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  1. AGS Martell

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Now that you mention it, is it possible to cremate her?
  2. AGS Martell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    4 Mad Queen Daenerys and her death would have been great for the season finale if her madness was better built throughout the show - and I'm not saying throughout this season only. We have seen Daenerys take dangerous decisions since the beginning, but it was all for the greater good without harming innocents and now she forgot her own speech just like that. Losing all she loved in the last 7 episodes can be used as an excuse, but it was not well shown IMO. More convincing dialogues showing her grief and anger were needed. Loved Drogon. I nearly cried when he started pushing her. And it was very romantic the way he picked her and took her away after melting the throne. Best scene of the show. I totally hate Tyrion's character now and found all his scenes and speeches annoying. Episode 5 showed us an entire floor falling over Jaime and Cersei, and now Tyrion moves 3 bricks and sees them there, lying dead, perfectly complete, nearly no scratches, no smashed parts of their bodies. I remember the time a little stone hit me in the forehead and I had a lump like a grape, in color and size, for a week. But they were there perfectly pale. Then we have his scene with Jon trying to convince him that Dany was dangerous and telling him he loved her too. Never realized he was in love. His scene when he was about to be judged was ridiculous. It made me uncomfortable watching Sansa tell Edmure to sit and him awkwardly going back, the lords laughing at the suggestion of democracy, Greyworm having no vote when he had the biggest army there (not sure how all those unsullied managed to survive), all voting for Bran when no one knew him nor had a demonstration of what he is capable of seeing other than Tyrion, Sam and his sisters. The last scene in the king's council. Shared with Bronn... really? I accept Sam, Brienne and Davos there, but Bronn? Not sure why Bran wanted to locate Drogon. Queen Sansa is great. I wouldn't mind if she stayed as queen of westeros. But queen in the north is nice - I would have chosen a better hairstyle and crown for her, that looked weird. Finally Jon. Another character I find myself hating and was hoping he died since 2 seasons ago. His character was destroyed, no development as he ended in the same place where he begun. Answering "she is my queen" to everything only to stab her and to show us a not-so-convincing grief for killing her supposedly love of his life. Wish Drogon ate him. My points go only for Dany's speech and death.
  3. AGS Martell

    So what happens to Drogon?

    My ideal ending would be Dany leaving Westeros with Drogon after burning down KL and giving up everything she fought for since the beginning of the story since she is not loved. But, in season 2 we had a glimpse of her ending: The throne room destroyed and snow ashes falling over the Iron throne and just before she could touch it, she heard her baby's cries and reunited with Drogo - Guess she'll be killed in the throne room. No one has a way to kill Drogon now (no NK, no scorpions) so I don't think he dies/gets killed. Hopefully he lays eggs in Dragonsotne or something.
  4. AGS Martell

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    No. What is that of asking Cersei to surrender? Of freeing Jaime and telling him to rescue Cersei? Since when are these 2 lions that stupid?
  5. AGS Martell

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    The eggs were given to Dany by Illyrio, who mentioned they were "from the shadow lands beyond Asshai". However, I remember reading a thread that mentioned it was Varys who handled the eggs to Illyrio, after stealling them from Dragonstone... These are all speculations.
  6. AGS Martell

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    The hero who wakes dragons from stone sounds like Daenerys herself, hatching her 3 dragons from fossilised eggs. And don't think there are any more dragons in the show, and I don't believe Rhaegal will be ressurected. It seems that Dany's fate is to lose her 3 dragons, or just to keep Drogon if she does not die in the end.
  7. AGS Martell

    The Prince of Dorne (no leaks)

    Or maybe they mentioned it so as to make a Dornish army appear, along with Yara Greyjoy's navy, to help Daenerys take King's Landing
  8. AGS Martell

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    Late understanding from her side would be... Hmm, I'm convinced.
  9. AGS Martell

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    I don't see any issue with Arya appearing from nowhere and jumping that far, we are talking about a girl who can change her face after all. What actually confuses me is the fact that in the beginning of the show, Melissandre supported Stannis as she thought he was the one chosen to bring light to the world and bla bla. But when she meets Arya, it seems as she sees in her that she'd be the one to kill the NK... So, why would she still support Stannis until his death?
  10. AGS Martell

