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  1. Decent episode overall. Loved Euron's scenes (can't believe I finally get to say this). Too bad they choose to waste time on Missandei and Greyworm. I really hope one of them hits the bucket soon.
  2. A 7 from me...and maybe I am being generous. I really loved the Hound's scenes and how they tied it up with what he did in season 4. Decent lines, nice shots (when he was digging that grave for a brief moment made me think of the atmosphere from a Gothic novel), good character development (wish there was more of this in the show)...all in all the best part of the episode. The short shot of the Others and their army (+the giants) gave me chills. Sansa and Jon were alright. It could have been better. To me it makes sense that they each fear the enemies they know: Jon is more concerned with the Others, Sansa is more concerned with Cersei. I felt Sam's scenes were dragged a bit. They weren't bad, but the montage was way too long in my opinion. Euron looked better than last season...and I am strictly speaking about how he looked. I got the impression he was channeling a mix of Jack Sparrow and Ragnar/Floki from Vikings. Jaimie and Cersei's scenes were a bit too long. Bran and Meera arriving at Castle Black was meh, but it's still good that they arrived in the first episode. Dany's scene was nice, but I expected more emotion in her eyes. She has a nice outfit. Arya's first scene reminded me of playing a game when you are level 20 and you have to fight level 2 enemies...there's no fun anymore. The second scene was pure fan service. So far...she's overleveled and I hope this will lead to something more interesting.
  3. I enjoyed the episode. Some scenes were too long and the show could have shortened or skipped them. Nothing was shocking about the episode. I did enjoyed the episode. The music and clothing were amazing. -Cersei showed her madness, finally. I felt sorry for Lancel, his final act was to try to stop the wildfire from spreading and he failed. -Pycelle finally died. -Tommen's death was sad in my opinion. Maybe it's because I think of book Tommen (the sweet boy who loves cats and wants to ban beets). -Margaery - I kept saying she would die and everyone thought I was crazy. I always felt that house Tyrell is the only major house without losses in the show. If Loras or Mace died it wouldn't have made an impact on the audience. However, Margaery has a lot of fans and I was expecting her to die this season. When I saw her trying to get to the door I was hoping she would not make it. I never liked her as a character and she was way too overrated in the show. I am probably one of the few people who cheered about it. -This was probably the only decent scene in Dorne and I'm sure I only felt this way because I liked Olenna shutting up the SandFakes. -The Tower of Joy- The scene was ok, not really much too say. We heard bits of the promise. I was not expecting to hear the full promise anyway. I think Lyanna said something similar to 'If Robert finds out, he'll...you know he will...you have to protect him' (I watched that scene again to make sure). These words were music to my ears because I was tired of all the parentage theories concerning Jon. specially these ones: the one about Robert being the father, the one about Ashara being the mother, the stupid theory about Jon and Meera being twins (they based this on the fact that the actors have curly hair, but book Meera looks different). I think Jon's parentage will remain the same in both show and books. -This episode showed that Sansa does not hate Jon. She loves him and she knows she should have told him about the knights of the Vale. She also doesn't trust Littlefinger and I enjoyed seeing her push him away when he tried kissing her. Jon is King in the North. -The only thing I liked about Walder Frey's scenes was the Frey pie. The idea of Arya using her FM skills is nice and all, but something about the scene did not work. -Jamie seemed a bit pissed when he arrived in KL. Will he finally snap out the whole 'I love Cersei' phase? I hope so. -The only scene in Mereen I liked was the one with the ships with the Targaryen and allies flags. I waited 6 seasons for Dany to move her ass to Westeros. -The scene with Davos and Mel seemed forced. However, Jon banishing her made sense. He knows she bought him to life and she knows that she would continue to fight in the war that is to come, just not beside him. She's going South and the BWB are heading North. Will they meet halfway? Or is it that she comes across Arya like she said seasons ago? Both? -
