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    Destiny of Jon Snow

    The wildlings, apart from Tyrion, were the only people who treated Jon just as a person. Not a Stark, bastard, or anything, but the man he was. It makes 100% sense for him to leave behind the petty world of Westeros and live beyond the wall. The NW even murdered him once, do not think he thought of that place with any fond memories.
  2. Loved pretty much every scene, and made up for Episode 3 horrible battle. Finally we see why dragons won Aegon Westeros pretty much single handed. Freakish force of nature.
  3. spivo

    Arya and the Horse

    I thought the horse was Jaqen H'ghar. Would have been a huge step-up in faceless disguise.
  4. Giving it a 8. It was good, lot of pretty scenes, action and some good dialoge. But can not give it a 9 or 10 when the battle tactics were so bad on both sides. I did not like Jon being a retard. I never liked main characters acting stupid/rash, it makes me stop caring if they succeed or not. Would have been really great if he had stayed with the formation. My problem was that Ramseys secure position and superior numbers should have made them obliterate Jon's army. Instead he orders a charge, and have his men kill his own cavalry. It has been made clear over and over in the show, that cavalry rules. Are horses (and competent riders) that plentyful that you can afford doing that crap??? It made me remember "Braveheart", where he orders to shoot at the melee, but like he said: "We have reserves", and that was infantry vs. infantry, which is not costy to replace. Then the pikemen being allowed to encircle them... reminded me of when bad guys are allowed their evil monolgue without anyone doing anything And I would have surrendered, if I had been one of those pikemen when 5000 vale knights came charging in. But guess I am a coward...
  5. spivo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    No clue why people didn't like the Hound/Brienne fight, disregarding "book vs. series". The Hound had a fever, this is what happens when a wound infests. This lowers all of your physical/mental abilities. It's not like drinking wine where your mental abilities are lowered, so you react slower. When drunk your strength remains, if you strike, you can still strike hard. And when drunk you are able to ignore pain better, but when having a fever pain is enhanced, just like having a constant headache. He wields a big heavy sword, she wields a sword made from a strong light material, so he'll also be out of breath even faster. Finally, she fought for her honour, for the oath she's taken. He was beaten, he knew he was going to die soon anyway, and he also knew it would be a matter of days before Arya would slip away and leave him alone. He had nothing left to fight for.
  6. spivo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I wanted to rate this a 9, but the lack of LS and book-fanatics crying over it puts me to a 10, simply for that enjoyment. I love D&D goes another way than the books. I've read the books, but really sorely annoyed when I hear/read some snide remarks from people who read the books like: "Yeah, but just wait till blah blah blah".
  7. Best part will be when people start complaining that the book "adaptation" stray to far from the series :P
  8. I gave it a 7. It's a good long fight, but I like aGoT for the intrigue and plotting. The "head on anvil" was annoying, as was the throwing through stuff afterwards. Styr has no reason to prolong his fight with Jon, just to continue bashing his head on the anvil until it was a bloody pulp. I would have preferred Alliser to shine down there, and show just why he is Master-at-Arms, maybe even have him save Jon and say the line: "We can go on hating when this is over" then. And finally, to much will be cramped in to episode 10, or postponed to season 5.