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  1. Please tell me what is wrong with Randy Rainbow. It’s his real name, so I imagine that he made choices. His parodies helped me got me through the T years.( not just me) I admire his scansion the most:) I believe that Randy is gay, Jewish and Northeastern. He is a bold musical genius. Do I think all gay people are flamboyant or wear pink cat glasses? Of course not.
  2. Overloaded is not fun, Toth. My physics teacher wanted to talk about the theory of relativity, but instead he taught the basic curriculum, and gave bonus readings that counted. That’s when I read the paper given to us and felt a little slow for reading it twice before I got it. I felt proud too! There was a bonus question on the exam of the variety “ who ages faster” and some conditions. The sweat hogs remained untroubled. Several classes did it that way. My high school librarian was very pleased by my taking out classics.Even a high school library I could look up chemical formulas, read all Austen, etc perhaps you could hand out supplementary material liststhat is only for keeners. I liked that my writing classes had lists...so that we could read and compare techniques. I don’t know if that is your style. There are a few teachers in my family and it was good that I knew about all the extra effort. There can be a lot. It does get easier and you will find out lots by trial and error. My most fun class was probably the one where our favorite teachers debated the character of Prince Hal. It was great to here other points of well argued points of view. When the pandemic is over we will not have that awful fear on top of everything else. I don’t know what you teach, but more power to you.
  3. Toth, I’m sorry that all these difficult situations are happening at once. Inappropriate baby talk is highly disagreeable. I vouch for you.
  4. Lizard Queen has some good tips, Toth. There are a lot of ways to deal with anxiety, so I would try to find a couple of techniques that work for you. There are auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods, but generally, pick a few, ( some of them take a few seconds) and test them out on a non lesson plan day. Practice them often and it will reduce overall anxiety. Labeling. sensing, tracking your emotions in a neutral way would help. The Rumi poem about the guesthouse can be helpful. Is there sadness, fear, anger, hope, hope? Here are some methods, breathing with a long slow out breath can stimulate a relaxation response. Orienting by slowly naming objects in your environment helps( I believe that it changes ones focus from ones own disturbing thoughts and feelings without blocking them entirely) . Doing even one yoga pose can help, as long as it’s not too difficult. Tai Chi is great but there is a learning curve. Ordinary exercises like a runners stretch might help. Mindful walking is neat, but just interrupting your thought with some exercise or body attention can be grounding. Some animals “ shake it off” . Really. There is writing about how animals shake after trauma to reset themselves. Listening to music that matches your mood can give you a sense of attunement. Play angsty music and as your mood changes, be willing to listen to something else. Moods always change, even a little. Images can help, if something comes to mind. Letting air out of a tire, is an example. Here is something that works for me. Try a relaxation technique in the morning, find some tiny ones to use as needed. Write a “to do list” which includes some easy things that you would do anyway. You might think of some self care things. Cross them off as you finish. If you did anything towards that goal give yourself a checkmark. Think” progress not perfection”. if you have any notion of something greater than yourself, it is time to employ that. It can be as logical as recognizing the Fabric of Space/Time. I believe it relieves negative rumination. There is an idea about using your positive qualities( I would give you a lot of credit for creating lesson plans on an off day.) Use reinforcers...on yourself! You know yourself best. When you are feeling up to it, you may want to come up with a plan and problem solve with your mom, so you won’t be interrupted. No rush. We can’t control what other people do, but there are usually steps to be taken. Non violent communication skills are tricky but worth learning. I can’t do this well, but it helps! If you are too jacked up, strategies may not work well that day. That feeling of helplessness is frightening all by itself. No one needs a specific reason for anxiety these days. There is a lot of global and personal threat to get through. I wish you well:)
  5. Elon Musk really is a genius with vision. Trumps only vision is rich 1% ers and brutality to those opposed.
  6. After everyone has contacted Fox to complain, after everyone has boycotted their sponsors and told them why, after we have supported or opposed ( without violence) politicians, we need to remember this coup and how it was done.
  7. I thought Brightdrop was a care bear? sigh, who are sponsors for Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro? ( I don’t watch)Who are the worst/ most influential? I understand there are already companies distancing from the Trumpers, but can’t hurt to give some support on this. My state politicians have already condemned the actions, so I should message them, too, giving thumbs up. By the way, immigrant documents that one signs, specifically ask if your purpose is to overthrow the government. Can’t imagine who would tick that box. I guess they could revoke your citizenship if you lied?
  8. Perhaps the best thing we could do is contact Fox “ Entertainment” and complain about Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson? Use non violent capitalism?
  9. We cherish our famous ancestor, Sue the Most Complete.
  10. Trump supporters have been groomed for racism, misogyny and violence. The cons technique has been to undermine any credible sources of information, while they have overwhelmed media with repetitive lies and emotional reasoning. The results are almost inevitable. All that walking away from questions on television is part of the modeling bad behavior for their followers. Don’t think about questions at all! I am waiting for additional encrypted instructions from Sue the T. Rex, our collaborator in Chicago. The last communique regarding the Sauro- Avian Welsh initiative was as follows: The Canary is in coal mine 51.
  11. No, no, I’m told that politicians are being implanted with lizard like aliens. Ever notice how Pence and Biden went to Roswell, New Mexico and were never the same? The only way to protect against aliens is to wear orange makeup and enormous shoulder pads. People say that Trump is saving the world from vicious liberals who have DNA from Alpha Centauri, so that is why anti Trump votes are fraudulent. The masks release nanobits of alien molecules to complete the process.
  12. Congratulations to the dog and to you for the heart, skill, and effort Rhaenys:) That is a true rescue!
  13. C.J. Sansom wrote murder mysteries that reveal lawyers and students working on detailed cases in the English Middle Ages. Margaret Frazier also wrote some, though not specifically about lawyers, and I’m sure there are many more. IMHO, Reading fiction is a painless way to absorb historic atmosphere and research, rather than doing your own!
  14. Didn’t Trump try exactly the same ploy with Ukraine? If all they can do is impeach...try, try again.
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