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  1. Beldaros

    How would you rate episode 410?

    8 One of the better finalies though it fell short on many aspects. The whole Tyrion thing was very dissapointingly underwhelming and everyone from the lannister side is driven by these events in the following books, motivations are going to become skewed. Honestly, Show Tyrion had little reason to kill Tywin, and his parting on good terms with Jaime heavily detracts from their future character arcs. i also didn't care for the hound vs Brienne idea, though I did think they were going to substitute the Biter vs Briene material here. That made it doubly disapointing when Brienne came from the battle unscathed and it was all for nought as still Arya went her seperate way. Brienne knows she's alive now at least, but overall that confrontation accomplished nothing other than the death of the hound. It was a waste for Brienne and Podrick. I never thought much of the Bran story in the books and the show though slightly different has done nothing to change my opinion for better or worse. Jojen's death was a departure but not particualrly shocking, show Jojen has made little to no impact anyway and it felt like a flat death. Arya is finally off to Braavos though, Tyrion is going where he should and the Dany scenes were very good. Qyburn is less of a mosnter so far but that side is slowly showing itself, so woo for that. The scenes at the wall and beyond were perhaps a little rushed but nothing to complain about there. All in all a good closing episode compared to some of the other ones we've had. Even though some scenes were underwhelming, I can deal with the changes and see where it takes the characters, just wish they made more of Tywin/Shae death.
  2. Long time reader/viewer and forum lurker. First time poster. I have had kind of a love hate relationship with the series so far, I thought the first season was pretty amazing, the second season was very weak, the third was almost there and the fourth is finally doing what it should be. I no longer think of the show as an adaptation of the books but instead a seperate story based on the books. Anvil to face and giant bowman aside, this episode is probably the best one of all in terms of giving characters real purpose and meaningful turns (especially Allister) Pyp and Grenns deaths really got to me, especially as I couldn't predict them. Especially Pyp, as he foreshadowed his own fate by saying a sword didn't belong in his hand or words to the same effect. And Grenn was a suitable replacement for the one armed smith, as in the show we are fully invested in Grenn's character and his death was suitably heroic. Ygritte's death, though different, hit home just as hard for me, props to the actors there. Sam finally found some balls and I gained 10x respect for Allister putting all his grudges aside for the good of the wall and the realm of men and taking on one of the most dangerous enemies in the field. From a purist point of view I could find issue with this episode but treating it as a seperate entity... wow. The giant using a bow with the same power as a scorpion struck me as too silly, and the chain to an extent. The face into anvil would have also lead to the death of a real person with little doubt, certainly put the person out of contention for the rest of the day/week at the very least. I'm also not sure how I feel about coward Janos, after all he was leader of an elite unit of soldiers in the capital, has he never been in a fight that wasn't a certain victory? I guess not. Unlike many, I was never that impressed by Blackwater, but this epic battle episode delivered. My first 10.