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  1. Watching Tommen in the scene, he looked really uncomfortable, and seemed to be glancing toward Cersei more than once. My conclusion was that he knew what was going to happen - Mommy told him - and, unable to think of a way to stand up to her, Tommen just went along with it. Cersei probably threatened him in some way. Or was like, "Do you want to be de-throned because the High Sparrow knows your uncle is your father? We need this distraction!" Just throwing ideas around. YES. They seem so into making elaborate props, just create a board and have it in the bg somewhere already.
  2. It could be. Definitely. Or maybe he's flayed the "the North remembers" serving woman. We haven't seen her in an episode. The writers and producers have been accused of using a "cut and paste" technique this season when trying to move story/character dev. forward. It could be that, too. I can't even guess anymore. I give them 0 credit.
  3. Wow. I just gained a ton of respect for Claire McCaskill, and I don't even live in Misery anymore.
  4. Honestly, I see a theme running through this episode (and others this season) that all women are dumb, petty bitches, and fail before they even try (and deserve it when they get raped). The Sandfakes are a great example of this. I feel like the writers/producers are saying to us, "Look at these dumb bitches, trying to be badass." As you said, their father would turn in his grave. Also, the bath scene. Sansa's "empowerment" comes from her being catty to another woman, calling her on alleged jealousy when the other woman is literally warning her she's about to marry a murdering psychopath??????????? Does this make ANY sense at all apart from a "all women are dumb bitches" perspective? If you were getting ready for a wedding to someone you hardly knew, and the person helping you get ready started telling you your betrothed is a murderer...wouldn't you investigate further? Perhaps ask a few questions? Think twice? No! You're a strong woman. You put that other female in her place. She's just jealous. You go, grrrrl!
  5. I'm curious about this scene as well. To me, on re-watching, it looks like Sansa is looking at something/someone that is making her cry like that. My guess is that Ramsay has flayed someone at Winterfell and shown them to Sansa as a "present". Top candidates to my mind are Myranda, Walda, Brienne. Would Sansa cry like this to see Myranda or Walda flayed? She doesn't seem to like either of them at this point, but horrors pile up and a woman who's suffered at a psychopath's hands could well be this upset to see another woman who's suffered worse at his hands. Or is it Brienne, whom Sansa was secretly hoping would come save her after she told Brienne to go to hell in front of Littlefinger? Any other theories? I'm not saying it couldn't happen in the candle scene, but there has to be more to it. Sansa is looking at SOMEthing, and I doubt it's her candle going out in the tower.
  6. Agree with all of the above. I cancelled my HBO subscription today. When the representative asked me why, I told her exactly why. 'nough said.
  7. I was gonna say...if we're assuming that Missandei is ANYTHING like her book counterpart...she's actually a pretty good person to counsel with. She's been around powerful people and seen negotiations, etc. for most of her slave existence, and she's disturbingly smart. I don't see how Jorah has anything like this experience to his credit, though he does have more battle experience, obv.
  8. Well, I should have specified I meant season 5, but I had totally forgotten about that from Tyrion previous. Now I'm going to have to go look at it again!
  9. Not to interrupt all of this discussion of the plausability of this whole Bat Signal instruction, but Brienne didn't say any of this. This came from a servant that has not yet been proved a) to be the messenger Brienne spoke of or b) NOT a Frey or Bolton spy. For all we know, Sansa or her servant could get up there to light fire of some kind and find Ramsay or Miranda waiting. Also, am I wrong or has "The North Remembers" been quoted so far by anyone else besides this serving woman and Ramsay Bolton? I feel like we're being mocked with Manderly's famous words this season.
  10. I kept meaning to bring this up...it seems that the show is casting Hizdhar as a victim? Is he not going to try to poison Dany? Maybe we can't do that without Strong Belwas? I'm so confused. He seems like a pointless character in the show when he had so much purpose in the books. Why even include him if he's just some poor whipped guy for Dany to antagonize? Checklist again?
  11. Respectfully disagree that Barristan hasn't gotten anything right in his advising of Dany. He just recently called her on becoming like her father and what do we see tonight? Ta-dah! Standard Mad King-like behavior from our heroine. Did you see any horror or remorse on her face when the dragons were eating that poor asshole? I think I actually saw excitement. Scary stuff.
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