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  1. Regardless, AFFC and ADWD make sense. The show is cutting too much, but most importantly, it is cutting away logic. Melisandre burned Shireen just to melt the snow away? I was expecting a shadow dragon or something. WTF. How could she be so oblivious. These characters are flawed, but not dumb.
  2. - I didn’t read the dunk & egg novels (shame on me) yet, but what was that Aemon part about him shouting out egg, egg!? I don’t think many viewers understood anything of that. (They killed him of way to easy btw! Such a shame). I mean maybe he saw resemblance, but most people don’t know ‘egg.’ A little treat for the dedicated readers?! - Which brings me to Sam. Aemon said he should go south (Oldtown?!)and take Gilly and the baby. In the books his reason to do so was (partly) because he had a kings child, but that switch didn’t happen here (right?!) So him getting beat up is the motivation for Sam to make the oldtown move?! - Yeah, Ghost is back. Hopefully we will see other direwolves too?! - Yeah some stannis stuff. Doesn’t really get me on the show tbh. And freaking sacrificing Shireen? Wtf is happening in this storyline?! - Which brings me to that Sansa/Theon part! I hate it but I have to say that this was the first time they finally showed how freaking scarred Theon is. Not physically but mentally. In the books I always loved the parts where he was discussing with himself/thinking about himself and who he was. I think it was portrayed quite well in the books and I missed it in the show. Finally a little madness was shown to the viewer. Oh yeah, and Sansa got some stab object (couldn’t see well what it was, but it felt like it) - Some Tyrell/LF scheming. Yeah, that had to come. First time we hear anyone admitting the murder on Joffrey didn’t we?! (Can’t recall that we ever heard anyone say it out loud in the books, only LF pretty much telling it us, just not literally..) - Dorne felt really rushed on the Jamie/Myrcella part, and the Bronn part was so freaking useless IMO. Skip that bullcrap if you’re short on time, or just kill him off. - Tyrion and Dany meet in the show, so Varys’ plan did work out, in a way. I wonder were Jorah will end up. (Drogon food?) - Glad they finally took Cersei and put her in a cell. I guess they will skip her becoming crazy (or do it in 1 episode), but then again they skipped that with Theon (Reek) too. But her walking away from Margeary with a big smile on her face showed us a little of the crazy Cersei we all love. And herself being thrown in jail later on because of Lancels info was priceless of course. Even though, this also was rushed (I totally forgot they were banging before, were in the books it was still obvious for me. To be fair, they actually spent a great amount of screen time showing Reek's progression. And Alfie Allen's portrayal of Reek is the best I can ask for.
  3. 7/10 Dorne is terrible. Maybe they should've cut it altogether. Unnecessary scene with Ghost/Sam/Gilly. Ghost should be with Jon. Jon is asking for death, ranging beyond the wall, sandwiched by wildlings, NW rangers with dubious loyalty, white walkers, snow, and WITHOUT Ghost. It's kind of like his book counterpart except without warnings from Melisandre. The Tyrell subplot is generally great. Except it doesn't make sense that Littlefinger gets to roam around freely. The High Sparrow would've arrested him without second thought. There's plenty of evidence for him peddling flesh. It doesn't make sense that Margaery got thrown in a black cell either just for lying!
  4. Shireen will not be who she is without Stannis.
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