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  1. I doubt that Rowling is being opportunistic. It doesn’t fit with any other thing she has done, other than pound the pavement looking for a publisher and recklessly haunting cafes to write in with baby in tow. She opportunistically lives in Britain, where she agrees with paying large amounts of taxes as her way to give back. Even so, she supports charities. Harry Potter was about wizards, sure, but it was also endorsing resistance, self defense. and self sacrifice. She still gets her books burned because of the make- believe occultism.if she doesn’t get trans entirely, lots of people don’t. If you believe that young people were rashly subverting puberty on a lark, it may horrify. I think the decision is much more innate and careful, but that just my opinion. I don’t really think anyone on high doses of hormones should be competing, other than on a privately owned team. If you want allies, I would resist calling strong willed women feminazi. It’s a turn off for sure. Also you guys are standing on our shoulders...you’re welcome. I would benefit from your stories. what she may have done is had her eye was caught by this story and it’s topical
  2. Sorry you had someone dumping on you. She was full of crap, you know that right? Charge her a lot of rent money...But seriously the best thing to do in the moment is catch youself, do some active listening, then tell them your feelings, and that it’s not okay to talk to you like that and leave. If I could follow my own advice I would be saintly.
  3. I liked the Cersei as an interesting read in the books. Lena changed the character a lot, or was directed to. Maisie seems like a lot of fun in real life with some of her pranks. I think it comes across in the show as weirdly fun loving, but I can still enjoy it, even with short strange scenes meant to highlight her “progress”.
  4. They don’t care if you’re starving if they want an empty stomach for certain tests. When that is done have food ready!
  5. The military splitting up into partizan politics would be horrific. They haz nukes n toys. I suppose defrauding voters is not important compared to that, but Trumpers are getting more and more violent and lawless.
  6. Yes, Katharine Howard was a victim as you say. Her family used her as bait to get rid of Cromwell and Reformers. Henry probably liked her youth and sexiness. He believed that she was virginal. He might have even liked her lack of education, though he didn’t choose that afterwards. Henry was a lot like Trump as a use and discard kind of person. Katharine was even coached and enabled to fool around by Jane Rochford( and others) who was quite a wretched person.
  7. Roberts resided over the Senate trial and he almost melted into the floor, but did nothing.
  8. Some teens are that clueless...Katharine Howard comes to mind. She fooled around and was beheaded. She had a sick mentor. If she fell pregnant, though, she might have been okay as long as Henry VIII thought he could be the father. Margarey is much more like Anne Boleyn and they even probably chose the actress that way.
  9. The show was good for a few things, but they needed much better writing! I think George said somewhere that he wanted to write books beyond the scope of video, but then entrusted HBO. Fantasy is hard to get right. Okay, I loathed productions of Dune. Maybe they will improve. The show got more and more off the rails. Olly ( spellchecker keeps wanting to type only for Olly)Was a horrible character. They butchered the mains. The closest match to Shakespeare is Deadwood! I liked Enders game, until I figured out the author. How do we deal with TMI?
  10. I have no idea if George is on the forum. He says no, doesn’t he? If I did want someone to fake it, George has the linguistic skill but not a lot of technical skill. ( he uses word star). I would ask Werthead this question. George used a blog. It’s still fun to imagine who it could be. You could probably figure this out by asking very specific questions about where the poster is from. If they can’t describe details about his home town or the Giants and Jets, or where he went to various schools, then it’s not him. He is tricksy, though:)
  11. Roberts presided over a sham Senate ignored the impeachment or the case about hearing witnesses. He kept his head down so far that he was almost kissing the floor.
  12. George is fine. He is a writer who is skilled enough to write from different points of view and language levels;)
  13. The easier way to emigrate is marry the passport holder of a country you want. So go where you generally like the residents and find a nice one. Don’t forget record check, though
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