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    [No Spoilers] EP410 Discussion

    Disappointed they killed off Jojen. Even though it was strongly implied he wasn't ever going to survive the 'mission', this makes it more real. It also means that any more meaningful death that might occur in the book will be omitted from the TV series. Call me crazy, but I get the impression this will open up a bit of a Bran and Meera (hinted in the books I believe) relationship. She's grieving over Jojen, he's there ... It was done with Grey Worm and Missandei, and Bran's probably in for some filler. Another interesting thought that came to mind is that Bran's Greenseer/Warg training could offer insight into past events. GRRM has said he wouldn't mind a flashback season, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if something like that happens with Bran's storyline. Again, filler.