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  1. Nothing is done organically in this show. Everything is contrived. Dialogue is for exposition or telling the audience what we should think about characters, which is often at odds with the way they have been written or portrayed. Storytelling is about skipping the actual story elements for the sake of "shock and awe", at the expense of good build-up. Character arcs are all over the place, always malleable so the shock moments are as surprising as possible. It's sort of like how I imagine two penny dreadful writers would do trying to adapt War And Peace.
  2. Dolorous Gabe

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    I didn't think I could love a man as much as I love Vincent Kompany! How in the fucking world did that go in? About 20 people around me shouted "don't shoot!"
  3. What makes me laugh is the irony that the shot is actually relatively well lit for once.
  4. So much this! Shows just how out their depth the writers are.
  5. I don't personally see these as being satisfying to the story.
  6. The problem is that there is no way that one singular main adversary could be ultimately defeated in a way that is satisfying to the story.
  7. It has become appallingly obvious that having the focal point of one "night king" as an adversary was always a terrible mistake, completely at odds with what the elemental threat from the land of always winter was supposed to be about. It's just another "king" looking to take control of Westeros, just in a different way.
  8. "I guess it was worth it for the fuckin' visual, right?"
  9. Dolorous Gabe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Thank you, this was wonderful A comment on the video made me laugh out loud: "the night is dark and full of terr... ible writing" "the episode is dark and full or errors" is also hilarious
  10. The DoP's work is finished once the shoot is over. He or she has no say in the editing process. If it is a style choice by the Ds then what is "arseholey" is letting the DoP take the heat without coming out and taking responsibility for it.
  11. Dolorous Gabe

    Acrophobia 35A: Death Comes As The End, Congrats Dolorous Gabe!

    I agree because I think very little of what has happened in the show is indicative of the books.
  12. There is a slight possibility that the DoP is carefully criticising the post-production process backhandedly here. They may have engineered that level of darkness in editing. The compression of the data in the footage is unlikely to be the cause but speaking as someone who has done lots of editing work I know film crew members who have complained about darkening in post-production: I know a guy who worked on The Libertine for example who told me the shoot wasn't anywhere near so dark as the edited product suggested. I'm tempted to think it may be a deliberate style choice from D&D. Wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Dolorous Gabe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    "it was hopeless" is not an excuse for the moronic suicide charge. If there were no flanks, please do let me know where Jon and Dany were watching from! For there to be no flanks the undead would have to be charging from every direction, not just the north. Coming into the wight army from the east and the west would be coming into the battle from the flanks. Then at least you've got the Unsullied and the Dothraki fighting them together and they can retreat into WF if/when necessary.
  14. Dolorous Gabe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Well obviously. But the timing of the charge and the choice of what they charge at is what's important. Why sacrifice the entire horde on a kamikaze charge when you could have the Dothraki charge into the flanks of the undead as they attack the Unsullied? At least they're in the vicinity of the castle so can more easily retreat when that becomes the sensible move. I don't think anyone with any sense sends off a cavalry charge without a plan to support the attack, undead or otherwise. At the very least it has to be a decoy for something.
  15. I almost laughed when Mel was gently strolling to light up the barricade in flames whilst people were dying to protect her. The wights move too fast so to create tension they put it in slow-mo and have her walk like it's an actual stroll in a park on a pleasant summer's day
  16. Dolorous Gabe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    We can agree there on the bolded. That's why I think it would have made sense for Jon to suggest such a tactic (since he has already seen it work in battle) in that scene had they properly written it. A failed plan that was at least a decent idea would not have been seen as moronic. The Dothraki charge was never close to a decent idea.
  17. Dolorous Gabe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    We've already seen the value of trapping the opposition forces in the BotB, so it would have made complete sense for Jon to suggest letting the Unsullied do their thing first to halt the Undead charge and then having the Dothraki attack from each side of the undead forces. Would that have succeeded? Probably not. Would it have been smarter than what they did? Without a shadow of a doubt. The charge idea they went with was moronic however many bad alternatives you offer.
  18. Dolorous Gabe

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    FWIW I'd say that VVD deserves it this year but I'd also say that KdB should have won it last year.
  19. Exactly this. D&D have been doing this for so long now it's hardly even a surprise any more. They think surprises are better than telling a coherent story.
  20. Dolorous Gabe

    RIP Ghost

    This, basically. Pretty much zero chance of that. Despite their relevance to the very first episode, D&D simply can't be arsed with them. Alas, what a fantastic addition the would have been to this and future battle sequences, especially at the size they are supposed to be in the books!
  21. I believe Oliver is one of our better refs, which is essentially an indication of the terrible state of refereeing in England. It's funny how much shit was aimed at Clattenburg and how many cheered his departure yet the overall standard is even worse since he left.
  22. Someone remembered how to write half decent dialogue! Probably because it wasn't being used to tell the story due to the fact that there was none being told. The show has used dialogue too often to cheaply tell the story and for exposition when these should mostly be told visually. The dialogue in this episode felt much more organic, less forced. Still a myriad issues but the dialogue was such a pleasant surprise that I feel quite positive about it. 7/10 My best rating in a very long time
  23. The whole "deliberate" thing has seldom had any bearing on reality. Actual deliberate handball is a rare occurrence amongst handball decisions. A defending player accidentally handballing in a situation that prevents a goal or potential goalscoring opportunity is often penalised - I say rightly - and so should handball in the scoring of a goal, which I guess is why the clarification is coming in next season.