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    How would you rate episode 410?

    I am fucking livid, I originally got into the TV series and then the books, and the climax of this episode was the moment I was most looking forward to of any of the written content so far. This whole season wasted time with inexplicable monologues about beetles that served no purpose other than to push the Oberyon-Mountain fight into a rushed last few minutes of the episode, and then they did the same with the finale. So much time was wasted on dumb shit like that, and yet they thought they would be alright to cut the Tysha reveal with Jaime and Tyrion? Jaime telling Tyrion the truth about Tysha was his entire motivation for going to the tower of the hand to confront Tywin, instead he went there for literally no reason. Some say it was enough that Tywin sentenced him to death, you're wrong if you believe this, here is why; Tyrion was always satisfied to defeat Tywin with his mind, and would've, in the TV series of events, have seen escaping his execution and outwitting his father's plans as a victory enough. I don't care about LSH's lack of presence, whatever, introduce her in the next season, I don't care, it doesn't matter, but D&D completely changing the series of events in King's Landing the night of the escape I will never understand. I guess I'll give it a 1, but even that makes me sick for giving this too much credit.