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  1. I like this idea especially when we see in Bran's dream a woman doing exactly this, a naked woman emerging from the pool heavy with child praying for a son to exact vengeance.
  2. Hey RR! Im back in the forums, thanks for the tag. You have Lemore nailed, one thing I might add is she is also a venus figure in the fashion of the maiden bathing espied by Florian the fool, and Dany bathing in her introductory chapter. There is a reason our writer had her bathing naked in addition to showing she has stretch marks. This gives her the maiden coming from the water symbolism. Any time you see a naked woman bathing (*cough, Brienne, *cough, Osha, *cough), we are given our Morningstar/evenstar love goddess symbolism which @LmL might see as significant from an astronomy standpoint.
  3. I would like to add in "The Wierwoods" by Thomas Burnett Swann? It is about the Etruscans who have a centuries long pact with the people of a wooded place called the Weirwoods. The people of these woods are called the Weir ones and there are some who are much like the CotF with slitted gold cat eyes and also webbed feet that make a squish sound when they walk. Anyway there is a father who breaks this pact and steals a weir-one for his daughter as a slave.
  4. Wow, excellent Elder Brother analysis Blue eyed wolf. I need to re-read this chapter ASAP.
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