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  1. in this series we have seen many heroes die, amazing and popular characters. but when that red head crazy wildling died, i was really on the edge. it was a powerful episode.
  2. I think you are over-estimating Sansa and under-estimating Baelish, he is probably one of the only guys who wouldn't let his feeling take over his plans. I think he tried to make Sansa trust and care for him, and in that he succeeded.
  3. The show is not about being the T.V version of the books, it is a whole lot different, plus there are bigger differences than what you pointed out. the show is based on asoiaf,But we should look at it as an independent series based on the books. I find it sad that people are rating the show by how much it resembles the books. Plus, remember that all the episodes are approved by George R.R Martin.
  4. Your comment is hilarious! I haven't thought of that. Guess sometimes the short answer is just as true.
  5. Like Ned Stark, this episode was perfectly executed :cool4: . Another combination of Weiss' and Benioff's genius producing with George R.R Martin's rebellious innovation.