  4. It was not a perfect episode, but it was better than everything we've seen this season.The quality is inconsistent in the show and that bothers me. Each season we get a good episode and some amazing small scenes, but the rest is only filler. Sadly, the filler and set-up scenes are almost always poorly done. Don't get me wrong, I found this episode entertaining, but I wish the quality of the other episodes would have been better. Mereen hasn't been so good in ages.For seasons, to me at least, Mereen has been the weakest point of the show. Greyworm was finally part of a decent scene. Tyrion was good too. I liked that he remembered the old Theon. Some people love Daenerys, others hate her. I am neutral towards her, I do not love her, nor do I hate her. I really enjoyed seeing all the dragons firing up the ships. The CGI was good. The moment I saw Viseryon and Rhaegal join Drogon made my heart flutter because I love those winged beasts and it's been so long since we've seen all 3 of them together. Silly question: Does Dany control all her dragons now? Does that mean they don't need riders? Or is it that they actually followed Drogon kind of like a pack following the alpha? I've seen people complain about the Yara-Dany bonding. I was not bothered by it. I am probably part of the few who actually liked it. Thinking about it, Dany showing admiration towards another westerosi female in a position of power, did not seem an odd thing to me. I was quite glad Yara and Theon reached Mereen. Yes, there might be a problem with how fast people move from one place to another, but with the show coming to an end, do they really have the time for lengthy journeys? They could have edited the scenes differently, putting the Ironborn scenes earlier in the season, I guess. The Battle at Winterfell was beautifully shot and the music was exquisite. They managed to capture the tension and desperation of the whole scene. The clashing of the armies, the way the horses crashed into one another, men falling down and screaming in pain around Jon gave a surreal feel to the scene.However nothing was unpredictable because I have spoiled myself with leaks months before season 6 even started. Loved Lady Lyanna's stern face. That little she-bear was not impressed with Ramsay. Jon failed to follow his own plan, fell into Ramsay's trap and then lost his shit and charged into battle before his army even made a move. He acted on impulse, not paying too much thought on the situation. He acted like he had a touch of wild wolf's blood. It made me think of Brandon and Lyanna Stark. Sansa was right in everything she said: Ramsay played Jon like a fiddle, he trapped and butchered his army and killed Rickon. I still don't know why she kept the Vale army a secret. was it because she thought LF would not come in time or at all? I am hoping we get more insight into her motives next episode. For now, it seems like a dick move, that led many of their men to a certain death. She did have an odd look on her face when she saw Jon running after Ramsay. I like to think it was annoyance over Ramsay running and worry of what could happen to Jon who was already injured and battered from the battle. I did like her smile after Ramsay became food to his own dogs. Wun Wun died. That was sad. Nitpicks: -Where was Ghost? We could have had at least a glimpse of him before the battle. -Who runs in a straight line while knowing someone is firing arrows at him? Why not running in zig-zag? -With so much emphasis on Mel bringing Jon to life and him knowing what the afterlife is like, why didn't they even bother with Rickon? Why sending his body to the crypts straightaway without even trying to bring him back?
  5. I was disappointed with this episode and that's because the season is almost over and we still get filler scenes. KL- I liked that trials by combat are banned. I hated the idea of Sandor and Gregor fighting in a trial of combat. Riverun- The set looked great. Edmure finally got to speak. I did not like that the Blackfish died. I wish he would have gone with Brienne. BTW Brienne wanted to send a raven to Sansa. How? Isn't she on the move? Jamie's honor went down the drain and his love for Cersei make's me puke. It feels overdone. Mereen- More screentime wasted on Tyrion telling jokes and drinking. Accompanied, of course, by Missandei and Greyworm. Same old repetitive scenes and words exchanges. Every Tyrion scene is cringe-worthy. He gets so much screen time, yet it's the same thing over and over again. I am glad Dany arrived, but I do not like the way they did it. Arya-I liked her talk with Jaqen and that she is going home. The rest of her scenes are well acted, but lack logic. Killing the Waif offscreen was disappointing. Sandor- His scenes were my favorite from this episode. He is more calm (he actually took his time to explain to the BWB why he was after those guys), yet he is still a a warrior and not some pious person. I was happy to see Beric and Thoros again. I am thrilled by the BWB and Sandor team-up. Finally we get a glimpse that Sandor has a higher purpose, not just to kill his brother. I am eager to see them go North where the real threat is. At this point a meeting with the Stark girls is possible.
