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    Yes, the most devious man in Westeros is writing his autobiography. No doubt it will be filled with slanderous lies and wry observations in equal measure. He is most certainly clever, so it will demand such a characteristic in its title. Don’t get lost in this machiavellian mind whilst you come up with a title. What title does he want?


    Create the title from one of the following acronyms:


    B S S

    C O N D

    W M D I D




    Vote for your favourite 3 in order of preference


    1 Odious Kings Followed, Tragically

    2 Old Knight’s Fiery Tale

    3 Damn Mad Dictators! - Knight Gone

    4 Duties:

        My Days King Guarding

    5 Daring Myrmidon, Dorky King’s Guard

    6 A Dutiful Life

    7 Old Knight, Forever True

    8 Atonement: Denied Love

    9 And Dragons Lived


    Deadline for voting will be on Sunday 27th at 8pm UK time



    Sniffer's votes (delivered via messenger raven):

    1st - 3 / 2nd - 7 / 3rd - 6


    1 Never Ending Legend - Clarified

    RhaenysBee 1+1 +1 = 3


    2 Oversized Lunk Kissing

    Raisin’ Bran 1+1 +2 = 4


    3 Never Even Liked Children

    Fragile Bird 1+1 +2+3+1+3+3 = 14


    4 Nan’s Essential Lordling Classics

    She Who Must Be Obeyed 1+1 +3+2+3 = 10


    5 Old Ladies Know

    rocksniffer 1+1 +1+1+1+1+2+3 = 11


    6 Nightfall: Enlightening Lordly Children

    Jez Bell 1+1 +3+2+1 = 8


    7 Nan’s erotica: lovers chronicled

    Castellan 1+1 +2+3+1+2+2 = 12


    8             Narrator

       Epic Legends Chronicler

    Howlin’ Howland 1+1 = 2



    rocksniffer 11 + 11 = 22 / Fragile Bird 8 + 14 = 22

    Jez Bell 12 + 8 = 20

    Raisin’ Bran 15 + 4 = 19

    Castellan 4 + 12 = 16

    She Who Must Be Obeyed 5 + 10 = 15

    Howlin’ Howland 5 + 2 = 7 / RhaenysBee 4 + 3 = 7


    Fragile Bird wins the round and soars to the top alongside the bounding rocksniffer, who scored strongly again. Castellan came second in this tightly fought round.


    Please do check my tallies in case I made any mistakes.

  4. 21 hours ago, Count Balerion said:

    Is it too late to join this thing?

    Probably too late to be in with a chance of winning it (not impossible though) but partaking in the fun of it is what really matters (if you happen to enjoy wordplay games). Anyone can join in at any time so please do send me a Barristan title if you have one.



    It would appear that I didn't give out an official deadline. I just said it's likely to be Monday.

    Let's make it Tuesday midday UK time


  5. They're all at least £10 more expensive than they should be, some £20.

    The only ones I'd be genuinely interested in trying are the Lagavulin, the Clynelish and the Talisker, partially because I'm a fan of their main expressions but also because the ABV confirms they haven't been fully chill-filtered. But I do struggle to see why I should pay more for a 9yo Lagavulin expression than their 16yo, or a NAS (no-age-statement) expression Clynelish or Talisker than their respective 14yo and 10yo.

    Oban is a decent whisky but its flagship 14 year old is around £45 and for the quality I find that a little too much, so I really don't fancy forking out £65 for this NAS expression.

    Dalwhinnie already has an expression called Winter's Gold which can often be found on offer in the £25 range. I do wonder just how different this expression will be from that one, with a premium added to its price tag.

    But of course these will sell out, so one has to be impressed by Diageo's marketing strategy here.

    Also, the reasoning for the Targaryen-Cardhu link is sort of reasonable (although Martell would have been a better match on these grounds, book-wise obviously) but the taste profile doesn't come close to matching up. A friendly, sweet and approachable Speyside just doesn't scream Targaryen to me. Diageo owns Caol Ila, so an even peatier, smokier version of Caol Ila would have been a better match up on taste profile.

    Oh well, those are my thoughts on the matter.

  6. PART B



    Ser Barristan’s perspective has changed in recent times. Now he is trying to atone for his glorious acts in service of an evil king and failure to recognise his true allegiance in the aftermath of the rebellion, the legendary swordsman is writing his autobiography to help put his wrongs to right.


    What does he call it?

