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  1. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: A Song Of Mimes And Musicians

    I don’t know how a “ Republican” American justifies their heinous world view.
  2. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    Didn’t Ryan get exactly what he wanted...fewer taxes for the rich enough to satisfy his mentor Ayn Rand and his political sponsors. No need to stick around. By the way, Rand died on welfare.
  3. HoodedCrow

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    Yes, kissed, I hesitated, but as someone with linguistics under my belt, I can say that words can evolve fast! It seems like Dany or Jon, or both, may end up in a second or third life.
  4. HoodedCrow

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    Jon could have warged into a black dragon with red flames?
  5. HoodedCrow

    Which is more important: cheese or wine?

    The cheese may stand alone, while the wine may recline. Together, they are a gregarious pairing.
  6. HoodedCrow

    Which is more important: cheese or wine?

    Depends which one is poisoned.
  7. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    No they are using a white womans murder to distract from Trumps high crimes and misdemeanors. May they rot.
  8. HoodedCrow

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Pompey is famous for not starting wars but for finishing them. Look up Pompey. Do a little think. Tell me if he wasn’t an opportunistic thug in the midst of entitled slave owners.
  9. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    Thank you, Mademoiselle Zabzie, for your vigorous defense of horned owls!:)
  10. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    Trump, working hard to promote sleaze, lawlessness, Russian oligarchical interests, racial and gender discrimination, propaganda, dishonesty, nepotism, and unhinged followers. i hope he doesn’t pick a war with any other state to distract and wind up his base; it’s bad enough that he is targeting his own citizens, as well as freedom of the press.
  11. HoodedCrow

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    I can imagine that the series is written from a staring point, then with the final outcome envisioned and then with the backstory filled in to dedevelop character and provide motivations. More than enough is shown of Tywin’s deviousness, callousness, greed, ruthlessness, and brutality. The complexity is delivered by showing that his “managerial” skills are mostly successful during turmoil, promoting his house, or to shut down dissent. He displays clever Macheivellian techniques without heart. So if you are a fan of brutal, but pragmatic authority, then he’s your guy. If you value family relationships, then he is a disaster, except that he did try to protect Genna, although it might not have been for heart reasons. (Perhaps status reasons) His relationship with Johanna is really unknown on her part. Perhaps the lady didn’t like him as much as he would have liked. The Greyjoy survival might have been because they were needed in the series down the road, or maybe even because Martin was really keen on showing us a Viking style culture, a tortured Viking/Nedified conflict character in Theon that could reflect the real world change in Scandinavian culture, or possibly to provide Dany with a fleet for invasion. Only the author knows for sure! Other people have pointed out that Martin shows what his judgment of Tywins character is by his death details, and the chaos in his children’s personal lives. And he does it all stone cold sober.
  12. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    I wonder if all the bs with the Trump foundation will be enough for a family indictment?
  13. HoodedCrow

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Dany had to run towards her rogue injured dragon, who was in the process of flaming people in the gladiator ring, with a whip, and climb on his back, unsure of any positive outcome. It would take courage, without any kind of dragon taming or riding lessons. Has anyone here had to do that to earn a pet?
  14. HoodedCrow

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    Bowen Marsh will be wighted.
  15. HoodedCrow

    Smell things you hate

    Isn’t losing the sense of smell a sign of dementia?