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  1. Cinderella teams can be fun. Full confession, we were spoiled and watched the last Seahawks game the day after recording it. We kept saying that it wasn’t possible, and we are still in shock. They are nurturing DK Metcalf well. Lots of mistakes in that game and some genius. Second half team. Dak Prescott, well, I don’t know what to say that is sad enough.
  2. I have a mug with a Van Gogh on it. Since I’ve seen the real one, it serves as a souvenir. It isn’t the same experience.
  3. Thanks for this discussion about Lady Stoneheart and the heart trees. Does anyone think that the heart trees are not about valentines, and that the blood sacrifices may have included, well, feeding it human hearts? Real hearts. Just for fun I looked up weir for weir wood. Weir means a dam basically. It’s designed to regulate the flow of water from a river, or a fish trap! I believe Aryas role was changed greatly in the show. LSH was eliminated. The last minute intervention of Sandor Clegane to change Arya didn’t seem very plausible. It seems to me that there will be major chapters between Arya and LSH involving revenge.
  4. Fragile, sometimes there are telecommunications issues. It’s not like the good old telephone...though even that is not as clean as we’d like to think. I’m paraphrasing a telecom industry person that I know very well.
  5. X-ray, I’d be the worlds worst moderator, so, nice catch:) Okay, don’t physically check their credit, but play detective a bit. I knew a person who was busy dating people. He tried it with me, and I felt uneasy. It turned out he was lying about where he worked, told me he was a math prof and someone else that he was an orthopedic surgeon( complete with medical advice). I found out that he was basically a con artist and everything he said was made up. Sort of like Trump. He spoke only to manipulate. He trash talked all the people that he knew of. ( that is so they, and only they, are supposed to be trustworthy and so they disparage others.Now I know he didn’t ever tell the truth. I ignored someone who said that he didn’t work where he said and he’d been in jail. He stole his girlfriend’s expensive windshield wipers and replaced them with bad ones. He was that low. If you aren’t a con artist yourself, or haven't experienced the con, it is hard to believe! He wasn’t violent but he was a committed criminal. By now you have probably seen Trump who has millions in debt, and his behavior screams desperation. And mendacity. He goes to a lot of trouble to maintain his illusion. It is not about wealth, class, or stalking. But do stay vigilant before you do anything serious. The financial issues are real. If you ever have joint accounts, you need to pay attention. I also know a married couple where one person didn’t pay the bills and put money into their own, non joint, account and then found a friend. Chataya manages her credit, but most people don’t. I’ve switched countries. I had great credit and had to come back in another country as a newborn babe ( relax, it’s a metaphor:))without credit and I had to do it again. It’s actually quite possible to improve It.You also don’t really want to take on another person’s debt and bad habits. Imagine having an argument over every purchase? Noticing how people handle money is a pro tip! One can expand one’s attraction zone:)
  6. Republicans do find people who are loyal for money. If that person is stained, as a lot of their appointees are, they will have to be loyal.
  7. Relationship tools. Definitely go to groups where there are varied people. If you are shy, find someone on the introverted side, take minor initiative, be a good listener( skills are learnable), flirt ( can be learned!), as you are comfortable. If you get a no, give yourself game points and move on to the next. My partner is nothing like I imagined. Focus on their good points. Also, if you are serious about someone, check their credit! Financial incompatibility is a key reason for breakup. If you like kids, you may be open to a partner with a child, or lots of people who have difficulty in some area. There are thousands of ways to treat anxiety. It’s a matter of finding one that works for you. Definitely, negative self talk won’t help. Learn all you can about relaxing with breath, body and mind. Use it like a shield:) A very useful lifetime tool is to find a way to be kind to yourself:)
  8. “The Haunting” with Julie Harris is better than the remake by a mile or two. It can be done!
