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    Reading, running my own SFF review blog, playing piano, learning, traveling, talking to like-minded people, comedy, witty conversation, coffee, friends, et cetera...

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  1. swedeheadchris

    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

    Yes, you are sick! The Soul of the Fire, actually :P
  2. swedeheadchris

    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

  3. An extract from WFR which, misinterpreted, I found quite funny. Extract 1: Wizard's First Rule, his masterwork of fantasy-that-is-not-fantasy. Richard's First Gay Wizarding Experience :eek: "Zedd smiled knowingly. "You're a natural, my boy. You held your arms just right, your head had the proper tilt, you even arched your back correctly. You have all the makings of a fine wizard." He leaned forward, gleefully. "Now just try to imagine idoing it naked." "It makes a difference?" Richard asked in amazement. "Of course. The clothes interfere with the experience..." " Okay, so I was bored! :D Feel free to add your own :lmao: