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  1. Wolf's Bane

    The two big endgame prices

    yes The prize is not going to be in Westeros. The continent will be covered in ice. The last chapter of ADOS will be a Dany pov. She will be planning for the return to westeros. Many will have escaped to essos and they too will be thinking of home.
  2. Wolf's Bane

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    A protagonist defending something harmful to the greater good is not a hero. Jaime is loyal to his family. To a Lannister, he's a protagonists. But looking at him from the bigger picture of the story, the guy is a villain because he supports a harmful family who has no right to the throne. And he knows it. These discussions, which turn into debates, attempt to obscure things for the sake of trying to win an argument. Let's not lie to ourselves ladies and gentlemen, the kingslayer is a bad guy. A protagonist is just the person who supports the side from which the story is being viewed. It does not at all mean that person is doing something good. Let's look at another example, Robb Stark. Does anyone here honestly believe that Robb's cause would support the greater good? If that idiot had gotten his way, and thankfully he didn't, the kingdom would have been split apart. How does that increase the chances of survival in winter? It doesn't. So as bad as the red wedding is, it served the best interest of the greater good. Too bad for the Starks and the Tullys, but better for the kingdom as a whole. Since when is antagonizing slavers and masters a bad thing? It's not. You can't stop slavery without fighting the slave masters. Unless, of course, they agree to do the right thing in the first place and release the slaves and do it without any resistance. They chose to fight to continue their slaving ways. They are already the bad guys. Now they are both the bad guys and the enemy. Any hero should antagonize slave masters any day of the week. It's the right thing to do. Jon might have started out as the protagonists on that wall but he sure as hell wasn't and isn't a hero. What he did to Slynt is improper conduct for a lord commander. That was an act of personal revenge. And sending his man to take Arya away from Ramsay! That did more harm to the wall than any other act committed by a commander since the days of the Night's King. And Jaime? I admit, there are sparks of redemption there, but it's been easy. Kingslayer hasn't been tested. He supports his family even though he knows they're wrong. And if Robert was still alive, does anyone actually believe Jaime would stop cuckolding the man? I doubt it. He's not really a changed man. Barristan, Jorah, and Theon are the ones on a redemption arc. Theon, wrecked as he was, tried to help Jeyne. That counts for something.
  3. Wolf's Bane

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Dany is a teenager. How many teenage girls do you know who makes choosing an heir a high priority. My thinking on this matter is this. Dany will go back to Slaver's Bay/Bay of Dragons/New Ghis/New Valyria or what have you. She will leave somebody in charge before leaving Westeros. The one who has the best chances of being chosen for this job is Aegon Connington (Griffin, Blackfyre, Targaryen, whatever his last name may be doesn't matter). The choosing won't be determined by blood but by whether she thinks this chosen one can be trusted. Tristane M. and Will Tyrell won't be bad considerations. Jon has a fair chance of getting chosen but Aegon is the better pick. Jon has too many issues and he's too sweet on the Starks to serve the realm well. Gendry can't read. Samwell is smart but not leadership material. Arriane and Margery are interesting long shot candidates. My own personal choice after Aegon is Will Tyrell. Everything we've read of him is positive. I wouldn't be sad if she chooses Big Walder ten years later.
  4. Wolf's Bane

    ASOIAF Jokes

    How come Sansa didn't write to her family to say her father is not guilty of treason?
  5. Wolf's Bane

    most tragic character

    Lady Stoneheart needs to be the last person to come back from death. Beric and Stonheart. Any more will create an unconcerned attitude towards death among the readers.
  6. Wolf's Bane

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    I will have to look this up but off the top of my head, that was done by King Aegon IV. A reigning king can make the bastard legitimate. Eddard Stark does not have this authority. He would have to beg a favor from Robert. Legitimizing bastards is probably not seen too kindly and done rarely.
  7. Wolf's Bane

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    Asshai possess an ominous reputation. Jorah would conclude that the superstitious Dothraki riders will avoid the city.
  8. Wolf's Bane

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    A bastard founding a house? I suppose if Eddard loved him enough, yeah, he might break custom to do this and risk the irritation of his bannermen. Jon is the love child of he and Ashara so maybe this is not out of the question. It is doubtful whether Eddard had planned that far ahead. The boy is his love child. It mattered not to Eddard that the boy is illegitimate. He is the child with the woman he dearly loved.
  9. Wolf's Bane

    Name the Parents

    Aegon doesn't have to be a Blackfyre for them to support him. It may even be the case that the Golden Company is being hoodwinked into thinking he is. I feel like they would support anybody who can take them to their promised land whether Blackfyre or Targaryen. It gets old living like a sellsword.
  10. Wasn't Jaime a tall kid? The mystery rider was of small stature. He doesn't care about justice. Another question. Why would Lyanna go after those kids after she already drove them off? It wasn't Lyanna who felt humiliated. Getting those kids off of Howland was a victory for her. She had no need to take it beyond this.
  11. Wolf's Bane

    Hardhome theories?

    Hardhome must have served as one of the places of safety for the people during the long winter. It had to have a heat source. Which can mean a hot spring inside. If it is located in an area of high tectonic activity. You get the idea.
  12. Wolf's Bane

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    If you're the fan who prefer politics and trial scenes, yes. You will find Bran boring because his line is all about the supernatural. I'm not his big fan but some of his chapters are very good.
  13. Wolf's Bane


    There is no law to attraction. A man who gets turned on by prominent T&A will love her. Arrianne is not my type.
  14. Wolf's Bane

    “It should have been you.”

    It might be taken as slight by the Reeds to foster a bastard. Jon is a bastard regardless of who his parents are. None of the popular parent pair can legally marry.
  15. Wolf's Bane

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Tyrion - alcoholic, ugly, intelligent Arya - clever, dirty, murderer Samwell - scared, smart, screw-up Dany - beautiful, intelligent, regal Sansa - beautiful, selfish, lazy Jorah - impulsive, romantic Cersei - saggy, crafty, evil Jon - biased, incompetent, untrustworthy Victarion - violent, brutal, dumb Eddard - average, normal, competent Stannis - stubborn, inflexible, cold Aegon - impulsive, smart, charming Theon - needy, weak, cruel Greyworm - brave, fit, smart Missandei - meek, intelligent, sensitive Belwas - innocent, naive, confident Melissandre - devout, trickster, con Davos - loyal, brave, persistent Bowen - smart, brave, honorable Asha - tough, leader, emotional