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  1. In that there's plenty of blame to go round. Also they're not the only family who's instability has destroyed them. The Lannisters would have comfortably seen out this war had they not been such a mess.
  2. By who? And why? The only scenario where Stannis does it is after he's defeated and broken. Aegon and Dany have absolutely no reason to give anything to the Baratheons, particularly one so fond of Robert.
  3. Not only does that theory not lack textual support there's literally a chapter where characters are mocking the very notion Dany proposes. A pretty random circumstance that GRRM goes out of his way to ridicule. The arrogance some people have towards the people with wild theories is far worse than the theories themselves. It's a long wait. They're not hurting anyone. Why does it bother you so much?
  4. Theon, Jaime and Stannis epitomise GRRM's human heart in conflict with itself style so brilliantly. Theon's chapters had me welling up most often.
  5. SHAME! But no the Baratheon's are doomed and have been from the start - They're tragic by design. Remove any of the major character flaws from Robert/Stannis/Renly and they likely would have been unstoppable. This is the tragedy of their story. Needlessly isolated in a time where cooperation was so important. Had any of the two brothers been more closely aligned, more willing to work with each other they're probably still in power. Robert's drunkenness and ignorance, Stannis' bitterness and stubborness, Renly's vanity and arrogance - They all played their part in the destruction of the family.
  6. While I know Stannis will burn Shireen I will close the book if he does it because he was cold.
  7. I just wonder at what point it becomes plain and clear to him that he wont get the series finished - Does he have a contingency plan? I know he used to get insulted at the notion but he needs to get real. I don't expect Winds for another 2-3 years at least. The "long, long way to go" stuff is ominous. He's old. Valar morghulis and all that. He's lost, rich unmotivated - He's never going to recover anything like his old writing pace, it will only get worse. I imagine even thinking of the book/deadline gives him nothing but anxiety. I doubt he's doing this out of love for the story anymore so much as he's just under pressure to finish what he started. A monster he has to slay. Sad to see. I actually love Feast and Dance, loved the increased world building and loved the new perspectives. But what did it cost? Everything. We're never seeing Dream and I'm not convinced we'll ever see Winds. Been playing this game for too long. Something has obviously gone catastrophically wrong both with the story and the author.
  8. Robert probably wouldn't have believed Stannis had he told him as it would have looked opportunistic. Convenient that the guy who stands to gain the most finds out. He did not know Robert was going to be killed either andI don't know how you think Stannis would have saved him. Jon and Ned both ended up dead before they could do anything and were both far more credible to Robert than Stannis. He would have been immediately been ridiculed by those around him who we know opposed him. Renly had made a nonsensical claim to Stannis' rightful throne. Conflict was inevitable and one was going to die and the justification for their claims are not comparable. Renly knew before declaring himself king that Stannis would never accept it. Even without the incest. The entire realm knew he wouldn't accept it. Stannis was not a man you pass over without reason. Would be the equivalent to Gerion Lannister claiming lordship of Casterly Rock because he's popular. He guaranteed conflict with his brother. Had he done the rightful thing and accepted Stannis' offer to be heir they probably take King's Landing and secure Stark support as well under a united banner and a united cause. It was a totally needless division based on nothing but the vanity of one man. To attribute Stannis' claim to vanity sort of exposes your own biases. Ridiculous doesn't do it justice. Laughable to blame Stannis for Robert,. Laughable. He killed Renly for committing treason. As any king would and he ultimately didn't murder Edric although I'm not defending him for that. He deserves criticism for that as well as the fact that he will burn Shireen in the future. This is less a defence of Stannis is it is an indictment on the immature little shit who divided both the family and the realm at the critical point without cause. He's a disgrace. Renly is mocked even by his previous supporters for his claim - As Olenna put it "He knew how to dress and he knew how to smile and he knew how to bathe, and somehow he got the notion that this made him fit to be king". It was nonsense from start to finish. A man playing at war when others were meaning to fight one. It was a game to him. He deserved to burn.
  9. Yes. It's also exactly what the traitor deserved. Renly is one of the more irredeemable characters in the books. His vanity destroyed his family and much more beyond.
  10. Visually stunning. The City burning is definitely from GRRM. This is where Dany goes, it's always been where Dany goes. Similar to my boy Stannis burning his daughter. They're tragic characters destined to break. This season really should have been 10 episodes. Dany's turn just felt way too rushed. Hilariously Emilia Clarke actually plays a pretty good paranoid psychopath - We really should have seen more of it. It's hilarious how every part of this story could have been improved with even small additions. Like they could have had the dragon be stationary when shot last week to make it a little less ridiculous that they can suddenly go stealth mode. Euron was ridiculous from start to finish since introducing his character. They really shouldn't have bothered adding him. Arya turning back would have been pretty good if she hadn't already devolved into what Sandor's telling her to run from. This is a girl who murdered people, carved up their corpses and baked them into pies for revenge. Now she sees the light? LMAO. Also if Bran wasn't warging that horse then just get out of here. Cleganebowl was so forced. That will not be in the books. Jaime/Brienne stuff was so pointless with hindsight. Also him saying he doesn't care about the city he previously saved is just the worst line in the episode - He probably should have told people about the Wildfire too. I don't mind the death scene though, given the show wasn't really portraying Cersei as villainous or threatening at that point it was actually quite sad - It will be similar but different in the books. They didn't give Cersei enough this season but seeing her watch everything literally blow up in her face was quite amazing. Tyrion really is the most incompetent guy in Westeros. Excellent judge of character he said. All in all the season has been a sloppy, sometimes nonsensical story producing some great moments. So yeah. Justice for Stannis.
  11. Brutal. Brilliant. Accurate. ”Like watching Tyrion behead Lord Karstark” Those cuts to Tywin.
  12. 3/10 And Ramin Djawadi is solely responsible for it not being a 1. The writing has become a parody of what the show was. The only purpose is to shock and thrill - No effort whatsoever put into telling a story. You genuinely get more subtlety and nuance in a Marvel movie. A series that was built on showing the brutal, unforgiving consequences to the actions of characters now allows them to do whatever they want. Just about character should have died twice over, but impossible situations matter not to the plot armour. It’s an absolute shambles.
  13. Epic as fuck. https://angrygotfan.com/2016/05/29/the-winds-of-winter-the-damphair-part-1/ Is that the actual transcript?
  14. One of those Linda and Elio one's have gone lost their damn minds.
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