  9. Good luck:) If you are allowed to walk the rows, it may make them hesitate! I used to write with messy cramped writing( cursive) , intelligible if you are directly reading it, but not very good for cheaters. I didn’t cheat, because I studied. Why copy mistakes? People would only ask to borrow my notes once. Usually the borrowers were not reliable enough to return them, without badgering.What they also didn’t know was that I would take notes just trying to write down every word and example. Later, I would organize, parse, and try to figure out from the teacher or logic( what questions had tidy answers with 3-8 points?) I would study differently for recognition or for recall. One requires read, write and review. Recognition can be done with less work. Repetition of read, write and review is slower but superior to cheating,( I still remember material from decades ago, with a few mistakes) however I haven’t developed cheating skills. Studying for multiple choice is different from essay answers. Multiple choice is an art in itself, but they are easier to grade. Yes, I got asked several times to move my tests so that someone could see. ( lol) I was rejected as someone’s proctor because they caught on that I wasn’t going to let them cheat. I think a class in how to study and do legitimately well on tests could make a great class. If anyone wants to do this, I have a lot of proven strategies. It’s old fashioned! I am a sucker for learning.
  10. Arranging kids by alphabetical order or some other imposed order can scuttle plans. But talk up policy about cheating, sternly, before each test or exam. Talk to other teachers about the cheating, as they may have tips:) Cheating gets more serious and costly for students later on if that behavior is ignored. You punish them “ for their own good” but also in fairness to other students.
  11. Cheer up! It might have happened, just not on stage. You are allowed to speculate.
  12. Are you allowed to take video of your class? Or just set up an ostentatious camera, telling them that the cheating has changed your policy. It doesn’t have to be on, but some little recording lights should go on. I would get you fired, I guess? Plagiarism and cheating are no joke. I knew a very bright guy who later was expelled from second year engineering because of that. You can repeat this. Sad story.
  13. Tearjerker. Saw clips of movie which still gets to me. Not many people seem to have seen “ the Dollmaker” with Jane Fonda. It made my stoic dad cry out. I don’t know how authentic it is, but if you watch 5 minutes...
  14. Failed attempt by ultra right militants to “ grab” or “ cap” Governor Whitmer. FBI infiltrates group and spoils pre election plans. Kidnapping a governor and murder of police, sounds like reality t.v., except that it happened.
  15. Jace, that’s what I was thinking. We have the example of the Inauguration Commitee. The Trumpers collected a lot of money, and then put on a chintzy show. They are being investigated.
  16. Eye color and hair color are determined by more than one pair of genes. It gets complicated.
  17. Trump has bravely bragged about his refusal to use condoms as well as a mask. Apparently, he said STDs were his Vietnam Nam, because he had bone spurs and the poor guy was unable to serve. Anyone want to work in the White House now? It’s like Donald Trump on steroids:)
  18. Not many people name their kids after dead siblings now. They did that in the Victorian era, though, ehem, my grandfather was named after a dead sibling and we thought it strange, until you look at the customs.
  19. Many of the Trumpers enjoy harming anyone but white male republicans. They are learning to be sadistic from Trump. Anything that gets in the way of that thrill may be hurt with pleasure. The dumb comes from natural gifts or extreme cultish behavior. Trump showed us wish fulfillment World Wide Wrestling video. That is what he wants from his base cheering as if for a fake wrestling match.
  20. When you get conflicting results like this, there is lying going on. Trump does it to himself and his staffers. I hope Trump survives.
  21. Your impression seems to require you to throw insults at other people and I question your motives and also your judgement. Biden was prepared. I suppose that you have dealt with screaming children? I have. This debate was like taking a kid to a grocery store and having them pitch a fit. It never makes the adult look good.
  22. I wouldn’t want to try and debate with a toddler. I took a peek after reading some live commentary, heard Trump and saw his sweating angry face going red with anger and I thought, I’ll watch it tomorrow, because before bed...yuck. The guy must be snorting adderall, but he needs Haldol. His alleged corset and lifts, his heavy makeup with raccoon holes, his hairdo which overcompensates for his sloping forehead and obese neck, his putty over scars, his surgically reduced bald spot, his eyebrows that have been stretched to the sky, and his freaky tempts to look bigger, make him a cranky tempermental clown. Also he has no good qualities and is the poster child for most bad quality qualities. It doesn’t get more evil than Trump.
  23. There is a margin of error and we know about corruption in Florida. Received and mailed in my Overseas ballot. It can be tracked. We had anti-discrimination initiatives and some initiatives to make police be somewhat more accountable, like not charging families to pay for autopsy reports if there loved one was killed with police involvement. I also had no idea how to vote for “ Insurance commissioner”.
  24. Gosh, I thought Arya might give Lady Stoneheart some mercy.
  25. Caesar loved his centurions:) I am not a crow, or hooded. I like that hoodies are black, grey, and maybe white!
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