    Create the title from one of the following acronyms:


    A D L

    O K F T

    D M D K G


    Deadline to be Tuesday midday UK time



    Vote for your favourite three in order of preference


    1 Never Ending Legend - Clarified

    2 Oversized Lunk Kissing

    3 Never Even Liked Children

    4 Nan’s Essential Lordling Classics

    5 Old Ladies Know

    6 Nightfall: Enlightening Lordly Children

    7 Nan’s erotica: lovers chronicled

    8             Narrator

       Epic Legends Chronicler


    I will decide on a deadline to vote in the near future.



    Sniffer’s votes (sent by messenger raven)

    1st) 8

    2nd) 2

    3rd) 4


    1 Kings Hate Peaches

    rocksniffer 1+1 +2+2+3+2 = 11


    2          Struggling Loyally

       Dragonstone’s Middle Whelp

    RhaenysBee 1+1 +2 = 4


    3 I, Nation’s manifest autocrat

    Castellan 1+1 +2 = 4


    4 Sieged Liege: Damn Mace’s Wheat

    Jez Bell 1+1 +3+1+1+2+1+1+1 = 12


    5 INTROSPECTION: Notable Mistakes Analyzed.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed 1+1 +3 = 5


    6       King

       Honor’s Price

    Howlin’ Howland 1+1 +2+1 = 5


    7 Soldiers Learn Discipline

                    My Way

    Raisin’ Bran 1+1 +1+3+3+3+3 = 15


    8 Sometimes Leading Doesn’t Mean Winning

    Fragile Bird 1+1 +1+2+3 = 8



    Raisin’ Bran 15

    Jez Bell 12

    rocksniffer 11

    Fragile Bird 8

    She Who Must Be Obeyed / Howlin’ Howland 5

    RhaenysBee / Castellan 4


    Please do check my tallies.

    Old Nan round coming up

  9. PART B



    Old Nan has seen much and more at Winterfell, yet much of her history is unknown to us. There are some very interesting theories and rumours, so her autobiography is sure to be a fascinating one. With her ancient wisdom and storytelling experience, what would she name her tell-all tale?


    Create the title from one of the following acronyms:

    O L K

    N E L C

    P I W W D


    Deadline as above, Tuesday January 15th at 10pm UK time




    (vote for three in order of preference)


    2         Struggling Loyally

        Dragonstone’s Middle Whelp

    3  I, Nation’s manifest autocrat

    4  Sieged Liege: Damn Mace’s Wheat!

    5  INTROSPECTION: Notable Mistakes Analyzed.

    6        KING

        Honor’s Price

    7  Soldiers Learn Discipline

                    My Way

    8  Sometimes Leading Doesn't Mean Winning


    Deadline to vote will be on Tuesday January 15th at 10pm UK time

  11. Finally watched it. What a disappointment!

    Whoever wrote the dialogue needs to be banned from writing dialogue ever again. 'Show, don't tell' is clearly lost on him. Tell the story and let the themes come to the viewer, don't have characters blurt out central themes within a quarter of the way in.

    I actually shouted at the TV on several occasions, especially when Hazel steals Bigwig's agency from him in his big moment.

    Their inventions definitely added too much humanlike features to the rabbits. Not in the spirit of the book at all!

    FWIW it had moments I enjoyed, mostly because we were seeing elements of the book not included in the 1978 adaptation. I absolutely cannot forgive such terrible writing though. The inventions stick out a heck of a lot more than a sore thumb would.

  12. 3 hours ago, Raisin' Bran said:

    I have lost track.

    Tell me about it. I didn't know one person could drink this much whisky over three weeks and survive!

    I still need to compile entries I received a month ago!

    2 hours ago, Castellan said:

    Must be Stannis. No other character posted yet. 

    See, it's this kind of sense that made me so delighted that you came back to us :D


    Cheers for your collective patience, phobiacs! :cheers:

    Maybe one day you'll all understand when my new song becomes a massive hit! :leaving:

  13. On 1/1/2019 at 4:23 PM, honeyed chicken said:

    Is it time? Maybe I better get crackin' and see what I can come up with for Stannis.

    I'm open to receiving entries. I'll set a deadline in the next couple of days.

    Happy New Year Acrophobiacs!

  14. 13 hours ago, Annara Snow said:

    How does BoJack Horseman manage to be better and better with each season? People say that about a lot of shows, but in this case, it's true. I didn't think it could top season 4, which was the best season of any show in 2017, but season 5 is even better. Although season 4 had a few more brilliant individual episodes, season 5 was more consistent and had a really strong overall narrative. And was amazingly meta and criticizing itself, while also poking fun and satirizing so many things in its hilarious and witty way, as it always does.