  6. Overall it was a decent episode with ups and downs. Everything KL is so boring and repetitive that I just wish they would all burn. Really it's the same exchange of words again and again. Lady Lyanna Mormont was perferct. A true she bear in the making! What can I say I really liked how she was straightforward in telling Jon he's a bastard and in reminding Sansa she was married twice. Arya was careless and that cost her. She probably learned an important lesson and how dangerous the FM are. Jamie and the Blackfish had a good scene. The set looked great. My favorite part was the return of Sandor. I noticed the make-up for his scars has improved this season. I liked the last scene of him grabbing the axe. My only question is where is Stranger. He loves that horse more than everything in the world.
  7. This episode was a decent set-up for what will happen in the last 4 episodes. It had a strong start but after that it kind of calmed down. -Bran's flashbacks were marvelous. I really did not expect to see Aerys The Mad King. Dare I say...he looked just like I imagined him while reading the books. Those flashbacks were a pleasant surprise. -Everyone and their grandmother speculated that Benjen will be back. I am not bothered by the Coldhands + Benjen merge. I think it works for the show. It was nice to see him again. -I rather enjoyed Sam's scenes this week. Gilly cleans up nice. The fact that Sam stole Heartsbane saved the trip back home from being useless. That valyrian sword will come in handy. -I found the scenes in KL quite amusing. So 2 families who hate each other finally come together and their plan is undone by their own children. Absolutely loved Mace's armor lol. -Every Jaimie and Cersei scene is cringeworthy. I am just sick of seeing them together and saying the same old phrases to each other. Show Cersei is too calm in my opinion. She is supposed to be just as impulsive as Jamie, if not more in some circumstances. Where is her anger over Myrcella's murder? I'm glad Jaimie is leaving...FINALLY. -I am not a Dany hater. She has given countless speeches in the show and it has become repetitive. I just wish they would skip them. Less talking and more doing. Drogon looked amazing and powerful. -I liked seeing Walder Frey and Edmure and I can't wait to see more. -Arya's scenes were entertaining and I think the play was done nicely. I am happy she is finally ditching the whole 'no one' phase. She did surely acquired some skills while training and she will use them in her future...maybe even on the waif herself. In the end my guess is Arya realized that FM were not fair (they delivered death according to payment, without caring that their target was innocent).
  8. 8.5-9 from me. It was a great episode in my point of view. The best one since Hardhome, though this one struck an emotional chord in me. Every scene beyond the wall was amazing. They also confirmed two things for me. Years ago my bf asked what Hodor means and as I was scrolling down through fb an imagine about men holding doors for women came up and I jokingly said 'hey, maybe it means hold the door'. Then I actually googled it to see if there are any discussions about it and I came across quite a few. The second thing is I always thought the children of the forest created the white walkers. I was not sure how, but I had this gut feeling. Arya's scenes were wonderful and somewhat sad. You could see the pain in her eyes as she watched the play. Sansa has every right to be cold towards Littlefinger. Why did she hide her meeting with LF from Jon? We will see how this plays out. I liked that they plan to gather an army. Looking forward to see this. Tormund making eyes at Brienne and her saying 'that man with the red beard' were some little bits of comic relief. Dany had a toughing scene with Jorah and I think it's the best acting so far from Emilia. Meereen was more interesting this week than it has been in a while. Still not perfect, but a lot better than cock jokes. The Ironborn scenes were ok. It was nice to see Theon all cleaned up. Alfie is an amazing actor. My favorite part was what happened beyond the wall. Seeing everyone sacrifice themselves so that Bran can escape was very sad. I had tears in my eyes as I heard Summer's cries of pain. All throughout the Hodor scene I kept my mouth wide open. It was beyond sad and very tragic. The shots of the scenery were awesome too.
