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  1. I loved and at the same time was disappointed! I thought the Mance Rayder/Stannis battle was errr...pants- but totally forgiven with the skeletal warriors/ Bran & co scene- especially with the first look at the Children of the forest and their magic- superb! Then the rest of the episode was good but I was hoping for at least a teaser appearance of Lady Stoneheart- even to the point of watching (in disbelief) the end credits roll hoping it would be shown then (but deep down knowing it wouldn't be- but clinging to hope!) And why oh why did they not follow the Tysha storyline with Tyrion and Jamie? Oh yea Lady Plug and the Hound? Hmmm!! Still after all said and done it was mighty entertaining- and I wish I could stop comparing it to the book- Mr Martin did say that the TV show was its own entity did he not- so comparisons should not be made- but we do don't we ;)
  2. Enjoyed the episode immensely- not sure what the hell Jon's up to though! My bottom lip is quivering already dreading the titles at the end of next weeks episode- another 9-10 months to wait on season five !! Ahhhhrg!! :ack:
  3. And he was a dick about it- but yea at least he acknowledged he was wrong! I am still chuckling with the 'Ginger Minge' comments. But poor Ygritte - You know sweet f**k all Jon Snow!
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