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  1. TeethGrinder

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    It was clearly forced because D&D wanted it. The timing made no sense, it's not like Gregor had done anything to him lately lol.
  2. TeethGrinder

    So how/will that go down in the books?

    See I would have loved to see a call back to that when she was with Tyrion. Would have given the moment a little more meaning.
  3. TeethGrinder

    So how/will that go down in the books?

    An army that had surrendered itself to her. She could have burned them all separately if that was her goal. Their obviously trying to portray it as an act of insanity but at least with Aerys there was some justification to his paranoia, the people were against him. There was no reason for Dany to feel anything for the people of KL. They hadn’t rejected her in any sense.
  4. I think the burning/destruction of Kings Landing is way too big a point for the showrunners to just invent. I think that turn from Dany, one of the two main characters is way too significant to not be a part of the book layout they recieved. So how will it go down? It felt very forced in the show. Cheap even that Dany suddenly snapped. Obviously the books will have more time to flesh it out but I think the circumstances will be significantly different. I think the people of Kings Landing & Westeros will reject Dany. They’ll love fAegon instead, and watching them worship him using her name, on top of all the betrayal’s she’s destined to have will be enough to push her over the top. Especially if she’s already saved them or attempted to save them from the Others. She will see it as another betrayal from the people. This was the most staggering part of her turn in the show. She had no reason at all to burn the civilians. There’s not even loose tie between them and Cersei or even them and Jon. They don’t care for her and don’t know who he is. Even someone evil should be relatively indifferent to their fate. If her goal is for them to fear her I think burning the Red Keep would have been enough.
  5. TeethGrinder

    Bran did it!

    I mean you literally see Dany pull on Drogon to take off. It was her.
  6. TeethGrinder

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    He will die with Cersei in the books too, probably after killing her. Sleeping with Brienne was just pointless and unnecessary for both characters. The better ending for those two was Jaime knighting her.
  7. TeethGrinder

    Arya and the Horse

    Pretty sure D&D stopped reading after Storm of Swords. The horse wasn't really dying either.
  8. Remember Stannis burned his daughter because it was snowing. Good times.
  9. TeethGrinder

    What will Jon do?

    Kill her obviously. Why he'd feel anything but unbridled hatred for her at this point is anyone's guess.
  10. TeethGrinder

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Dany fans realising how we felt in season 5. Seriously though it was awful. Should have made the season 10 episodes and showed more development. The descent into paranoia could have been done across the last two seasons. Instead we got happily ever after like romance and a sudden break with reality. Horrible.
  11. TeethGrinder

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Visually stunning. The City burning is definitely from GRRM. This is where Dany goes, it's always been where Dany goes. Similar to my boy Stannis burning his daughter. They're tragic characters destined to break. This season really should have been 10 episodes. Dany's turn just felt way too rushed. Hilariously Emilia Clarke actually plays a pretty good paranoid psychopath - We really should have seen more of it. It's hilarious how every part of this story could have been improved with even small additions. Like they could have had the dragon be stationary when shot last week to make it a little less ridiculous that they can suddenly go stealth mode. Euron was ridiculous from start to finish since introducing his character. They really shouldn't have bothered adding him. Arya turning back would have been pretty good if she hadn't already devolved into what Sandor's telling her to run from. This is a girl who murdered people, carved up their corpses and baked them into pies for revenge. Now she sees the light? LMAO. Also if Bran wasn't warging that horse then just get out of here. Cleganebowl was so forced. That will not be in the books. Jaime/Brienne stuff was so pointless with hindsight. Also him saying he doesn't care about the city he previously saved is just the worst line in the episode - He probably should have told people about the Wildfire too. I don't mind the death scene though, given the show wasn't really portraying Cersei as villainous or threatening at that point it was actually quite sad - It will be similar but different in the books. They didn't give Cersei enough this season but seeing her watch everything literally blow up in her face was quite amazing. Tyrion really is the most incompetent guy in Westeros. Excellent judge of character he said. All in all the season has been a sloppy, sometimes nonsensical story producing some great moments. So yeah. Justice for Stannis.
  12. TeethGrinder

    They did it.

    It's definitely from GRRM - The ending that is. The way they rushed it was absolutely ridiculous though. The betrayals foreshadowed in the books will do this to her. Slowly but surely.
  13. TeethGrinder

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Brutal. Brilliant. Accurate. ”Like watching Tyrion behead Lord Karstark” Those cuts to Tywin.
  14. TeethGrinder

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    3/10 And Ramin Djawadi is solely responsible for it not being a 1. The writing has become a parody of what the show was. The only purpose is to shock and thrill - No effort whatsoever put into telling a story. You genuinely get more subtlety and nuance in a Marvel movie. A series that was built on showing the brutal, unforgiving consequences to the actions of characters now allows them to do whatever they want. Just about character should have died twice over, but impossible situations matter not to the plot armour. It’s an absolute shambles.
  15. TeethGrinder

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Epic as fuck. https://angrygotfan.com/2016/05/29/the-winds-of-winter-the-damphair-part-1/ Is that the actual transcript?