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  1. I believe this is how the rest of the scientific community heard his testimony. The trial was pretty much a closed doors affair but he recorded a testimony before he killed himself. It's not explicitly explained in the show but I think those tapes were found after his death and that is how word got around. His death shocked people, I guess someone who knew him best thought to look for something he left behind.
  2. That last episode's court room explanation of the disaster should literally be required viewing in schools when learning about nuclear power. I've never seen the intricacies of the chain of events and the lead-up explained so well before, it really should be something everyone sees. My reasoning for that opinion is that way, way too many people these days think they know everything about nuclear power and that things like Chernobyl are everyday risks from nuclear power use. There's a great many people who would probably be fairly surprised I would hope were they to learn that something like that chain of events should be literally impossible in many countries. Chernobyl imo is not a warning of the dangers of nuclear power use, it is a warning about the dangers of badly run nuclear power use. Of how corruption, greed, lies, deception, lack of empathy and disregard for a truth that may upset your sovereign states's global power standing can lead to a massive cataclysm. Nuclear power is not evil, to disrespect its potential to do harm when mismanaged is. As for the show, that final series of images and clips of the real events, combined with text to honour the people who gave their lives and health were very touching.
  3. Even the difference of the pressure vessel not being present was far from the only failing in the design. RBMK reactors were known to be seriously unstable and liable to have weird power fluctuations; the reactor by it's very nature was unpredictable and difficult to control in some circumstances. In the test they ran they nearly shut down the reaction completely by mistake, and struggled to get it back up to power. In fact the only way they could get it back to a power level they wanted was to remove nearly every control rod leaving it dangerously uncontrollable. They also messed up with the water pumps, ignored alarms, and a lot of other aspects which meant the reaction wasn't behaving how they expected. The final nail in the coffin was really the SRAM button being pressed. The control rods caused a massive power spike, flash-boiled the little water in the core, melted the fuel channels and jammed the rest of the control assembly. Most other reactors I imagine would have survived that button press, not this design. In fact in Ep 4 they actually cover how this problem was known about; it had happened already but nobody bothered to handle the lessons learnt from that. And of course in good old Soviet Russia the truth was never fully available to most people; they could never admit their design was flawed.
  4. Been watching the show this weekend. It's absolutely brilliant. There's an almost cosmic, Lovecraftian dread about the whole affair; the insidious, invisible horror killing people off and poisoning the land whilst bureaucrats bumble around not really understanding what nightmare they are living through. The fact it was a real event (in fact it still IS a real event and will be for thousands of years) makes it even more terrifying I think than any horror nonsense spewed out of Hollywood these days. I've read quite a lot about the accident and cleanup and my father works in the industry so i've grown up with nuclear power just being "normal" i guess you could say. It's quite a badly understood science really and a lot of the general public just look at something like Chernobyl and assume that this was standard in the industry. I hope to god that this series at least shows some people that the accident and all the mess around it was far, far from normal and absolutely not the sort of thing that would happen in many other countries. Shoddy construction & maintenance, poor safety practices, unwillingness to question the party lies, unwillingness to admit to any wrong doing, lack of concern for human life.....it all wove a nightmare that could really only happen in the USSR.
  5. There are two distinct "black stone" materials used in ASOIAF. Fused black stone: This is the stuff that the Five Forts and the base of the Hightower in Oldtown are made of. It appears to be some natural stone that has been fused by dragonfire into an almost concrete/obsidian mix type material. I'd guess that what happened to the towers at Harrenhal is a similar idea but that was done in anger and probably without and magic to control and shape the molten rock created. Oily Black stone: This is what Assai and the Isle of Toads, together with Yeen appear to be made of. It's very unnatural in description and i'm thinking it's got some sort of black "plastic" appearance, or possibly it behaves a bit like nano-black coated object in that it absorbs light with no reflection. Come to think of it some form of nano tube material would possibly explain why everyone seems so sick in Assai, that stuff would be akin to living surrounded by asbestos all day long.
  6. 1) The Iron Bank doesn't really give a damn where it's customers uses their money or what for, as long as they pay their debts. They are happy to fund various sides in a war or give huge loans to kings, or even allow slavers to use their bank for financial transactions. Doesn't mean they support any of it, it's just good business. So they are not actually engaged in slavery , but the economic affects of Danny's politics in Mereen has affected their customers and probably some of the returns they get on their investments. 2) Why did Jon not want to reveal he had died and come back? He could have used it to prove his story true as he could have said a red priestess brought him back. They just happen to have the same priestess on the island without their knowledge, she could have confirmed it. That would make his other story about the Night King seem more real. 3) Jamie Lannister is just a waste of time now. He had something going for him in earlier seasons, when with Brienne or saving Tyrion. Now he's just a wet noodle who cannot resist his sister. It's getting a bit daft, every time you think he's had enough and will wake up yet still he falls back in bed with her. It's mind boggling. 4) what is with all these massive fleets and armies that keep appearing out of nowhere? Has Euron got some sort of cloning device and wormhole tech so he can instantly just around with his never ending fleet of 1000 ship?!? And where do the Lannisters get so many soldiers from anyway. If most are in KL or on the march with Kingslayer then have they just abandoned their homelands completely? I must admit the faster pace is nice and all to move things along but that no excuse for stupid teleporting characters or armies that just grow up from nowhere.
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    Board Issues 4