    Completely agree. I found S5 harder to love than S4 (less of that beautiful bittersweetness that had in tears several times) but its overall thematic arc is even stronger. Knowing where it goes, I found a second viewing incredibly rewarding, elevating it yet again.

    Very much top for me.

  15. Hey all

    I am suspending the game's beginning till the new year for the sake of a couple of players, if y'all don't mind. I was happy to launch into it but truthfully I could use a little break and I would probably have asked for a couple of weeks' break over Christmas and New Year anyway and December is already pretty busy as it is. In three weeks we'll start it back up again.

    Sorry about that. I love that loads of entries have already come in for Stannis.


    More Character Autobiographies



    Kicking off Part B, Stannis has decided that a book might be the best way to further his cause. What would he write about Robert and Renly, about Cersei and her brood, about Storm’s End and the Blackwater, about the coming war for the dawn?

    What do you think he would name his tome?



    K H P

    I N M A

    S L D M W


    The deadline to enter will be on Tuesday December 11th at 7pm UK time sometime in early January



    Sniffer’s votes:

    1st) 6

    2nd) 1

    3rd) 3



    She Who Must Be Obeyed 1+1 +2+1+2 = 7


    2 Catacomb Confessions: Targaryen of Winterfell

    Jez Bell 1+1 +1+2+2+3 = 10


    3 Where Honor’s Headed…

    RhaenysBee 1+1 +3+3+2+3+1+3+1+1 = 19


    4 Winter’s Heavy Heart

    Howlin’ Howland 1+1 +3+1+3+2 = 11


    5 Catastrophic Conspiracy…”TOWER OF WOE”

    rocksniffer 1+1 +2+3 = 7


    6 Why Headless, Hand?

    honeyed chicken 1+1 +2+1+1+2+3 = 11


    7 For My Kids

         - “Ironic”

    Fragile Bird 1+1 +1 = 3


    The final round was won individually by RhaenysBee with an extremely clever double-edged title, a brilliant winning title to end the game on. Howlin’ Howland, honeyed chicken and Jez Bell battled it out for the second-most points with three excellent and very different titles. In any other round they could each have been winners. Now to the conclusion of Part A.





    JEZ BELL :cheers:


    Congratulations to Jez, who scored consistently solidly and occasionally spectacularly to take the winner’s prize.

    RhaenysBee’s last round surge landed her in the runner-up spot, edging out rocksniffer. Howlin’ Howland’s second half charge ended just one point behind the Sniffer, a stunning comeback. That rounds off the top four.


    Jez Bell 74 + 10 = 84

    RhaenysBee 53 + 19 = 72

    rocksniffer 61 + 7 = 68

    Howlin’ Howland 56 + 11 = 67

    She Who Must Be Obeyed 56 + 7 = 63

    honeyed chicken 42 + 11 = 53


    Raisin’ Bran 40 + 1 = 41

    Fragile Bird  26 +3 = 29

    Castellan 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7 (points for voting)



    Once more, thanks to everyone for participating and a special thanks to Castellan for reappearing and voting in each and every round. I’ve enjoyed hosting because the standard of entries has been fantastic.

    Here are the characters and their winning titles:



    A Sibling’s Devotion

     By Cersei Lannister


    Outcast: Assumed Dead

        By Jon Connington


    Pricks, Nitwits, Nincompoops

             By Olenna Tyrell


    Aemon: Voluntarily Chained

         By Aemon Targaryen


    Tully’s Spit ‘Pon Me?! Die!!

             By Walder Frey


    What Lies Beyond Winter

          By Catelyn Stark


    Where Honor’s Headed...

           By Eddard Stark

  18. Hey all, thanks for voting and of course thanks for playing. I've enjoyed hosting this edition, I think autobiography titles really suits the game.

    I am super tired so will probably wait till tomorrow to do the final count. This also gives opportunity for another vote or two to come in.

    Does everyone want to launch straight into Part B or wait a little while?



    So what is the Ned’s title to his autobiography?

    Vote for three in order of preference



    2 Catacomb Confessions: Targaryen of Winterfell

    3 Where Honor’s Headed…

    4 Winter’s Heavy Heart

    5 Catastrophic Conspiracy…”TOWER OF WOE”

    6 Why Headless, Hand?

    7 For My Kids

          - "ironic"


    Round ends once everyone has voted. Will likely be late Monday before I can do the count, so please vote by then.