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    Whatever Jon does, I hope we don't get another invulnerable hero scene with him once they fight the Lannister army. I don't think I could stand watching him evade and kill 100 soldiers all by himself AGAIN
  11. AGS Martell

    RIP Ghost

    Ghost is still alive and I wonder why. Is he important only to remind us Jon is still a Stark?
  12. AGS Martell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    8/10 First episode I like of the season so far. The climax of the battle was very well built in the beginning, with everyone staring at an enemy they could not see (neither could we). The strategy was good but putting the Dothrakis in front... that was sending them to death! Though it gave a great cinematic effect by the way their blazing swords started fading in the dark. Now I really want Dany to be in the throne. She not only provided the north with a huge army, dragons, dragonglass, she also fought! She didn't know how to held a sword and still she stood there helping Jorah. And appart from that, Dany's decisions choices during the battle were those of the leader I expect her to be - Dany telling Jon the dead were already there and not to wait for the Night King to come was courageous as well as a bad idea - On one hand, here we have a true queen worrying about the people, on the other we lose a strategist (she could have lit the trench if she had not moved from her view point). I felt the flight scenes a little long, specially when the snow storm hit them. But loved the scene where they flew way up in the sky, beautiful! And we had the Dracarys moment (Did dragon fire have no effect on the NK because he could only be killed with dragonglass or because he was also a Targaryen in the past?) Jon... Same Jon we saw in the battle of the bastards. Him and his sword all alone running towards an army he, somehow, manages to evade. I hate the way the show depicts him as an invulnerable hero. Then, him standing there in front of Viserion and shouting at him? He couldn't get more stupid there. Honestly, if he dies by the end, I wound't care. The crypt scene was predictable, although I liked the tender scene between Sansa and Tyrion when everything seemed lost. I am intrigued now about 3 things about Bran: 1. Where was he warging? He did more than just look at the NK with the crows and we are missing that. 2. The look he gave Tyrion in the beggining before he went down to the crypts. 3. The way he looked at the NK once they were face to face. The ending was nothing predictable. I was not linking everything Melyssandre told Arya as clues explaining she'd be the one who killed the NK. The way that scene was handled was great IMO. I was waiting for Dany or Jon to kill the NK but this one surprised me for good. Best of the episode: Arya Brienne and Jaime fighting side by side Lyanna killing a giant All dead being resurrected Visuals - Dothraki blades fading, dragons flying in the sky The music Worst of the episode: Jon Ghost running to the dark and never appearing again, what happened to it? Sam lying everywhere doing nothing but making people get killed Long dragon flight Long library scene - seemed like a Resident Evil game
  13. Gave it a 4. Set up episode after last week's set up episode. The remarkable moment was that one that gives the title to this episode: Brienne becoming a knight of the seven kingdoms. That scene nearly made me cry. As for the rest, it felt as if they were all saying goodbye because many will die in the next episode, and nothing else. Also, it is surprising how Dany's lust for power grew, but she still listens to her advisors (Jorah/Dany scene)
  14. AGS Martell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    I give it a 3. It was a mere re-union episode and nothing very interesting happened. Cersei claiming for elephants felt somehow ridiculous and everyone in the internet seems to have felt the same, we have memes everywhere now. I am still waiting for Euron being the bad ass guy they said he would be. For the time being, he is just another of Cersei's sex toy. After many seasons, Bran still seems an uninteresting character to me. It has to be the actor, because the plot of having someone knowing it all is great, but its boring for me with that guy. The dragon flight scene felt unnecessary. Jon is now confirmed as the last rider, but the moment it was done, the way, and the kiss scene... anti climatic. Theon appearing from nowhere and rescuing his sister that easily... Really? It felt somehow predictable that the Winterfell battle will not go well and they will flee to the newly recovered Iron islands. I'm getting tired of cock jokes. We know Tyrion is a character with better things to say. The moment I liked the most was the Arya/Jon reunion.
  15. AGS Martell

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Good to know what he tried to show. But it seems his shock face is the same as any other face he does lol.