off on vacation for a week and allow the party to use my character as an NPC/Group-controlled PC... it really is the ideal way for me to play.