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  1. HoodedCrow

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Nixon didn’t actually commit the burglary. It was the obstruction of justice that made him resign, with an immediate pardon by his chosen successor. Trump brags about his intentions to manipulate the justice system openly and publically. His PR people say he can’t have committed a crime because he is the President. Are you okay with that? Are you also okay with tax fraud? “I didn’t know what I was signing”. How about having a charity with no oversight, and money trails that lead to specific events, with witnesses, or do you think NY State officials are making it all up? Still down with Canada being a security risk, so Trump can set trade policy? A security risk is what King Trump says it is.
  2. HoodedCrow

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Stormy Daniels was perhaps a spiritual Demi goddess wife, and Saintly Melania didn’t mind. Cohen and Manafort are prophets for the New Way to Deal. There will be The Ivanka and her cherubs as the special bloodline. By the way, has anyone seen “Going Clear”? It’s a horror/documentary movie on how it’s done.
  3. HoodedCrow

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Well, GOP supporters don’t seem to mind misogynistic crimes. As for religion, have you seen the paintings done to show Trump in Christ like poses? Who buys this stuff?
  4. HoodedCrow

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    How about allegedly using the Trump foundation charity to self deal, (money to his own businesses), pay for coordinated political campaign, pay legal costs for lawsuits against himself, use supposed donations to himself as tax dodges, and purchase a huge self portrait? That is all beside the treason and imposing sanctions to upset allies under the guise of national security...because Putin likes it? Should we all set up charities to avoid paying taxes, and legal fees? I guess it’s okay if Trump declares himself a sincerely held religion. Wait for it.
  5. Just saying, Euron and Victarion are both younger brothers, aren’t they?
  6. HoodedCrow

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    Maybe she could have been a Frey wife.
  7. I’m leaving the States and i don’t care how.
  8. HoodedCrow

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Full range here. I can tell you that I often laugh ar Stephan Colbert and Trevor Noah. I’m embarrassed to say I laughed at Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poelher, probably slightly tensely, because my nineteen year old niece was present and I tried not to, which just meant that I ended up with tears running down my face, and shaking. Laughing convulsions?
  9. HoodedCrow


    Ned, get my daughters out, before I go to Cersei. Put Cersei under guard and send her to WF?
  10. Single character at Red wedding. Catelyn, I suppose?
  11. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    Shrike,they still don’t have single payer universal health car, hospital fees can be ruinous, and Americans pay an amazing amount for overhead and a lot for simple as well as difficult procedures, though it’s taken me about 20 docs and rehab specialists, and I’m still not sure what is wrong with my hands. Crazy. Oh and if their is a merger I can lose my specialists. I’ve had GP s who quit on me because they joined a clinic with the huge shared overhead. people pay large amounts for surgeries, and everything has copays or exception. I’ve had to accept shitty drugs because the insurance co forced us Togo with inferior brands. Nightmare
  12. I have an obsessive number of teas in a Japanese kitchen cabinet. One for any mood. I generally drink them clear. Black in the morning, green in afternoon herbal before bed. One of my favorites is black current black tea or Egyptian mint green. Camomile or sleepy time style teas if insomnia. I also like clear iced tea if it’s hot out When I first get up I like Peet’s coffee in a french press, or if I don’t want the mess, I use a machine that takes an Italian roast, with one coffee and a shot of espresso! If I feel like it, i might give it a shot of almond milk. In a restaurant, I may add soy, cream or almond milk and a small tsp sugar. i have rounded black Derby china mugs with subtle cool colored marks. I like wine of all sorts, and gin ( aviators or Walters best) based drinks. i like craft beer because it’s an adventure, and hops grow well in this State. Ginger beer or real root beer are nice too. Dont judge me too much!
  13. HoodedCrow

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    Felice, you are quite right about the electoral college making voting weights bizarre. America is NOT actually a democracy, it is a Republic. It is not one person one vote for choosing the President. And thought that as a youngster as well. Let’s just suppose Altherion really likes Mitt Romney. Those Republicans are indifferent. Their tribe wins, but they often don’t like Trump the man, but they may be gaming power from the merging of religion and state that is occurring. They are lying low, because they have a long game plan. Maybe he liked the Bushes. They still enjoy the left and center here splitting their votes, and the lessonong of the coastal states power in the union. Or he could just want to restrict reproductive choice. Or he may dislike gay marriage, only he could tell if he wanted to. Maybe he likes corporate tax cuts. There is a lot of soft Republican support for Trump.
  14. HoodedCrow

    They should have taken Rhaegar captive

    It was decided, unfortunately, by Roberts skill with a hammer.
  15. Even though there was a lot of foreshadowing, I was still shocked by the Red Wedding, and even when I had known for years, the show was nightmare inducing.