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    Positive thoughts are always welcome! i am ill enough to think about what govt I want to support. I want to vote against Trump, which I can,but after that, I can’t support a government with unlawful orders and worse propaganda. We moved to Canada because of all the crap about immigrants...look at the idiots about Fiona Hill or women.
  2. HoodedCrow


    No, see what happens with Republicans do with Trump absolute rights. A third of the population just folds to the crazy, lawless, immoral tall, loud male, who has been taught mobster interactions.Any king, contitutionally limited to ceremonial or emergency powers, would be better target for cultists or realists. you don’t know that the queen didn’t council against Boris garbage, and probably did. She is the last resort. Boris party, on the other hand, could get rid of him fairly easily, unlike Trump. i don’t want to die with US citizenship while Trump is in power. I was one of the few who was pleased to learn constitution 101 for my test. But so many Americans don’t seem to know or care. And then there are the Trump is the chosen one types, wow. Why don’t we just pick a random homeless guy who probably would be superior, and not keen on chumming up despots for gain.
  3. HoodedCrow


    Well, in the u.s. I’m a dirty immigrant, the health care costs will inevitably bankrupt us, even though we did well. And Trump and his henchmen admire Putin, the human rights champion. They are pulling off a very corrupt agenda by very corrupt means. I compare the Queens commitment to the constitution of Britain to the GOP’s cynical destruction of it and I find I no longer want to support that. I will vote in the next election absentee. I am British-Canadian, so we didn’t have to go far away. I’m hoping for Cascadia as a new province. We can teach Americans about a more responsible and less punitive legal system and police. Compassion. Health care for all. Harm reduction for opioid programs. Not caring all that much about Trudeaus family, because the Royals take a lot of the ceremonial load. i am living through health problems, for which I got dreadful care in the us.
  4. HoodedCrow


    I am a dual citizen. If Trump gets re-elected I will renounce my American passport, or do so before I die. I would like to know, a silly question, I suppose, what flowers Queen Elizabeth likes, if she does. ( or perhaps a curry comb?) I want to embrace the motherland and thank the land of my ancestors from sparing us from the likes of Trump and his fool Republican slime bags. It is not too late for gratitude for her service since before I was born. I realize that I am unimportant in the scheme of things, Please help me out, Brits!
  5. HoodedCrow

    US Politics - I'm not orange I'mpeach

    I still would enjoy seeing Kamala take bedbug apart in debate! Or Trumpy being convicted, either one. I would also like to see AG Barr impeached. He’s doing some very dodgy things. Ha, not very smart to go after Romney, he is a prince in Utah. Going after Rick Perry is weird. Ricky made me do it, are you kidding or insane? I guess I do have a few things left on my wish list.
  6. HoodedCrow

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    MoO, have you tried spider Plants?
  7. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Aren’t there photos of Trump and Epstein together?
  8. HoodedCrow

    A Bittersweet ending?

    Tyranny is bad, unless it’s from someone who can use the mistakes and problems of the past to guide the present. Blood and Fire are destructive if out of control. Smallfolk may not have a say. Yet.
  9. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Gosh, my farming relatives just had shotguns and rifles, and never thought about using them on people. That idea was instilled as I was old enough to talk.
  10. HoodedCrow

    Puns and Wordplay

    Good hairy/ heiry point. Dany and Cersei May have no heirs. King Robert has strong bastards with black hair. Catelyn has thick red hair. Lots of kids. Jon Arryn has, can’t remember, uninspiring hair. Stannis has shadow babies.
  11. HoodedCrow

    Libraries in fiction

    Marquis, I cried when the library of Gormenghast burned. I was aghast when the library of Alexandria burned in Colleen McCulloughs book in the Roman historical fiction series.
  12. Sorry Ormond, just not thinking clearly myself.

    1. HoodedCrow


      Yes, it’s probable that I will live, and I will use that to vote against Trump, whoever it is, but I don’t want to die supporting a populace who will know better, or not, and still vote in a criminal who’s goal seems to be split up any honorable impulse, almost like he was doing Putin’s will.

  13. HoodedCrow

    What should be done... about climate change

    Oh duh, suicidal. Not much sleep last night:)
  14. HoodedCrow

    What should be done... about climate change

    Rip, please give more 8 letter word hints, ‘cause I can only think of doomed and f0cked.
  15. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    One thing I love about the English language is that it is a culturally diverse language, always evolving and developed from many different linguistic origins. All languages are fair game, and modern language can be added, neologisms can be fun, such as Fubar, scuba, or tl;dr. But the spelling, Oy vey.