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  1. Fiery Heart

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I'm confused why anything thinks Littlefinger had a trial, clearly he did not. He was guilty of his crimes, Sansa and Arya know this as fact, so was executed. What the hell would be the point of a trial?
  2. Fiery Heart

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Now that the series is wrapped... yes that was weak altogether. Expected a finale which justified the long running time... I can't get over Bran's voiceover... urrrrgggggh.
  3. Fiery Heart

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    The way the sex scene between Jon and Dany was directed / edited... almost ruined the episode for me. The decision to reveal Jon's heritage during this scene was just cheesy AF, lets face it. Incest or not, it's still an important, intimate moment between these two characters... so yeah great decision to have Bran speaking throughout most of it... and Tyrion skulking around outside the room? I can't be bothered to look up who directed this episode just now, but really they shouldn't be directing a finale. Presumably there's some silly storyline now which involves Tyrion having agreed with Cersei to make her new child the heir or some shit.. hence him skulking outside their door looking like he's tripping out.
  4. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    I don't find Tyrion a boring character because he is still Tyrion and he's got a great character arch, however I apprechiate that he isn't as entertaining as he used to be and his lines don't quite carry the same weight. But I like that he has changed and matured as a character, I don't mind that he is now more serious and less of a joker. I would find it cringey if he was still delivering witty comments the whole time. This is a tragic character who killed his own father and lover, he's changed and he has an intention and determination he didn't have before, to my mind the change of his character makes sense. He doesn't make classic quips the whole time now, but that's fine. Arya and Sansa's drama hasn't been great and the plan to capture a wight also seemed fairly absurd, but neither of those storylines have concluded yet so I am keeping an open mind. No doubt that there is a twist regarding Arya and Sansa. I do not feel that it is entirely a forced drama because this scenario has been largely manufactured by Little Finger's character, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will take a similar path in the books in attempting to manipulate the Starks. I have found it to be unexpected and interesting, suspense has built up for the finale in this story and I like that. It's not the best storyline by any means, there are aspects of it which are a bit weak, but then again I could list numerous boring and entirely pointless stories, which lead absolutely nowhere, from ASOIAF. Perhaps the plan to steal a wight is also ultimately taken from GRRM, who knows. I thought it seemed like a stupid idea, but I loved seeing those characters together and I enjoyed seeing it all unfold, it made for good drama IMO, it was entertaining. The creators of GoT are working to create the best adaptation they can for TV, it can't all be a perfect uncompromised work of art, I do feel that it's as close to it as it can be realistically however and it's made with incredible level of artistic integrity and detail. I choose to enjoy the ride, and in all honesty I don't take it so seriously because life's too short.
  5. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    Good to hear your thoughts, well put. I agree that it's absurd for the raven and Drogon to make those journeys in 24 hours. It sounds like Alan Taylor should have kept his mouth shut, I see no reason why the 24 hour period even needs to be defined. One of the biggest indicators of time is the lake freezing over, that is what I personally am going by, I don't believe that it could freeze over sufficiently in that period of time. So I would say the best thing to assume is that the raven and drogon covered those journeys in just about the same amount of time that the lake took to freeze over sufficiently - that's some thick ice that needed to form to support a lot of weight. I don't know the maths involved but perhaps someone would like to look into that, I'm just going to assume it's over 24 hours for the sake of enjoying the story. There's no need to attach so much importance to Alan Taylor's words, the journeys can't be made in 24 hours so let's assume they took longer.
  6. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    Fair point same, personally I just assume elapsed time off-screen.
  7. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    Thing is this isn't a restaurant and a meal doesn't require thousands of people to cook it, costing tens of millions to produce. Is it so hard to try to enjoy something rather than looking for things to pick fault with? To expect a story on this scale to be flawless is just unrealistic, with those expectations you are going to be disappointed no matter what. Why not just enjoy the ride and take certain things with a pinch of salt? I do because I realise what a huge undertaking it is to create a TV show like this, and I choose to appreciate and enjoy it. Yeah it's not flawless, but being realistic the quality is about as good as it could get, really. For the record there are small birds which can fly at over 200 mph... a huge dragon with wings of that size, I do not think is unrealistic that it could cover a huge distance in a day. Dissecting the timeline for each storyline and complaining when the times don't add up correctly, based on what you've seen onscreen, again just sounds like looking for things to complain about.
  8. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    Ok, that's just your opinion... You want a great story, go and write one.
  9. Fiery Heart

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    LMAO at everyone who thinks D&D "ruined" the show. I'm sure you could all do a much better job!!! Sound like a bunch of whining spoilt brats, throwing your toys out of the cot. So excited for the finale, because I'm enjoying this story, love the progression and couldn't give a shit that the timeline is moving faster (oh, boo hoo).
  10. Fiery Heart


    I can't see there being any purpose to a Rhaegar & Lyanna flashback, as lovely as that would be. The audience essentially knows that Jon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, it's been made very clear by this stage. Jon finding out about his own heritage, likely from Sam, would be the best way to finally confirm this. I'd love to see Cersei die this episode & feel that's a real possibility, but I wonder how the series will continue without her, she is in some ways a better villain than the NK. Saying that, there's still a lot we don't know about the WW...
  11. Fiery Heart

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    I think the terrain is probably the biggest reason not to take horses, considering that Winter is in full swing... there's probably a lot of very deep snow & ice. They'll need to do some climbing no doubt. Horses could be a burden.
  12. Fiery Heart

    Jon should bend his knees.

    Jon might want to bend the knee, but his decision not to is based on what his people want, they elected him King of the North. Bending the knee means disregarding his title. It would be realistic for him to speak with his people first at the very least.
  13. Fiery Heart

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I don't think you know what constructive means. Or entitlement.
  14. Fiery Heart

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Doesn't cease to amaze the level of miserable whining about the show on this forum, so many entitled people. I personally choose to enjoy it. Good to see constructive, balanced criticism however.
  15. Fiery Heart

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Since they're returning to the Riverlands... as crazy and improbable as it seems, I'm open again to the possibility of LSH on the show.