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  1. Did anyone else notice Jon's eyes shifted color a bit during that slow zoom in? Or was I seeing things?
  2. Really enjoyed this episode. Gave it an 8. Status quo on the boards as usual it seems. Bookbabies hate what they see. Give it 2/10. Claim they're done with the show. Will be back next week, and for next season. In other words... https://youtu.be/gzdWPwVTWsI?t=59s
  3. Jesus christ at all the people voting the show a 1. Get over yourselves.
  4. Snark88

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Wow, some people are REALLY hard to please. This is one of the best shows on TV, I can't believe how harsh people are with it on this site. The show is still going on strong and has the highest ratings it's ever had, so obviously it's doing something right, regardless of your nitpicks and criticisms. I get that it's your opinion, but beg pardon if I don't take every single person giving these episodes low ratings, seriously. It comes off as kneejerk reaction half the time. I get why some people would be disappointed that it deviates from the book at some points, but you need to understand that's for the better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. DnD have their plan, and it's been working pretty damn well for them so far. Plus who cares? If something like cutting Tysha out really bothers you then guess what? You still have the books. It's not like the show ruined the books or made them obsolete. Game of Thrones is just another way of telling the tale, it's not like DnD are saying "Oh forget the books. This is the REAL story." I'm seeing a lot of people saying how disappointed they are, or that they're no longer fans of the show. Then just stop watching, and put your money where your mouth is. There are plenty of other shows out there that you might like. The vast majority of fans will continue to love the series without you, and it's gaining more viewers every year. And with that, have a good night.