  9. Janos Slynt was decapitated by Jon last season.
  10. I gave it a 7 but that's because I chose to ignore everything related to Dorne. I liked the scenes at the Wall. Davos was great. Seeing Ghost was also a plus. There were some touching moments with Sansa and Theon. The appearance of Brienne and Pod to save them was not a surprise to me. I was not bothered that Sansa did not know what to do at first when Brienne offered her sword. Show Sansa has been through a lot lately: going back to WF, getting raped and mentally tortured, running away through a cold environment and so on. I liked how the vow between Brienne and Sansa mirrored that of Catelyn and Brienne. All in all it was a pleasant scene for me, although I have to wonder where Ramsay's dogs vanished. I have mixed feelings about Ramsay. The whole compassion moment seemed out of place, but the 'feed her to the dogs' fits with his character. Jamie and Cersei were boring to me, though I liked Cersei's talk about her mother and imagining her corpse decaying. Arya's fight scenes were decent, but they did not bring much to the story. Tyrion and Varys wondering without guards through a city where harpies might struck at any moment is a questionable move. They are both great actors and their scene could have been better. Jorah and Daario were predictable. I liked Dany and the Dothraki. Yes, I , like many others, wondered how nobody recognized her. How many khals who married an almost white haired woman do they know? I imagine that words spread around...as you know...she's been in Vaes Dothrak and we know many khalasars frequent that place. Melisandre's true form reveal was not surprising to me and other book readers. However, it was my favorite scene from the episode and I think it showed how overwhelmed she was by everything that has happened and how old and powerless she feels. Seeing an old naked woman was not terrifying to me, but I've seen many people disgusted by the whole scene. I still think there is a plot whole somewhere in season 4 when Mel is bathing and had no ruby around her neck, yet still appears to be young and beautiful to Selyse and the viewers. Dorne was bad. Really really bad. So the logic is: avenge Elia and Oberyn by killing their brother and nephew. I am sorry. I don't understand it. It's not about me hating the show, because I actually try to enjoy it and I wake up at 4 am to watch it. As far as I know Ellaria SAND and the SANDsnakes are bastards. How can they rule Dorne if they are not legitimatized? There are many plotholes throughout the seasons and as the story progresses they sure do come back to bite D+D's asses.
  11. I would rate it 7 or 8. I simply can't bring myself to rate lower than that. Even with all the flaws, GOT still overshines a lot of fantasy shows. it is visually stunning compared to other shows. Outfits, weapons and scenery look great. I liked the action at the Wall. It was ok. Shireen's burning was a heartbreaking scene. The girl's acting was great. Wish they would have spent more time on developping Stannis and showing his despair...because in my opinion only a desperate man could agree on burning his own daughter. Of course in the books Shireen is at the Wall but a lot of readers talked about the possibility of sacrificing her to bring back jon. Now I am left wondering is Melisandre packing her new magic and heads to the wall? I think she might know something more that she keeps for herself. I think Dorne still sucks. And the Arya part was boring. These 2 plots seem childish and silly compared to where the real menace comes from. Making Trant a pedo is again a device for shocking the audience. There was some sexual inuendo regarding clams and Arya that kinda made me worry. Wish Arya's scenes were more dynamic and interesting. Dany and the pit- I liked some of the lines. The scenes were shot beautifully. I liked the lightning. I loved how Drogon looked, but I feel like Dany's wig/hair was too static when she was flying with Drogon. The scene was so different from the books! But to be frank I expected it to be different. I keep asking myself is Jorah aware that he might have passed grayscale to his beloved queen? Some people said that he was wearing gloves. I rewatched the episode and he wasn't wearing any gloves. Another problem is regarding the harpies. Why are they waiting their turn to attack? I know the show deviated from the books a lot. Some changes worked, others failed. I still think the show is entertaining and I won't stop watching it. So don't throw stones at me for rating so high lol. Have mercy!
  12. I gave it 10. It was an awesome episode...and it is proof that some changes can work wonderful. I do not care much about Arya's story and Sam's scenes. The episode could have been even better if these scenes weren't in it. I like the torture Cersei is going through (Confessssss). Tyrion and Dany were ok. I liked some of the lines, others were predictable. I liked the way Sansa's face and tone changed when she found out her little brothers were not killed. Great acting from Alfie. I'm curious what Ramsay will do and if he will succeed or fail. The battle of Hardhome was fantastic. I could not believe my eyes. Now it's clear where the real war is (even for non-readers). This was a great change. I like how we finally get to see more of the Others and their army of dead. The scenes sent me chills. They added the element of horror and I loved every bit of it.
  13. I will give it a 6.5-7 just for the awesome fight between Sandor and Brienne and Stannis' entrance which was amazing. That is all I liked about this episode. I seriously did not care if they introduced Stoneheart this season or next season. I gave it a lower rate because I was expecting more. 80% of the episode seemed rushed to me and uninteresting. But just is only my opinion. I had no problem with making Sandor and Brienne fight .It was not in the books,but I liked it. The only small thing that pissed me off about that scene is that they changed The Hound's last words a bit (just like they did with 'Only Cat'). It was a decent episode but I was expecting more.
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