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  1. Quebecois is a dialect....don’t get me in trouble:) I love croissant porn. It can stretch for days.Ahhh...gluten.
  2. In my day, tuition was heavily subsidized. I had a small scholarship. Tuition cost 850$ a year! I went to a wonderful undergrad school and then a transition school and then a “ Canadian Ivy League “ all by merit and some public help. I could couch youngsters on how to strategize your effort. At some point, sweat equity was required. I was an avant-guarde GenX. I took interest classes, but most of it was focusing on getting the piece of paper that would qualify me for a high demand job. I’ve done a lot of different things. I’m sorry that the college system in the States is can be so corrupt, and harms many people. I feel sick about the predatory practices. I reckon the best that I can do is validate.
  3. My decent French accent came from the Canadian public school mandate. Alas, I didn’t have any opportunity to practice and my friends don’t feel confident enough. So , if I go to Paris I can understand a lot, but can only make limited answers. I can read signs and know menu words( yum)I was pleased when I read a book with French poetry and it wasn’t a disaster.
  4. My ex boss was French. He gave us a book to read! Of course I did. He was from Near Versailles. He had a very hard time with understanding Quebecois French because it is older and rustic.
  5. Real tasters don’t drink it all and have a spittoon, with a rinse of some kind:) we would analyze the flavors or use your overall reaction. There is a mindful exercise where you savor raisins, as they cheap and storable, but it could be done with any food. You will usually eat less because you gut gets a chance to feel full. If I were snootier I’d used my bad wellprounced French and be a sommelier or a beer judge like my cousin.
  6. I do like Black Adder, and their is a lot of sneering!:)
  7. Hyperbole, Zorral. If I wanted to get into dentistry, I would start carving shapes out of chalk. I would read about dentition. I would make sure that I did well at school, and study up for qualifying exams. I might talk to my own dentist and ask questions. If I could not succeed at that, I would change my goals. I have been offered graduate positions. For me, it was not cost effective and if the prof had a book, I could happily read it. Perhaps for free. Some people do get payed in stipends and free classes. Is this quaint?
  8. Stop the loansharking. Let the people who want to pay through the nose do it( capitalism). Make it more clear what the consumer is paying for( tennis courts or what-have-you.)Have I.Q. contests between graduates. The very best way to get a graduate degree would be to obtain knowledge and interest in a specialty on your own...by research and reading. Find a professor that is interested in you being their assistant. Do that! Get a stipend for your labor. Continue with your studies. I’m probably out of date. I was recruited more than once, but I didn’t want or need it.
  9. I have liked John Wyndham’s books, especially The Chrysalids. Easy reading. The most popular children’s books in Canada are probably Anne of Green Gables, etc. i liked Emily Carr’s books. They pulled her out of poverty. There is Never Cry Wolf. don’t know if you have kids, though.
  10. She got two and bred them on her rural property and everyone was happy about it. She also interviewed people who wanted them( she was not out for money) She had some war trauma, so liked the protection...naturally better than a gun, but they had those as well. ( stored safely) someone I know had to make sure that he was not at the bottom of the pecking order. Skills are required. There is a thing called hybrid vigor. It is health due to outbreeding. But yah a husky mix, I can say, might kill cats.
  11. I’m told that the shelters in Ontario are empty. I hope they were snapped up. Washington State had a sign up program and did not have a lot of animals. Many years ago a person that I know a lot about bought well bred Shepards in Germany. She was interviewed as to whether or not she was worthy. She did get one that was too big to fit the breed specs and was thus cheaper. Yes they should probably stop with the bull dogs, although they are best known to me to be good with children, low energy and good natured. Nice for a companion or mainly house dog.
  12. Are not dragons like wolf pets? You could do it but it might not work out, as it is a predator. Pernese dragons are not evil. Also, read mmm, either Guy Gabriel Kaye or Jacqueline Carey has benevolent dragons. Are not Asian dragons a big symbol of the power of wisdom? ( no wings, but fly and keep their pearl)
  13. Yes, having an illness can slow you down, ( but don’t get hangovers now... my first at age 35, after a meal in which my friends ordered wine and beer) I find that if I have a couple of nice beers or wine that I can intersperse it with water, sparkling water, just the tonic, tea, coffee( no caffeine after 2:00 for me). When I’m out of booze, I’m out. There is a psychological practice called savoring. You slow down enough to enjoy sips or mouthfuls. It becomes about tasting a treat rather than habit. It may be counterintuitive. In the days when bars were open, I would share flights with my hubby, so it was fun and less alcohol, broken up with food. Not everyone’s system works the same.
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