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  1. Heh, my Unsullied father called me up after. He's only done that for the Hannibal season 2 finale and the Red Wedding.
  2. Yarp! I suspect it will involve Ser Gregor finding out Ser Pounce stole away in his backpack after he heard Margaery say she liked corgis.
  3. I was bored senseless by Jon until ADWD. Subsequent rereads I like him more because I can see the buildup better, but he's a character I've found more entertaining in forbidden and notably fecking immoral castaway...stuff. I sure hope so! If it's a toss-up between Foucault introspection and Angela Carter joie de vivre, I'll go with the latter every time! It's going to be a million kinds of epic when Gregor comes across Ramsay in a snowy evil place, the Bastard having cornered Jeyne, and yanks him off with a velvety baritone "Why is it I'm always rescuing Starks?" Of course he understood the true deception, but in a zenith of lemming-incomprehensible moral complexity he saw the need to keep Jeyne's secret safe.
  4. Those Final Cut fucks! They royally massacred the part where Ser Gregor sits Tormund down for a serious discussion about safe sex and responsibility. Moon Tea isn't cheap!
  5. Fool, he's sleeping. That is not dead which can eternal lie, yet with strange aeons even death may die. Balon takes his naps very seriously.
  6. I was really digging Alliser this episode. It was a nice callback to his "do you fucking know what it's like to get stuck North of the wall and do some Hannibal shit just to survive?" speech in season 1. A good leader out in the field, not a good ruler. Then Slynt's flaccid "meep!" had me rolling. No giants, NOPE. We got a Mountain and he's just a shade shorter! But yeah, Alliser marching down like a boss because shit was about to get real was A+ in my book.
  7. But no one could've predicted Samwell's rise to manhood (with nary a pink mast!!!!!) :lmao: The popular Jaime GIF "I immediately regret this decision" would take on a whole new tenor.
  8. I definitely see it. I'd love a scene where they poke fun at it while simultaneously honoring it. That was the most badass scythe since Buffy and Grim Fandango. They couldn't have installed a couple more though? :idea: I guess it was decided the same time the Night's Watch dropped collision insurance to save some money. If anyone in the ASOIAF universe gets this moneyshot, I'll die happy.
  9. Jon Snow is that Jack-of-all-Stats type character. Good at everything, God of Pwnage of none. Tormund's hissy fit makes me squee for when Jon gets knifed and the Wildlings at the Wall find out what happened. Tormund's gonna summon his bear mistress from the woods and the Brutaii of the Night's Watch will know fear! :cheers: Inspiration is found everywhere! Kiba gives me total Ghost feels.
  10. The helpful artists of Japan storyboarded a proof-of-concept for when the direwolves reunite to take down Drogon. :laugh:
  11. The moment I loved (for a mix of humor and cringing) was Jon's face getting smashed into an anvil. Shit man! Then he regained...usurped...stole...backhanded his street cred by spitting blood in Styr's face. Though I was a bit perplexed as to how he didn't have two split lips and a tooth or two skittering off Styr's rock-hard facial scarring. If the dragon preteens are chained up next season, can they please splurge on direwolf SFX? Ghost running into the fray was awesome but I wanted MOAR carnage. Give me something like the Princess Mononoke scene with the wolves tearing stuff up.
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