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  1. lovelikeangels

    How would you rate episode 501?

    my favorite part of this entire episode was the first time Petyr looked at Sansa. i squealed. ETA: upon rewatching this episode, i noticed they left out the valonqar part of the prophecy in the Cersei flashback and i was a little irked by that.
  2. lovelikeangels

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    just saw The Maze Runner with my brother earlier this week and i kept describing Thomas Brodie Sangster as "Jojen Reed" and my brother was like WHO!? (haven't managed to persuade him to read the books/watch the show yet). great movie btw. planning on reading that series after GoT. as an aside, i love figuring out who actors are and what other things i've seen them in to the point where my friends are like "how the hell do you know that!?" *sheepish smile* a game of actors...
  3. lovelikeangels

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    it's a toss up between the Starks and Daenerys. the feminist in me loves Dany and what she represents, but i also really love the Starks. buuuut as someone said earlier, it could also depend on my location.