    I seem to be having a weird issue on iPhone. Viewing the site I have that messenger thingy pop up at the bottom of the page, it takes up so much room on a small screen I try to minimise it. But if I click on the messenger at all it completely locks up the whole site. Can't open links, threads or do anything and have to close the tab and reopen the site.
  8. Or could they have used "magic" but on a smaller scale to cause a bigger disaster? I mean it's been suggested the North Sea wasn't really a sea until the land bridge between Europe and the British Isles collapsed within the last 100K years or so, flooding what would have been Doggerland. Even though it's just a theory with little evidence you can see the parallel to what GRRM has written into the story. That would have been something natural but if such an event was going to happen near the Arm of Dorne, could they have say,accelerated it's occurrence? I've always though about something interesting about it. The story is full of groups of people messing with "nature" and getting caught short, the Valyrians get hit by the Doom (possibly a mega-volcanic eruption), the whole deal with the Long Night seems to have possible links to some acts in the Great Empire of the Dawn, Assai is a poisoned wasteland pretty much. I'd not find it too much of a stretch to think that the destruction of the Arm of Dorne was the CotF messing with power they couldn't control and causing a natural disaster. Just a crazy idea really!
  9. Ooo interesting idea! I'd never really thought about the sea rising or falling and how it's gonna affect the shore regions in the past. I suppose that could mean that the stories of the CotF smashing the arm could be allegorical and actually be more of a description of a natural ocurance.
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    Board Issues 4

    Not sure if you guys control this side of things or not but on iPhone I'm getting a really annoying pop up add that's opening up the App Store all by itself and trying to download an app. Only happened in some threads though.
  11. Hmmm....interesting opener. Dorne can just go to hell, really it just can. I don't care about any of the characters there and they just killed off the only remotely good actor/character combo they had going for it. So the Sandsnakes, not content with bringing all the wrath of KL and the Lannisters onto them have now started a coup as well. As if their country wasn't in a big enough pile of shit as it was! And how in seven hells did two of them teleport onto that ship!?!?! They watched it sail off last season, are we to believe that they just snuck on past all the guards and hid for the duration of the sailing to KL? Danny, nothing fancy here really. Just what we all expected. She get captured and will be taken to live with the old widows. No surprises, just a bit odd how nobody had heard Khal Drogo's wife was still around or knew what she looked like. Sansa & Theon (& Brienne & Pod!). That was a surprise but turned out pretty well. Only nitpick here is the mystery of the vicious, nasty hounds that suddenly vanish as soon as Brienne appears. Tyrion & Varys. This was cool. I'd like to believe that a whole show could be written about their times together and it would kick Dorne's nonsense into last century. They were being watched, so i'm guessing the Harpy is not dead yet, just hiding in the shadows. Burning the boats also locks them to one place i guess, so we'll probably be heading for a siege here once the rest of Slaver's Bay gets its act together and wants it's slaves back. C&J. LOL....Carol is so sad now, look what all her scheming has brought her! But they are going to have to make her go batshit crazy and throw Jaime away into the Riverlands. Margery. I see the first hints of her being released here. She's obviously considering trying to play the game in her favour. The Seota is hilarious, CONFESS!!!! Easy lines to learn! Ramsey. Hohoho...it's all going tit's up for you pal. Looks like dad is warning you to get your shit in order, the Lannisters are coming (possibly)! Also, a confirmation that Stannis is dead, bit of a cop out if you ask me, from a show that had a scene of a mans head getting splatted it's a bit odd the shy away from a beheading! The Wall. Ah, here we go, the real meat of the episode. The guys in the room with Davos are probably my favourite characters in the show. Ed, Davos, Jon Snow, Ghost, Mel. That's a serious team right there if one wasn't dead! Davos should be king, not any of these other idiots people want to sit on the Iron Throne! He's decent, honest and actually gives a shit about the kingdom. I think we all know where this thread is going; deadline passes > Thorne tries to fight his way in > all hell breaks loose> Wildings come to the rescue (plus giant!) > someone realises what Mel's jewel does and puts it on Jon > Jon comes pack to life > Night's Watch realise they were wrong and swear to follow to him. The reveal about Mel was actually really well done and probably the best part of the episode. And as something most people never saw coming it was a cool reveal.
  12. I have no idea if this has been mentioned already but Alfie Allen (Theon/Reek) plays a Russian gangster in John Wick, up against Keanu Reeves.
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    Board Issues 4

    I'm viewing on an iPhone and the new site is almost unusable. Most of the content is squashed into a narrow strip down the left side with the rest being blank space. It means without zooming in to a ridiculous level you pretty much can't view anything. Also the reply button doesn't appear half the time for some reason.
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    I'm on Chrome and i'm getting some massive hang-ups when loading pages. Looks like something to do with certain adverts getting stuck but I don't know which ones. It only seems to happen when I move from the main page to the sub-forums though
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