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  1. I was tested for chickenpox immunity and HIV, for immigration! I have a great long term memory and I remember going to a chickenpox party as a child, but not getting any symptoms. When people show off their pox, I have nothing. The test later on confirmed it, and I was required to get a chickenpox vaccine. Now I can get shingles, or HIV, although anyone can. I also know people who were too young to get shingles, who got shingles. One was a child. If I were doing research( but they are busy), I would want to know why I was spared. I would compare and contrast with Pebble. Easier said than done:) .
  2. Shingles is painful and the pain can last. You could lose your vision. Yes, you can get it from previous chicken pox or personal contact. I have the Shingles vaccine on my list, but I’ve been saving my limited stamina for boosters. I think there are two different companies? One vaccine is split. I haven’t done the due diligence. I will get it as soon as I’m in good enough shape.
  3. I recall that I got The Fionavar Tapestry from a “staff picks” section. The cover was interesting and not “Flash Gordon” like. I was delighted right away because of the setting. It was lovely to read something good, after some of the bad Tolkien knockoffs. It is faster paced then some of Kay’s other books, I thought. I read the rest in the order of release, and that solved some problems that others have. I didn’t read YA.
  4. Vaccines are a medical miracle produced by lots of work. Ouch, pox in throat. My peers would open their eyes wide when I said that I had never had it. To get a green card, my one government requirement was that I take the chickenpox vaccine. You can die of it if you get it as an adult. I’ve heard that it is not related to smallpox. I had that vaccine at 5 and I got a headache and a tiny scar.
  5. See, it’s possible now to go after their wallet with dna testing. Use fear, because fairness is low on their prioritities. Women do not count. especially women of Color but no woman is left without scars. Republicans only care about votes from women, not their issues. But forced And Dna proven fatherhood, will be the only play for non woke Americans.
  6. Nice! I mirrored HeartofIce. It should be familiar to you.
  7. I don’t like your sneering sarcastic mixed messages. Very few of your responses are free from this attitude of contempt. No wonder you fight online all the time. Most people have more self awareness. You pretend to discuss issues, but bring nothing but rudeness.
  8. I taught preschoolers. You can break things down for them, or model:) I supervised in the playground every week. There was only one bike. I would intervene if they fought or shoved another kid off. Usually I would give them 5 minutes each and then stop them for the next turn. Kids are not more virtuous naturally. There was also spontaneous kindness shown.
  9. I can see why Tucker moved to Montana.
  10. Some religions don’t approve of social equality. It is sort of like Handmaids, the fertile. Keep women poor and pregnant. Take over rights to have a bank account, like the good old days.
  11. Don’t discount suspense and story building:) It’s why it’s good.
  12. My copy is due on May 17 th. I found a “Brightness” emotionally difficult, beautifully imagined, and profound.
  13. Well, Alito is on my shit list. I wonder if he knows that America wasn’t sure if Italians were to be considered white?
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