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  1. Daario has that vibe in the books. I agree, so in a way she has every right to fear tyrion. Jaime might be the one to kill her but Tyrion is the one who brought the prophecy down on her head.
  2. Interesting tid bit on Tyrion and cersie, In a round about way tyrion has cost cersei two of her childern despite trying to save both them (albiet Joffery was relucant). He sent myrcella to dorne which in the books get's her maimed and in the tv show gets her killed. He also is part of the forged alliance between the Tyrells and littlefinger. I wonder if he will have a role in tommens death in a round about way?
  3. I heard it in an interview. I will have to look through it again but it was in season one or twos commentary I believe. They aren't bright people. I imagine that they got OMG I IZ IN CHARGE NOW syndrome that a nine year old gets when the rents leave for an hour.
  4. D.D. can't succeed because they simply don't get it. Fan's of the material shouldn't write adaptations because they want to add their interprations of the characters in which causes for inconsistency. GRRM is contractonally obligated to support the show. He has been distancing himself from it as time goes on. WHat he should have done is interviewed more people instead picking the first two idiots who say PICK ME PICK ME I KNOW WHO JON'S PARENT'S ARE!!! Lady Stoneheart being left out is one of those things that could have happened in a 13 show but not a ten show format. Honestly in the end this series will be remembered for it's big moments. Ultimately, GoT will probably end up being average. That's it.
  5. Also, Tommen will eventually be poisened which is probably the case.
  6. The Dorne story might have been written poorly all season but the ending did offer three things. One is the fact the we know Myrcella HAS to die according to the prophecy. This was the kindest possible death. We're still not sure of what happened in the books and I am sure if she hasn't died from her wound she will end up dead eventually from that attack. Dark Star probably was smart enough to poison the tip. The second has to be the fact that Ellaria Sand knows about the incest. Given the fact that the Tyrell-Dorne rivalry is only brought up once by Oberyn in Season four I figure she will send this information to someone in KL. I can't imagine who at this point but since we know Cersie will demand a Trial by combat to probably cover up her crimes and win, we are looking at the reason Tommen falls. She also didn't kill Jamie for that reason as well. He'll need to be used to confirm the incest either by force or by willing admission. Third is Bronn and his future loyalities. Whether he joins the Lannisters, Dorne, or even Tyrion again will be an "interesting" story. They haven't named a new lord yet for the Stormlands and it's the only major lordship opened as of right now considering Stannis is a traitor. No forshadowing on the future of the Stormlands in the show and all we saw this season was Tarth which was more Jamie then involving Bronn.
  7. :( that is tough. Keeping it is still a tribute to a good character. Her Arc in the final half of the vong series was a little off but the whole pilot thing was great. I never understood why she abandoned Luke and Jacen in that fight- granted she was nudged by the force but the whole thing reeks of bad logic. SHe didn't know WHAT onimi was yet. Still, she was better then Han and Leia's final arc. Sorry
  8. Maybe mel is shier seastar? That would make her a targ.
  9. You're welcome. Are you upset with the wiping of the cannon? I gotta admit I won't miss som of it. The vong crisis and the thrawn crisis were my two fave arcs. I am sad that thrawn is gone. Legacy needed and the Dark Nest trilogy needed to be wiped away. The first half of the vong crisis easily was legendary... the ending could have been cleaned up however.
  10. I KNOW RIGHT? They murdered Jacen in all sorts of ways! Then MARA :( That was awful. D and D might be bad but they can never be that bad. Don't get me started on the mandalorian arc either.
  11. Terrible. This show is star wars : Legacy of the force all over again. Poor Jamie. It's like... sniffle.
  12. Look at benioffs past work and then get back to me. Troy was bad, Wolverine was terrible (not a super hero fan so I am jaded there), 25th hour was a good adaptation but I swear the actors did more work then he did, and I haven't seen the rest. Now let's take a look at stannis from a purely show point of view. Renly's death was a planned out murder but Renly was planning to kill him in open battle which wasn't declared- so sloppy writing. Then Blakcwater- he leads the charge which was stupid but heroic. He snaps in season 3 and goes all go nuts. Season 4 he gets his head back on striaght thanks to davos. He afterward builds an army and runs up north. That's fine. Sort of his book plot with. Stannis then burns Mance which is disturbing but acceptable to a degree. Stannis then offers and supports Jon Snow even after rejection. Thats all fine and good. Then some random storm which was no where bad as a siege that he was stuck destory's moral and red idiot offers him a way out and he says no. Then out of nowhere he forgets standard military tacitcs of keeping the food in the middle of the camp which is just dumb, and then loses horses, siege equipment, and the food out of no where when all THREE should be well guarded with 3000 men. Then this happens. He first asks shireen and in a stupid round about way and decides to burn her despite his fatherly affection. Leaves him with no heir, no fall back, no marriage prospects, and no goals. So, no I don't the logical steps in this story. It looks like George Bush wrote it. Benioff is a fool. I believe that you don't like Stannis. I understand it. The man is a product of his time and isn't good at politics in either the tv or the books. However two of the best politicians that ever existed weren't good people. Franklin Roosevelt and Augustus Caeser were terrible people from a moral standpoint. They went around the law to get things done and they hamstrung everyone to follow them. However, they changed their societies for the better. Will Stannis? No probably not. He'll end up dead and that will be that but he isn't a bad man. That's what the TV show fails to do. It makes you hate someone who shouldn't be hated.
  13. People are often emontial and foolish. Like the writer's. They don't get stannis and thus have to reduce him down to something they understand.
  14. Still salty over the sansa storyline. Also, could careless for the Tyrion-Daenerys meeting. It felt rushed and inconsistent with Daenerys as a character. The vengence filled woman that I was expecting... Daenerys seemed to be pandering more to tyrion then tyrion was pandering to daenerys. She held all the cards in that situation.
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