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  1. I can`t wait to see Edd fetching a block !!!! season 5 come please
  2. some say that dude who went crazy after the wildlings and the crows came fighting each other in the kitchen and came with that larg meat knife is actually three fingers -Hobb ??????!!!!
  3. I just cant wait till next season to see Jon cutting off Jonos`s fucking head OMG I hate this man so much from the books and the day I read that chapter was a happy day !! I just hate this man so much !! during the episode when he was running I was so scared that he will be killed by a thenn ! but thank the god the kept him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. how can`t I be upset !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just saw the ep and I am so fucking angry and disapointet !! the first time in my life when I watch an episode from got and not go and rewatched quickly !! not just because of Stannis let me tell you what did I saw worng and let me know if you agree first I thought this episode will finlly show us Jon snow the commander ! the leader !! instead they gave all the awasom scenes and speaches for Aliser thorne !!!!!!! in the book there was that fucking perfect speach from Jon snow !! we didnt see enough of Jon leading and commanding this episode he was lost same as everyone esle !! I didnt like sam running away after everyone I felt they didnt know what to do with him !! all the episoede was fighting without any point I am not saying that I didnt like these scenes I enjoyded but they could have let half the episode with sam going to Manc and show us something about ( Jourman horn - his pregnant wife and her sister ) then stannis arrivil ! we waited along time for this episode then they just gonna split it like this !! I just dont see the rest of the wall events that still to come is fitt to the finale !! now the finale is going to include the rest of ( Bran - Arya and the hound - tyrion with jaime and varys and tyrion and shea - dany - brinne and pod - LSH ? - the rest of the wall sotry - Jon to be LC ) someone explain this please :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: