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    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    1. Same reason there was a Prince who was Promised. GRRM wouldn't have mentioned it so many times in the series if he didn't intend someone to fulfill the prophecy. Most people think AA and PP are the same person because that's Melisandre's interpretation of it. In Essos AA is a big deal so it makes sense she would make that connection. In Westeros however the PP prophecy has been heard and mentioned several times in the books but never with the connection to AA. It's likely they are two different people. Jorah and Dany are the only major characters in Essos for the bulk of the story. GRRM likes to use red herrings to throw off the readers. Dany could be the red herring and Jorah being AA. 2. Also Jorah has survived a lot of crazy battles in the books. If he was suppose to die earlier there was plenty of opportunities for it to happen.
  2. ForgottenKnight

    Will Melisandre appear?

    She has to show up and some point so Aria can kill her. Just saying.
  3. ForgottenKnight

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    My take on the theory but long short of it is he is reborn a new person when he sees Dany rise out of the funeral pyre with 3 dragons. When he it is revealed to Dany that Jorah was spying on her he sheds tears and confesses the truth. (the sword breaking in water) We later see him returning to Mereen and presenting Tyrion as a gift. Tyrion argues in defense of Jorah's life and has deduced Jorah's true feelings despite him never opening up to Tyrion. (the sword driven into the heart of a captive lion) The last part is him driving the sword into the heart of the one he loves. Is there anyone who has a deeper love in the show than Jorah does for Dany? There's also the fact that Jorah has been given the Tarly family sword Heartsbane for this battle. I'm wondering if the prophecy will come true in this episode. What do you guys think?
  4. She's the first female knight in Westeros. Pretty sure there's been other knights though.
  5. ForgottenKnight

    Meanwhile Back at King’s Landing . . .

    "I wanted those elephants."
  6. Anyone else think Tyrion gets the throne with Sansa as his queen?
  7. ForgottenKnight

    Arya Losin' It

    Finally the shippers got a win! Lol I thought this scene was done very well. Aria and Gendry were eyeing each other hard when they meet up again in Winterfell.