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  1. Lordsteve666

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    I believe this is how the rest of the scientific community heard his testimony. The trial was pretty much a closed doors affair but he recorded a testimony before he killed himself. It's not explicitly explained in the show but I think those tapes were found after his death and that is how word got around. His death shocked people, I guess someone who knew him best thought to look for something he left behind.
  2. Lordsteve666

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    That last episode's court room explanation of the disaster should literally be required viewing in schools when learning about nuclear power. I've never seen the intricacies of the chain of events and the lead-up explained so well before, it really should be something everyone sees. My reasoning for that opinion is that way, way too many people these days think they know everything about nuclear power and that things like Chernobyl are everyday risks from nuclear power use. There's a great many people who would probably be fairly surprised I would hope were they to learn that something like that chain of events should be literally impossible in many countries. Chernobyl imo is not a warning of the dangers of nuclear power use, it is a warning about the dangers of badly run nuclear power use. Of how corruption, greed, lies, deception, lack of empathy and disregard for a truth that may upset your sovereign states's global power standing can lead to a massive cataclysm. Nuclear power is not evil, to disrespect its potential to do harm when mismanaged is. As for the show, that final series of images and clips of the real events, combined with text to honour the people who gave their lives and health were very touching.
  3. Lordsteve666

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Even the difference of the pressure vessel not being present was far from the only failing in the design. RBMK reactors were known to be seriously unstable and liable to have weird power fluctuations; the reactor by it's very nature was unpredictable and difficult to control in some circumstances. In the test they ran they nearly shut down the reaction completely by mistake, and struggled to get it back up to power. In fact the only way they could get it back to a power level they wanted was to remove nearly every control rod leaving it dangerously uncontrollable. They also messed up with the water pumps, ignored alarms, and a lot of other aspects which meant the reaction wasn't behaving how they expected. The final nail in the coffin was really the SRAM button being pressed. The control rods caused a massive power spike, flash-boiled the little water in the core, melted the fuel channels and jammed the rest of the control assembly. Most other reactors I imagine would have survived that button press, not this design. In fact in Ep 4 they actually cover how this problem was known about; it had happened already but nobody bothered to handle the lessons learnt from that. And of course in good old Soviet Russia the truth was never fully available to most people; they could never admit their design was flawed.
  4. Lordsteve666

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Been watching the show this weekend. It's absolutely brilliant. There's an almost cosmic, Lovecraftian dread about the whole affair; the insidious, invisible horror killing people off and poisoning the land whilst bureaucrats bumble around not really understanding what nightmare they are living through. The fact it was a real event (in fact it still IS a real event and will be for thousands of years) makes it even more terrifying I think than any horror nonsense spewed out of Hollywood these days. I've read quite a lot about the accident and cleanup and my father works in the industry so i've grown up with nuclear power just being "normal" i guess you could say. It's quite a badly understood science really and a lot of the general public just look at something like Chernobyl and assume that this was standard in the industry. I hope to god that this series at least shows some people that the accident and all the mess around it was far, far from normal and absolutely not the sort of thing that would happen in many other countries. Shoddy construction & maintenance, poor safety practices, unwillingness to question the party lies, unwillingness to admit to any wrong doing, lack of concern for human life.....it all wove a nightmare that could really only happen in the USSR.
  5. Lordsteve666

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    The Long Night prequel has me interested but tbh i'd actually rather they left that period well alone if they are not going to do it justice. In the books the LN is a deeply mysterious event with hints of fallen kingdoms (Great Empire of the Dawn) in the Far East, cosmic interference by falling stars, dark magical worship and weird religions and cults, all mixed up with the Others plus the seasonal weirdness that we saw in the show. I'd really hate it if all of that was laid bare with some rubbish plot like the frankly silly suggestion in the show that the Others were created as a weapon against man that got out of hand. That's way too cliched and fantasy rope for Planetos, it needs to be a mysterious story with legendary characters and civilisations unlike anything we already saw on screen.
  6. Lordsteve666

    Cache's of Wildfire

    That's what I thought as well. I think it was there as a link back to Aerys and his plans for the city. Obviously people didn't find all of the caches of the stuff and the dragon fire set it off eventually. I think show Cersei used what she thought was all of the wildfire to destroy the Great Sept; she probably had no idea there was more hidden out there. The story of KL has sort of come full circle from being saved from one mad Targaryen who wanted to burn it only to be burned to the ground by another decades later.
  7. Lordsteve666

    People are hating this episode for the wrong reasons

    I think for me what disappointed me (and in fairness it's been that way since S7 started really) is that you can clearly see the creators are just cutting content left, right and center....killing off characters or just making up bullshit to close off loose threads (new prince in Dorne?). It's just feeling like all they have left is flashy CGI fights and special effects for show, rather than actual writing that makes the show feel as intense as it was in S1-4. I don't really have any predictions i want to see come true, so I don't really have an issue with where the plot goes. But I do think they've seriously messed up what started as an excellent piece of TV way back in S1.
  8. Lordsteve666

    Why the Pyres?

