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  1. In my opinion this entire season has been rather underwhelming so far, but this episode fucking nailed it. It was pure perfection, well, at least the last 30 or so minutes of it. I didn't care that much for the Dany/Tyrion stuff, it felt really flat and the way Clarke and Dinklage delivered their lines was weird. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but that scene didn't feel right. However Hardhome was epic. For me it was the most exciting thing they've ever done on the show. The Others fill me with dread and horror, they were so well done. For the first time in the show, I felt like the danger beyond the Wall is real and it's coming and all the intigue in King's Landing, all the other conflicts around the world, have suddenly become absolutely irrelevant. That's a feeling that not even George has managed to convey in the books, although I'm sure he will in Winds of Winter. I had legit goosebumps, when the Night's King raised hundreds upon hundreds of corpses with a single arm movement, and there was no music, just the howling of the wind. It was easily one of the most horrifying scenes they have ever done on this show. Great stuff. 10/10. For me, this was the first episode since "The Rains of Castamare" that I think deserves ten points. Outstanding work.
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