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  1. It's a bit funny and sad at the same time how people who hate that show so much come up with illogical stuff while bashing the lack of logic in the script. Pot/kettle black, basically. 7/10. Nice opening scene. I thought it could be as good as 'Two swords' but nope, their season premiere are always uneven.
  2. Yes, you're absolutely right about the unlikeness of Thorne planning it all along with the Boltons. Ok I'm cheating a bit there but I saw somewhere else the argument that Thorne let them through because Stannis said he would be back after his victory or send troupes to the wall (and even if he didn't Jon and him were allies). Once Thorne knew it was over for Stannis he made his move against Jon.
  3. Yep, right now it's plot hole. But if in the next season they show that Thorne and the mutineers have a deal with the Boltons it would make sense because the Boltons would want to be sure Jon is really dead this time. Plus, Thorne isn't a dummy: less wights beyond the wall if he lets the wildling pass, only to slaughter them or let them starve through winter afterward. Big if though.
  4. 7 I actually liked the scene between Myrcella and her dad. In S6 they have to explain that Thorne & Boltons had a deal: NW kills Jon and in exchange the Boltons wipe out the wildlings, or that'd the biggest plot hole ever regarding Ser ***
  5. Say what you want about D&D, the quality of the episode or the whole season, but they just gave GRRM the opportunity to tell the fate of the main characters before the show does. They could've spoil everything and they choose not to at the risk of a very, very bleak ending. Really counting on a WoW release next year now.
  6. 5/10. I would've given an 8/10 without the Dornish scenes. That plotline is worst than Qarth in season 2, something I thought would never happen again. Asha/Yara failed rescue mission last year was bad too but only lasted one episode. WTH happened? It's not just the writing or the Sand Snakes, everything is sub-par and a gigantic waste of 3/4 good actors and a great set.
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