    It wasn't just the dead from their armies either, there were something like 100,000 dead bodies from the army they were fighting too who just dropped to the ground when the NK was defeated. That was a massive amount of bodies to get rid of. You're talking natural disaster on a massive scale type of dead bodies. It should have taken them weeks to clear up that mess, i doubt they'd have been given the luxury of having bodies sitting around waiting to burn in nice orderly pyres only after they cleared the whole lot up.
  9. Lordsteve666

    [SPOILERS] Rhaegal

    Add in the fact that the projectile would loose power and speed all the time as it fights gravity, plus it's going to be literally impossible to hit a any moving target at range if you aim directly at it unless your weapon is firing almost instant hit projectiles like a railgun, or perhaps a laser weapon. The target would have moved way beyond the location you pointed the crosshairs at and with those weapons you don't have a mechanically fed autoloader to give you more rounds milliseconds later. It's a single shot weapon with at least several seconds if not minutes between rounds, not a bloody automatic weapon lighting up the sky with projectiles. There's no way those filthy ironborn would be that good at leading a moving target without some serious training, and even then their weapons simply were not built for that sort of engagement.
  10. Lordsteve666

    How will they deal with the ballistaes?

    The ballista as displayed here themselves is a terrible addition. They seem to work nothing like a real world weapon should behave and are literally being used as some sort of uber-weapon simply to make both sides seem equal. In reality they would have lost range and power way before they reached the height of the dragons flying, they would be affected by gravity and basic physics after all! To be so dammed accurate as to hit a fast moving dragon from that range multiple times.....just appeared ridiculous. Like some sort of fan-made nonsense a teenager or the producers thought would look cool. And when they shot at the Targ ships.....how did they again not loose power or range? What were they made of that they flew so far and maintained their kinetic energy that well that they could punch through a whole ship and presumably one which is somewhat armoured? Basically in a real fight they would have been big crossbows, or maybe shooting large stone balls/ flaming pots. In these last few episodes they seem to have been replaced with railguns.
  11. Lordsteve666

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    Would have been far better to just keep the two of them close enough to have the occasional awkward moment of closeness but never actually have anything happen between them. They clearly respected each other as warriors and had been through all manner of shit together, there was a bond there I guess. But it didn't need to be so IN YOUR FACE like it was in this episode. They should have left it as an open plot that never gets answered, let the viewers decide if they hook up or not and why; assuming they both survived to the end of the show.
  12. Lordsteve666

    Why didn’t the living use pikes?

    The Unsullied were effectively (or should have been) a phalanx in that battle. They had the shields, they have the spears, they had the numbers and massed ranks. Pikemen would have been a nice spiky wall but with little defense for themselves; and those zombies were not going to get scared and back off just because a few of them ended up "dead". A full locked shield wall with spears or whatever poking out would have been far more effective. They should have really been able to hold off quite a lot of zombies with a tightly held shield wall and enough men to reinforce it and make sure it wasn't flanked. The dead got over the fire trench easily as it was just a static ditch that only needed bridging. But had that been a living wall of shield & spear with the power of a full army behind it I'm sure they could have done much better. A true phalanx assault just ends up being a pushing match anyway and the dead were not likely to do much more than just keep pilling in, so you'd probably be best to just hold them back and hammer them with fire, artillery, dragons etc. to try and whittle down their numbers.
  13. Lordsteve666

    Can we talk about why everything is so dark...

    I thought it looked spectacular tbh. The darkness and the murkiness all added to the chaos of the battle, nobody really knowing where death would come from, the look of terror at seeing dark shapes in the smoke, struggling to tell friend from foe. Helm's Deep in LOTR was impressive for the scale of the battle and the details in it as well, but it feels like it was made too bright for a night battle. If you really want to get across the absolute nightmare and horror that is fighting an army of 100,000 zombies crawling over your castle walls in the middle of the night, in winter, in a blizzard....well I think thy portrayed it pretty dammed well.
  14. Lordsteve666

    Death scene: Theon

    I thought it was a pretty good aspect of the episode tbh, probably my favourite of the little battles going on with characters spread all over the place. Theon knew he was going to be right where the enemy wanted to be, he knew him and his men were probably doomed but he fought on all the same. I think at the end there he realised that he finally had a purpose; it wasn't to be off sailing as a pirate, or sitting on a throne back in Pike, or being someone else's lapdog or a coward. His place and his purpose was in Winterfell, defending the people he'd grown up with as a child; people he'd had as friends and foolishly betrayed in the past to try and be something he wasn't. Finally after all those season he's found his place. I feel sorry for the poor bastard, he made some terrible mistakes trying to be something he could never be. And he paid for it in every way possible. But at least at the end of the world he find appreciation from the people who he should have stayed with all along. I honestly thought there was more between him and Sansa in this season too, they seemed closer friends after all they'd been through and him returning north seemed to open her up a bit as his friend. Guess that's ruined now! In fact it's interesting how the people that Sansa has realised are most important to her are all those people she initially hated, or mistrusted; Arya, Tyrion, Theon. She's been surrounded by people who actually care about her and treat he well, she just never seemed to realise it.