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  1. Went to Faux and disliked things. Will I get kicked off:)? Phoned an anti vax ish group and told them what I thought about spiritual irresponsibility. Probably did nothing, but I used Statistcs. She went duh and pretended that she didn’t know about the pandemic. So, any other ideas? I would accept scipts!
  2. Anti depressants only work around 60% at best. There are significant and usually minimized side effects. If they work for you,and you want it, take them. Be prepared for “ discontinuation syndrome” or poop out.
  3. Saw extremely sympathetic, articulate and brave capitol police testify about the events of the Jan 6 the insurrection.
  4. I thought Sansa would share Summer, as Bran is moving on:)
  5. OMG, did Bran kill Arthur Dayne?( as Howland)
  6. @RhaenysBee, don’t know if P&P is free on project Gutenberg which puts classics on-line:)
  7. If people were REAL fans, they would be willing to die to go to a concert, so what’s the big deal? Anti vax dancing in the mosh pit…
  8. OMG. So asinine and destructive. I lived in Boston for a year. It should go without saying that I wouldn’t have been nice to someone “ doing” racism, but I probably missed things because I don’t think like a racist.( preposterous, illogical and destructive) and I didn’t know the sports history.
  9. Ya, some of us old white women booed Donald Trump…or wanted to. Some of us are happy about kneeling athletes, liberal ideas, coed bathrooms, and we may like American football, too!
  10. You need your wits about you to scuba dive! Also it helps that there is a buddy system!( so that someone has another pair of eyes and a second air supply) I would think the young ones might not think that their at risk? After hearing that only people over 50 need to worry for months, and hoax crappolla from certain politicians and news adjacent companies?
  11. We need a multi year class in high school to show how to lie with statistics. In these days we need to know how companies and agencies manipulate their data, including what happens if you stop testing for Covid, or phone up an employee( as I’ve heard in Florida) and fire someone if they won’t fudge the medical data. My pet peeve is when graphs don’t show their real x or y axis, instead they just show the top of the graph, so that tiny differences look more important than they are through deliberate lack of proportionality. The same thing basically occurs with claims that some treatment made someone a percentage better, but they don’t say overall that ( let’s say) out of every 1000 people, 200 people got side effects, and single person may have avoided a problem. Even more distressing is the lack of long term data almost across the board and when there are problems with efficacy they may not be addressed after the cherry picked original studies. The Covid statistics are all over the place in what they reveal, except that there are a lot of eyes on this, however generally the vaccines we have as formulated are extremely efficacious, ( with some exceptions)and the consequences of being unvaccinated can be dire.
  12. No ties, TK! Unless you want people to know that about you:)
  13. If you are an excellent computer programmer, you can wear a cow suit to work if you want to, well, maybe not anymore?
  14. Isn’t it often because you are smarter than your boss?:)
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