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  1. PirateVergo

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    You've got a point however if Jon is attracted to the qualities of Val then he should rather be attracted to Val than Dany you know ... Does it matter? The simple act of allowing Drogo to do this wihout doing anything would mean she is guilty in Jon's eyes because that's exactly what Ser Florent did, he watched his brother burn. I don't see why Daenerys would even love Jon in the books though? She loves Daario because of how extravagant he is, Jon is a brooding teenager who has never once been described as handsome or pretty by Westerosi standarts.
  2. PirateVergo

    Jon's first chapter

    I agree. But in the shows I definitely am not with how his storyline ends. He knows no one out there aside of Tordmund and Ghost.
  3. PirateVergo

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Upon hearing how Ser Axell Florent had watched Stannis and his Red Priestress burn his brother Alester, Jon felt disgust towards him for being no better than a kinslayer. Dany did the exact same thing, she watched Viserys burn and did nothing to help him whatsoever. Books Jon has a much stronger sense of duty than show Jon, she may be the most beautiful woman in the world but there's no way he'll ever love her.
  4. This has nothing to do with succession. She will have to marry to have an heir succeed her and unless a Lord is willing let his firstborn take the name of their mother then the Stark line will end with her.
  5. PirateVergo

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Jon Snow will never have a romantic relationship with Daenerys in the books, I'm convinced of it so I think there'll be a lot of big differences.
  6. The Northerners are misogynist from what we've seen, I wonder if she'll truly find one willing to abandon his name. Really can't see men made from the same mold as Greatjon Umber do so.
  7. How is her end satisfying? She's a woman and unless a man accepts to take her name (seems pretty unlikely given the North's culture), her childrens won't be Stark so yea the Starks are pretty much DEAD as a ruling line after Sansa passes away.
  8. Dany and the Unsullied allowing Jon to speak to Tyrion after he committed treason was garbage writing Tyrion even screamed to Jon that he should kill Dany and that fking stupid Unsullied guarding the door didn't notice anything.
  9. Worst season in the show by far. GOT's strength (and ASOIAF in general) is how big the world felt, the shift in perspective through having severals protagonists in different places.Putting all of them at the same place was a failure, the bad plot obviously didn't help but you could see in the finale how they tried to give closure to everybody's storyline and ended up having not much happen aside of Dany's death and Bran being crowned. I know they needed to cut off cast members but by season 8 it felt like the World of Westeros was dead, something you don't feel while reading the books.
  10. PirateVergo

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    It's the best episode so far, they finally dropped the act and showcased Dany's true colors, she's never been right about anything in her life, everything she did from season 1 up to now was filled with madness and arrogance. The worst way they could have ended this show is by having the kind and gentle good ruler Daenerys sits on the throne uncontested Now I hope she'll die and that it'll be by Jon's hand
  11. It always bothered me how Tywin let Jaime serve15 years in the Kingsguard when he could have easily gotten him out of his mess after the Rebellion, regardless of what Jaime wanted as well. It just doesn't fit Tywin's character, Jaime not being married with an heir at his age makes no sense. *
  12. PirateVergo

    Is Bran’s Story over now?

    His only purpose was to reveal that R+L=J That's D&D for you ...
  13. PirateVergo

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    All of your quotes can be summed by : Barristan tries to please Dany as much as he can by praising her brother whom she idolizes as a perfect man. What battle had Rhaegar fought before the Rebellion? What Knight had he defeated with a sword? Rhaegar's skill was never ever portrayed to be on the level of Jaime,Sandor,Gregor,Dayne or Barristan. I doubt he could even defeat Loras Tyrell in single combat. Apple does not fall far from the three, Jon has more interest in combat than Rhaegar ever did yet he's not a prodigy.
  14. PirateVergo

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Trying to stay realistic I would say an ending where Young Griff on the Iron Throne would be the strangest one.
  15. PirateVergo

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Regardless of whether he's actually Aegon Targaryen or not, Young Griff would make a better ruler than Daenerys and anyone in Westeros who currently has a claim to the IT. He has been raised to be King, and unless we are being heavily misled by GRRM in Varys' intentions, I do believe he would make a very good King. And that's precisely why I could see his invasion being sort of "filler". GRRM isn't just gonna let this golden boy, perfect candidate to the IT just conquer Westeros and finally give the 7 Kingdoms a competent ruler, no I think he'll either die or lose everything, one way or another.