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  1. Wolf's Bane

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    Harsh lands make for harsh people. Civilization may fall to the savages because of their lack of unity and too much fighting among the families.
  2. Wolf's Bane

    Second son Prince vs Great House firstborn

    You mean a Targaryen or Baratheon prince versus the heir to a great house. Viserys Targaryen + Tommen Baratheon vs. Brandon Stark + Robin Arryn. The answer is complicated. It depends on how many people in the line of succession are ahead of the prince. It depends on what the bride's house is in need of. Do they desire prestige or wealth. Go with the prince if the girl's house is already rich and they want social elevation. Go with the heir to a rich house if the girl's family is in need of cash.
  3. Wolf's Bane

    Did LF encourage Joffrey to beat Sansa?

    Joff has a mean streak and he doesn't need motivation to torment people. LF has nothing against Sansa.
  4. Wolf's Bane

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

    Yes and thank the seven it wasn't them.
  5. Wolf's Bane

    Danys campaign

    I can see that too. Just like letting the wildlings into the north will be a big negative PR for Stannis. The Dothraki might do the same for Dany. But you know, the hardest thing in preparing for war is getting enough faithful soldiers to follow you into battle. So maybe Illyrio, Drogo, Viserys, and Varys considered the positive outweighed the bad. Perception can always be changed. The Dothraki are not going to take up permanent residence in Westeros. That was never the plan. The plan was to give back a gift to King Viserys III from the khalasar. The gift is Westeros, tied up in a neat bow. I don't think Dany has to have the Dothraki to take back Westeros. The logistics of taking that many men and horses on a boat across the ocean is too difficult.
  6. Wolf's Bane

    Danys campaign

    Very true. The Dothraki will get bored and high tail it back home to their grasslands. The support of the dragons and the unsullied changes the game though. Agreed.
  7. It is my opinion that Mance Rayder broke guest rights when he entered Winterfell and stole fArya from the Boltons. Jon Snow and Mellissandre convinced Mance Rayder to steal fArya Stark from her husband, Ramsay Bolton. Mance lied and presented himself as a traveling entertainer (bard). Mance and his women ate the food and drank the wine of their hosts, the Boltons. They commit murder beneath the roof of their guests. They murdered the Bolton serving men. They remove fArya from Winterfell, from her husband. That's an egregious violation of guest rights. That makes Mel and Jon indirectly guilt to the breaking of guest rights.
  8. Wolf's Bane

    The Trial of Roose Bolton

    One minor question. Are there any witnesses to the stabbing available to testify? Catelyn saw it but she's dead. I don't think she can remain fresh for too much longer.
  9. Wolf's Bane

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    People always have a choice. If people are only able to behave according to how they were brought up, the world would never change. Humans always have a choice even if it is not an easy choice. If they choose to live according to their culture instead of pursuing the moral course (a life without owning a slave) then they are guilty by choice. They were brought up and educated to become slave masters but they have free will. Dany gave them a choice. Release their slaves or face the consequences. She gave them a completely fair choice. They chose to continue to victimize the weak and take away the liberties of other men. They chose to fight the change and lost. It is within Dany's rights to judge them in whatever standards she chooses to apply. She gets to make the rules and deliver punishment. She is within her rights to set an example and send a message to the harpies. The harpies would have been worse with open defiance if she had not executed those men. At least they walk softly because they're afraid.
  10. Wolf's Bane

    The Trial of Roose Bolton

    Roose loses his head as soon as he loses this battle. He won't get a chance to plead his side. We can't assume that because Tyrion got a trial twice that the same opportunity will extend to Roose Bolton. His only chance is to win the battle and kill Stannis.
  11. Wolf's Bane

    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    Arya Lady Stoneheart Walder Oznak Zo Phal's family Littlefinger Doran Pyat Pree I also think it is within Arya to burn down a city if it is the only means of getting Cersei. While the faceless men may teach the avoidance of collateral damage, Arya has shown that she put a higher priority on her obsession with revenge than she does with following their rules. She is a lot like Jon in many ways. Jon places a higher priority in protecting his Stark family than he does with protecting the realm from the white walkers. Which is stupid but that is another discussion for another topic. Arya is fickle. She picks and chooses the rules that she wants to follow. She wants to learn the killing skills from the faceless men but she will only follow their rules as long as they don't stand in the way of her revenge.
  12. Wolf's Bane

    Rethinking Saint Jon and Winterfell

    Quoting yourself? By the way, it would have been wrong for Jon to ship Arya off to Essos to get her away from her husband. That's the equivalent of throwing down the gauntlet and declaring war on Roose and Ramsay Bolton.
  13. Wolf's Bane

    Rethinking Saint Jon and Winterfell

    No doubt he won't come back a better person. I mean, he was already slipping down the dark path for quite some time. It's a bit like Anakin's extreme feelings for the people he loved made him fearful and he lost his way. Jon's fears for his family, first for Robb and later for Arya, causes him to break his oaths and betray his sworn brothers. You might want to search for a subject called "Will Jon Go Mad?" Jon's weakness for Arya made him vulnerable to make shitty decisions. The plan to remove Arya from Ramsay's household and take her where Ramsay can't find her was all Jon's. Mellisandre played the role of temptress, the devil on Jon's shoulder, but it was Jon who was responsible for the decision. She quickly determined Jon's weakness for Arya and like sweet temptation, she dangled the wildling, Mance Rayder, in front of Jon to tempt him. Jon knew it was wrong. He even thinks to himself how he would respond if one of his sworn brothers faced the same choices. Jon knew it was wrong but the temptation to get Arya from Ramsay was more than he cared to resist. So far as Winterfell, sure. Sure, he was able to resist that temptation from Stannis. It was the temptation to rescue Arya that he was unable to resist. Jon should stay dead. I think the story would be better served and fits the theme of people who screw up and break their oaths getting killed. Stannis dangled Winterfell in front of Jon and he passed that test. It was only when Mellisandre dangled Mance Rayder in front of Jon that he broke down and took steps to get his sister. I don't think Winterfell, at least up to the time of ADWD, is a big temptation for Jon. His Achilles' Heel is his strong feelings for Arya and Robb.
  14. Wolf's Bane

    Ancient Kings

    Dany and Bran are the parallel characters in the story. The story in the books is what I meant, not the show. They go through a similar experience and both had to make an important choice that will affect them the rest of their lives. The choices they made are complex but if we break it down to the essence, it is about choosing to "die" or to live. To Bran, it meant leaving behind Winterfell and his family. Bloodraven's cave is a place of safety where he can live but it also meant embracing his role as the Greenseer. To Daenerys, it meant avoiding Vaes Dothrak and finding safety behind the red door. Somehow she figured out that the only door to safety is to embrace the dragons and become powerful. Safety is not found behind a red door but by having great power.
  15. Wolf's Bane

    Lady Dustin and Rickard Stark's Southron Ambitions

    I didn't need this to convince me that Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon were up to something. That YT interview confirmed it though. At his most innocent, Rickard Stark was trying to build an alliance that could rival his King's power. Rickard and Robert were not loyal to their King. That is fact. I think Aerys had Brandon questioned during his incarceration and he only let the hotheaded wolf live long enough to lure his father out of Winterfell to execute him. Brandon and Rickard were never going to leave King's Landing. It was actually a good plan and it worked fabulously. Aerys got rid of one head of the conspiracy. I just wished he had planned better for taking out Robert and Ned. Hiring an assassin to kill Robert is a better idea even if expensive. The expense is nothing compared to the cost of war and the Targaryen treasury was very rich.