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  1. JonSnow4President

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion

    Not to be crass, but think of it like the fertilization of an egg rather than a coinflip. There's a whole lot of people trying to get in, but only so many can be successful in any given amount of time.
  2. JonSnow4President

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion

    Should be the refresh. At that point, you're having to ping the server to request the new information. If you log in now, you only connect to the server while you're downloading it (ie, now) and then your computer stops the connection. Every now and then, it should reping for simple updates for the notifications (but it doesn't redownload the website when that happens). You need to reconnect to the server (either via refreshing or clicking the link in the notification) to download the updated webpage. So when everyone and their former roommate's dogwalker is trying to ping the server and download the webpage at the same time, your ping gets lost among the crowd, even if you already have a previous version downloaded in your browser.
  3. JonSnow4President

    Smaller Things Even Less Worthy of a Thread of Their Own

    Can I just say what the ^*)% other drivers?!? The main highway in town has a 70 mph speed limit (previously 75), and is only a couple years old. It's well built, and with the students gone for the summer, traffic is extra light, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I got stuck behind 2 people going 50 mph side by side today. I realized when I got to my exit that I could have exited onto the feeder (speed limit 55) and passed them without speeding. How the %@&%$ can you stand to drive like that?
  4. JonSnow4President

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    I get that completely Sperry. In an environment where the primary attraction is based pm pictures, I don't have a realistic chance with someone that looks like Emma Watson unless they have a thing for fat guys. In an environment where they can get to know me, that's a different possibility, but online dating isn't necessarily that environment. I know the perception of Tindr is much more sex app. I am on the more conservative side, so that's not something I'm really looking to do all that quickly. Looking at bumble, it seems to be largely the same thing.
  5. JonSnow4President

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Does anyone have any experiences with the big online dating sites? Finally got off my lazy butt and got a job, so no where I'm going to be long-term now, so I'm ready to start trying. Wondering which one should be the first try? I'm a younger guy (26) and looking for something that has the potential to develop long-term rather than purely casual. Haven't had a ton of success on my own, so I think that's probably the obvious path to branch out to.
  6. I think the real failing in D&D is how they connect the plot points, not necessarily the plot points they come up with. I don't think Martin's involvement at that high a level would fix anything.
  7. It's not that it's different, it's that what they do is unsuccessful, and often times so stupid I can't see how they thought it would be successful. I actually am a fan of trying to get Sansa North in a shortened version of the story. I think condensing Arya's training is a good idea if you're shortening the overall story. I think cutting/streamlining Dorne is a good idea. Getting rid of Tyrion's long discovery that he doesn't want to die, and going through rock bottom was a good idea in a shortened format. However, in all of those cases, what they actually gave us was horrendous. You have dumb things like Sansa choosing to marry and provide legitimacy to the family that betrayed hers, and Littlefinger giving up one of the most valuable political pawn in the world because of reasons! You have a whole lot of Arya getting hit by a stick, before suddenly learning in a montage (the entire first half of her season 6 story, without getting into the stupidity of the final act). We get Tyrion drinking games, trying to get people to do something they are already doing (red priests), and otherwise just being in awkward scenes trying to get people who don't drink to drink, while all of Mereen's problems just disappear until they don't. Dorne is..... let's leave it at that. I don't need to see Sansa learning politics in the Vale. Have her going house to house, trying to raise the North against the Boltons (possibly even being discovered and kidnapped by the Boltons to force her into that version of the plotline) works for me. Their alternative storyline doesn't.
  8. Gives it a little more sureness from him than "but apparently I have to save the realm to become a king"
  9. Plot wise, he dies so Sansa and Jon can take over his retake Winterfell plot, and possibly his role in the fight against the Others/White Walkers, although we are dealing with a certain amount of speculation in that statement. (However, it is required to make Stannis burning Shireen work in books, as they are apart for the battle against the Bolton's).
  10. JonSnow4President

    South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Back in the episode where Kenny was a whore who would do anything for money, he climbed inside Ms. Crabtree's vagina for several hours, dying from the "tight virgin flower" pressure.
  11. I will admit season 5 and 6 are where I'm weakest, because I haven't rewatched them a few times (seen season 5 2-3 times depending on if the episode was leaked, and season 6 once). I recall a lot of season 5 Stannis making that complaint.
  12. We are simply seeing very different shows. I see a show that has a couple minor scenes over the White Walkers, compared to many more scenes about him being king, killing people for not kneeling to him, demanding he's the king, etc. The focus is on the kingship, and 3 scenes otherwise are just pebbles thrown in the Trident. Once again, snow not shown. It's flurries. The situation creating the dire starvation required laughable incompetence for it to happen.
  13. This post is one of the funnier things I've seen this offseason. What is shown is Stannis burn his daughter so he can go to Winterfell to overthrow the Boltons and gain the North. What is TOLD (in story) is that he's doing it for both pressing his claim as King, with a presumption that he is doing so at this point so he can defend the kingdom. However, they don't talk explicitly about the second half of that very often. Combine that with the showrunners explicitly clarifying the motivations, and I go with that. Because what is shown doesn't conflict with what they say, like some other scenes. What is shown is snow levels I've seen in Texas causing an army to get bogged down because of laughable circumstances. What is shown is Stannis being in walking distance from Winterfell, and being close enough to Castle Black that a lone woman can travel easily. What is shown is a massive calvary charge obliterating Stannis with their mobility not hindered in any way. What is shown is an angry gruff self-righteous bastard who is never anything other than an angry gruff self-righteous bastard, outside 2 scenes where he shows a moderate amount of affection for his daughter. The show doesn't show anything you're describing.
  14. "Why do you think I abandoned Dragonstone and sailed to the Wall, Lord Snow?” “I am no lord, sire. You came because we sent for you, I hope. Though I could not say why you took so long about it.” Surprisingly, Stannis smiled at that. “You’re bold enough to be a Stark.” Can you really imagine show Stannis smiling at a joke at his expense?
  15. Stannis doesn't remotely stick to the "spirit" of the book story. Book Stannis becomes the one man in ten thousand that Maester Aemon describes that will perform his duty at the cost to those he loves, something not even "goody goody two shoes obsessed with honor" Ned Stark can bring himself to do. I totally seeing him burning Shireen, but the motivation behind it changes it to such a degree that it is not the same act. Show Stannis burns his daughter alive with ambition as his motivation (from D&D's mouths). He's a monster, not an anti-hero or an uncharismatic hero, or anything remotely not monster related.