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  1. What? What? Women can be strong and not be bitches? GTFO! Just kidding. I've seen first-hand how Southern European matriarchs rule roosts and villages. Subtly, yet absolutely. May even be reflected in Martin making Dorne a more gender-balanced kingdom than the others. And I"m not even gonna bring up D&D's insane concoction of what was Dorne.
  2. Exactly. By the time Season 8 rolled around there wasn't a Stark left who was even remotely likeable. A far superior ending would have been for Daenarys to prove she's "crazy" by killing all the remaining Starks, starting with Sansa on the "slow screaming roast" setting. :-) That would have made the series more tragic, and then you could have had Dany killed by either an incensed Brienne or heart-broken Gendry. Then, you crown Gendry the king, as he is the only person left alive in Westeros with any real claim to the throne. You've now knocked out the dumb manner the North secedes and Tyrion would then be the Warden of the North. Through his marriage to Sansa, he's the only viable claim to Winterfell. Now, there's a far better ending and one I could get behind, and root for, especially as those annoying Starks are killed off..
  3. Such a truly horrible episode... Why is Tyrion still alive? He said "our queen doesn't keep prisoners long" or something to that effect. Um, how long did she keep Vary or any of the others? SHE DID NOT! She just executed them. Grrr .. more bad writing and fanservice. Why is John stll alive? Dogon or the unsullied should definitely have killed him Why is Stansa still alive? Edmure Tully should have lopped off her bitch head after she ridiculed him like that. I know this one's a reach, but look, the precedent had already been set. Kill the Queen of the realm, you're sent to the Knight's Watch (kinda sorta). So, what would the punishment be for killing the "queen" of just one province? A few weeks in Dorne? Why is Arya still alive? She should have died from that stab and twist to the gut a couple seasons ago. If not from the severity of the wound itself, which even with today's medicine survival would be far from assured ... most definitely from the infection after she jumped in the sewage filled water of Bravos afterwards. Why is Bronn still alive? You mean NONE of the lords of The Reach, the wealthiest of the regions has enough money to hire a decent assassin to get rid of this shady character who has been made their Lord, and has no army? I thought D&D wanted to "shock" ... just kill off everybody then and elect some random guy you introduce in the last episode as the new king of Westeros. It would be a better ending than this pile of dung I suffered through...
  4. Does it matter that Brienne fabricated Jamie's story? No Brienne's entries in the White Book are gonna be al blurred and illegible anyway, as apparently she's too dumb to realize you need to let the ink dry before you flip the page and write on the back. :-)
  5. The wolfpack is loose in the Riverlands. Chekov's gun will likely be aimed in the direction of Lannister of Frey forces.
  6. i just wanted to thank all the people contributing to this post. It really helped me appreciate the recent Arianne chapter so much more. So, again, thanks for all the great insight, as well as a few chuckles at some of the more extreme batshit insane theories.
  7. Out of all the theories I've read concerning the pink letter, this one is making the most sense. Kudos to all the contributors in this thread for putting it together. The sequence of events and motivations are all adding up. Cementing it all, is the line from Stanis saying "You may hear that I'm dead. It may even be true."
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