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  1. Without delving in speculations about obtuses prophecy and instead relying on the narrative, I will ask this: Arya can't be everywhere and kill everyone and there's only so much pages left in the saga. If Martin writes about Arya killing Petyr, he's not using her for something else in the meantime. Who seriously thinks Martin will 'waste' Arya for a few chapters of stalking and killing Petyr Baelish, a man she barely knows by sight and currently resides far away of Winterfell or King's Landing, her natural poles of attractions? What payoff does that provide? Martin is not writing fan fiction for the subset of readers who specifically hate Petyr, dislike/are indifferent to Sansa and love Arya. He has a greater tale to tell, and as of ADwD I fail to see how having Arya out of the blue killing Petyr will serve a greater narrative purpose. It does not strike me as a particularly valuable use of a character.