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  1. @wade1865 , Hope that you choose Ravensclaw:)
  2. I have words…you are using yours for side Slytherin. Is that where your sorting hat puts you?
  3. I guess Wade went to the Melanie Trump school of politics. Or Alfred E Newman. When you don’t care about your fellow human beings, you are a prince of the elite against humanity.
  4. James, don’t let the enemy fake you out( like the American propaganda pushed to our great country). Or at least vote. Pretty please:)
  5. I was doing well with my physio and then broke my talus doing some aerobics. It was worth it! I like to dance that much. So now I’m doing my boring exercises to Blurred Lines. I love how Miley Cyrus flipped the misogyny. But anything with a bouncy rhythm works. It also gets my brain activated in the morning for sleep much later. I can twerk, do girls push ups, shoulder presses, back extensions and rotations, bicycles, quads and gluteus Maximus:)
  6. I did like the faux chorizo post!
  7. I am trying to get volunteer gig asa retired speech therapist!
  8. I had an idea for an app long ago. I thought you should be able to rate songs according to the dominant emotion that is evoked with a value from 1-10. Then you could start with what you do not actually want to unload on someone who doesn’t deserve it. I have a broken ankle so I’m just making playlists. I have my angry one, headed by Lily Allen’s f you. I really liked Randy Rainbow for his cynical take on bad gun control. Tom Lehrer is always good and is also funny. Like colonel Bogies March because it’s defiant. Love Earl and others by the Chicks. Pumped Up Kicks is evil. The Wall works. Funny has The Blackfly by Wade Hemsworth…it’s clean for kids over 4. Pubic Hair by McClean and McClean and it’s dirty Lively has Blondie, Straus, Hair, Gotta get up, Abba( for exercise) any swing. Depresso: Back to Black, Beethoven’s fifth, cough syrup, Leonard Cohen Rexation or meditation is mostly Deuter, but also some Simon and Garfunkel Love Ojibway Country by Grit Laskin True Love: Stand by Me and Pete’s dragon by Helen Reddy( it’s make you cry maybe) I did my share of recycling music and adding lyrics appropriate to our classroom work. The society for creative anachronism has a clever word for this method. The idea is that you make your own playlists and if it works right by expressing your real feelings, you do eventually get tired of your emotion and feel free to move on. Only do it if it helps. I have books about it.
  9. Controlled vents are okay. One of my friends and I had complaint passes for those days. I call a distress line sometimes. The only thing I could not support was her beginning to attack her husband because she was on a drug cocktail for OCD. Could explain once…apologize for heavens sake, but I was not going to be nice about that!
  10. Err, GGK writes series:)
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