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  1. Wolf's Bane

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Forgive them both or punish them both. You can't act with bias when justice is involved. Robb acted with bias. Force Catelyn to join the septas and force Rickard to the Wall.
  2. Wolf's Bane

    ASOIAF or Memory Sorrow and Thorn?

    I have read the first book in SMT. It too was brutal. Okay though. It is much easier to enjoy your experience if you keep your thoughts within the pages. Take each in isolation and you will enjoy.
  3. Wolf's Bane

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    It's not a question of subjective morality. It's complete bullcrap to claim Rickard Karstark was more serious. It's a question of how much damage it did to their cause. Catelyn released Jaime Kingslayer. Rickard killed two POWs. Catelyn did more harm. The two squires are nothing and of low strategic value.
  4. Wolf's Bane

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    The wound of the war need healing. One of the Greyjoys.
  5. Wolf's Bane

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Rickard and Catelyn should be forgiven but the insult to justice happened when Robb Stark executed Rickard Karstark. That was a precedent that got set. Robb broke that and proved himself erratic. Robb was shitty when it comes to delivering justice. I level the same criticism to Jon longface.
  6. Wolf's Bane

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    A Dance with Dragons is a great novel. I enjoyed the chapters in Essos. I loved the expansion of the storyline because I was getting tired of the river lands and the north. Characters that I like are finally converging in Mereen. Daenerys, Barristan, Tyrion, and Jorah are all awesome characters and are my favorites. A Feast for Crows was hard to get through. I barely stayed awake reading those chapters.
  7. Wolf's Bane

    Weirdwood tree seeds?

    They are connected but not necessarily physically. They communicate telepathically. The roots go deep and can only grow where the soil cover is deep.
  8. Meereen is about to become a battleground for the freedom of millions of people. The Battle of Fire is war and that is Barristan's element. It's something he understands very well. I give him better chances than Eddard. Eddard was playing at espionage and politics. Those are not his elements and his chances were low from the start.
  9. Wolf's Bane

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    Impatience is a trait shared by many young people. Old people too. And quick temper is common. Brandon Stark, Cersei Lannister, Robert were lacking patience. Jaime was privileged enough so that his temper was never tried but he also has signs of hot temper. Jon Snow and Arya Stark are hot tempered and quick to anger. With violent results. I would not read too much into that cyvasse game. Aegon Blackfyre-Targaryen will take over from Jon as the leading male in the series. He is the frenemy to the female lead, Daenerys Targaryen. Jon's death should be permanent in the text version. I think it is. Aegon is the second Targaryen, behind Daenerys, in the text.
  10. Wolf's Bane

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    The Freys should want any possible future child between Robb Stark and Jeyne Westerling dead, if for no other reason than it is a mark of the Stark's betrayal of his house.
  11. Wolf's Bane

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Increased toll on all goods coming from the North for 100 years. Walder's choice of any northern highborn boys for his daughters. No exceptions. House Frey to displace the Tullys as the leading house in the riverlands. The abortion for Jeyne Westerling if she is pregnant. A reasonable land from the Starks to the Freys. To give the Freys a foothold in the north. The death of greywind for attacking a Frey.
  12. Wolf's Bane

    Cutest moments

    Cutest moments huh. Oh that would be little Cersei Frey. Walder has a lot of adorable children in his house. Big Walder too is adorable in his own, creepy, hyper-intelligent manner.
  13. Wolf's Bane

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Shireen, Hizdahr, Khal Jaquo, Bowen, Samwell
  14. Wolf's Bane

    Favourite member from the major Houses of Westeros

    Targaryen= Daenerys Greyjoy = Theon Martell = Doran Tyrell = Queen of Thorns Stark = Cregan Lannister = Titos Arryn = Sweet Robin Baratheon = Rogare
  15. Wolf's Bane

    George hates hero worship

    I agree with most of what the thread author is saying but we need to look beyond heroes and anti-heroes. What the book portrays is reality. Things go wrong because humans make decisions with their emotions. It's fact. It does appear bleak but that's reality for you. Take Catelyn for our example. She's a caring woman who appear to have decency and yet she kidnaps Tyrion to get justice for her son. One son against the deaths of many innocent and uninvolved people because she knew how Tywin would respond. Catelyn is not a good leader but she is a decent mother. We need to take the person's role into account. A lady should consider the needs of the smallfolk who support her house. Catelyn didn't because she's thinking like a mother. She should not be in a position to lead.