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  1. 1Ice is very important symbolically. It is cold steel forged by fire. The human conflict in this epic is not about Daenerys and her dragons versus the White Walkers. That may happen but it has nothing to do with the conflict within the human heart. The most immediate reason for why Westeros is in such a sorry state right now is because of the Starks and the Lannisters. Fire (Targaryens) forged the kingdom into one, bound the families into one kingdom, as fire forged cold steel into swords. Which is necessary to better the lives of the working class. Daenerys will need to forge Westeros into one Queendom and make it a part of larger empire. The Starks and the Lannisters will have to first fight it out again. The Lannisters won the first round. I am sure the Starks will win the second and final round. A Baratheon (stag) alliance was one cause of ruin for the Starks. The Lannisters (lion) divided the wolf pack. On the small scale, it will be a Baratheon (gendry) who will forge the Stark pack again. Daenerys (Dragon) is playing on a grander scale and will forge the kingdoms into one empire after the snows have receded. An empire is necessary to keep the prohibition against slavery intact in Essos. 2I do not care for the Starks. In my opinion, some of them will turn their backs on Westeros and pursue their own deal with the White Walkers.
  2. 1It is most likely a political divide between political parties or even between the ruling classes. The lesson, which is the critique of the moral frailty of the human heart, is lost if one person committed a sin that brought the calamity down on everybody. The disaster in Westeros now is caused by many leaders who failed the people: Robb Stark, Robert Baratheon, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, and Jon Arryn. 2The Daynes were able to keep the sword in their possession for so long because of their tradition of giving it only to those deemed worthy. In contrast to how the other families kept theirs. They do not award just to any meathead because he is the highest ranking member of the clan. 3Those black stones are man made. It is rather unusual to have these stones in many places and yet not a quarry in sight. There will be many other buildings in the area made of the same stone if it was quarried locally. I do not have to tell you the logistics of transporting stones across the world. Impossible at the quantity required.
  3. Varys sent the real baby to Pentos. Magister switches babies and gets rid of the real boy. Sends his boy Connington.
  4. My own theory says Illyrio Mopatis is hiding something from Varys. Young Griff is a Blackfyre. The magister is a Blackfyre supporter. Varys does not know. He believes YG is a Targaryen. There are plenty of Blackfyre bastard descendants in Essos. A man with resources can pick up a baby boy easily.
  5. We haven't any idea how long of time the books will cover. The dragons will get to the size of Balerion before the story ends. Daenerys and Drogon can go to Asshai on their own. Martin could leave out the details to maintain the air of mystery surrounding Asshai. He may give us a few clues much later on through her memories looking back. Me, I would much rather get her point of view chapters in Asshai. It is much too interesting of a place to conceal from the fans.
  6. This is for her future. After the threat of the white walkers have been addressed. One of the failings for many leaders in the story is the inability to prioritize. It is what ended the leaderships of Robb Stark and Jon Snow. It is the part of the reason for their failures. Daenerys has better judgment than those two. Save the world first before stopping slavery. Make sure there is a world to save before trying to improve that world. I believe this is what Quaithe wants her to learn. There is no other leader in the story capable of bringing about this kind of positive social change.
  7. Of course they were. One of the rivalries in this series is the one between the Starks and the Lannisters. The Lannisters are disgusting. I think we will learn as the story continues to reveal the past that the Starks are just as awful. Ned was the exception among the Starks because he was actually a decent guy.
  8. Because he carried a big ass warhammer that nobody wanted to come in contact with.
  9. Hello there. Well, for one, it is sometimes a moral act to risk oneself to help another.
  10. The nobility of House Velaryon date farther back from before the conquest. It is right to see them as an old, established house. The disregard for House Frey is partially if not largely due to snobbery on the part of the Tullys. Running the business of collecting toll from everybody who uses the bridge made the Freys unpopular too.
  11. They were both wrong but Jon started that problem. He couldn't stay out of Ramsay's business and dragged the NW into something it should never do.
  12. Well-said. I can agree. Revenge and justice are not the same. Jon, Arya, Manderly, and Lady Stoneheart have forgotten the significant difference.
  13. She is slow-poisoning SweetRobin and helping Petyr Baelish carry out his deceptive plot. She witnessed and stayed silent the killing of Lady Arryn. She's gone darker to me. Bran has gone darker too but that has to be balanced with his mission to do good. For Sansa it is only about serving Sansa.
  14. There has never been an individual with three dragons. There is always a first time. And Daenerys Targaryen is breaking a lot of new ground. The way her dragons came into the world is unlike any other dragon birth. She is literally the mother of the dragons. This and more. Child of Storm can be rephrased to say Stormborn. Child of Three can be changed to Threeborn. She is born from the deaths of King Aerys II, Prince Rhaegar, and Queen Rhaella. Death pays for life but she is a person of great importance. It probably took the deaths of three royals to bring Daenerys into the world. Also bear in mind, Princess Rhaella, Princess Rhaenys, and Prince Aegon died close to her birth. It is three deaths either way. I would also quote @Here's Looking At You, Kid , Lord Commander Hightower, Sers Oswell and Arthur died recently. That's three, three, and three.
  15. The army was not destroyed. Rhaegar's death caused them to lose confidence and discipline. Anyhoo, what would I do in the king's place. The city was already in danger of falling to the Baratheons. It would need help from abroad in order to maintain defense. They could withstand a long siege with help from the Free Cities because it is a port town. The rebel's navy will not be able to seal off the city effectively. Aerys will need help from the Sealord and the Ironborn. He could hold off the rebels for as long as necessary if he had those two in his pocket. He could bribe the Ironborn to attack Winterfell and force the northman to turn tail and run home.
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