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  1. Is it a Berliner? John F. Kennedy said that he was a Berliner, and I’m told it is a word for jelly doughnut:)
  2. Imagine how much longer it would take to write the books if great attention was given to the use of interpreters and multiple dialects. Martin calls it well, IMHO.
  3. I do think there are some Republicans who want Trump to be fascist and skip the constitution. When from is installed with his corrupt minions, I suppose he can call himself whatever he wants. God Emperor, Benefactor of Stooges, Creepy Daddy.
  4. In a constitutional monarchy, King Trump would have to shut up or abdicate. He would have very little political power.
  5. Plastic hangers can be used to extend your reach and are so, so, for drying if they are well spaced.
  6. I like @LongRider ‘ s idea. Harry’s death would solve some narrative problems.
  7. Imagine the fur sticking to your clothes. For that reason, I will not get another long haired cat, unless it’s life or death.( for the cat). White fur…black pants. No lint brush is enough.
  8. I seem to recall the Hell’s Angels demonstrating against cannabis legalization because it would put them out of work. It’s a point.
  9. Sugary warm cinnamon pretzels are delicious, but it’s the freshly baked smell that overcomes your inhibitions. Tart cherry pie with coffee is very Twinpeaks, but mmm. Savory pies must have HP sauce to bring out the best:)
  10. You might die from the water. I thought medieval food was mostly about having a cooking pot and boiling whatever is in it.( meat, veggies, herbs)and beer( alcohol kills the germs).
  11. I’d say the people that argued that they wanted Covid to thrive in D cities, desired a Libertarian hellscape. Why not? Alan West doesn’t get vaccinated. When he tests positive, he gets monoclonal antibodies ( expensive exclusive treatment). He tells people that he is taking ivermectin and the fish tank cure. But really, unlike Trump or West, we don’t all have access to monoclonal antibodies. And R’s are good with that.
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