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  1. This is an absolute shitshow now. Her plan all along seems to have been to try and scare everyone into going for her crappy negotiated deal, hoping MPS would not be willing to be seem as the ones putting us towards a no deal Brexit. Yesterday it looked like it was going to be rejected anyway as most people saw it as bad (remainers hate any leave deal, leavers think its not what they voted for). Then the EUC says we can just call it off anyway which pretty much sealed the fate of her pile of shite agreement and it was definitely not going to pass. So she decides to pick up all the toys and run off home, stopping anyone from having a say. Just because she will loose now she thinks she can just pull the rug out and go back to the usual "will of the people" bullshit she's been peddling for months. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this country but the sooner we get this bunch of clowns out of power the better. Even the opposition is useless thanks to Jeremy "i have no spine" Corbyn being unwilling to put aside his views on Brexit for one second to actually try and act like oposition and stop this madness.
  2. May is dammed either way tbh. The deal she got is terrible if you're a remain voter (or anyone who woke up in the last 2yrs despite voting contrary to that) because it's driving onward into the car crash despite clear warning signs the other passengers don't want to get hideously maimed or killed. Remain people are just horrified that despite the country seeming to come to its senses slightly in recent weeks, our idiot leader still blindly charges onward. And if you're a leave voter than this deal is a shoddy damp squib of a deal and not what you voted for so again you'l be pissed at May. So tbh she cannot win this situation now. Push through and she'll loose any election anyway because people will either A) hate the Conservative party for pushing us down this path or b) hate the current Conservatives for not be hard enough and delivering on a proper Brexit. I'm actually surprised she survived the day tbh...
  3. Actually i really liked it. It was nice to get back to a simple story without all the massive universe-changing nonsense some of the Moffat stories had going on. Sometimes a smaller, more localised plot and location does better than trying to be all "big bad evil" threat or whatever. The cinematography was pretty great i thought, the wide sweeping camera pans over the city and following that van at one point made it actually feel like the action was moving through a real place and not just jumping between different sets. It sort of sewed it all together better i thought. Bad guy was pretty low key but still a threat, and just because he seems a bit meh to us (hunting unarmed, low threat prey is considered something worthy of leadership on his planet?..lol) maybe his species looked upon the universe differently. Perhaps to then it was a worthy challenge even if it is a bit of a silly test of leadership ability....it's like if we elected world leaders by means of a game of hide and seek. New Doctor is a refreshing change actually, but needs time to develop. I'm sure she'll be fine though if the scripts are good because she's a very good actress.
  4. Lordsteve666

    Conan the Barbarian TV Series (Amazon)

    This is epic news. I know people rave about the original Arnie film as if it's the ultimate adaption but it really pales in comparison to the original source material sadly. It is a good film, and i do love it (especially the score) but it's not really a good rendition of the Conan and the world we see in the written stories. The less said about the second film the better......shudder. Now if they are really going to do true-to-source adaptions in the chronological order with a decent budget and the right cast this could be amazing. GOT had a tonne of material to follow but REH's stories predated just about every single fantasy book out there, they are literally where it all started. I'd love to see them get a faithful adaption. I'm not sure a series format is ideal, i'd much rather prefer something akin to the Sharpe TV movies where each episode i suppose covers a different original tale. Some of the original material might need to be expanded on a bit, things like The Frost Giant's Daughter are lacking in background and are too short to be solely adapted "as seen". Whereas epic tales like Beyond the Black River and The Hour of the Dragon will need to be multi-part episodes i'm sure, or possibly full movie length adaptions.
  5. There are two distinct "black stone" materials used in ASOIAF. Fused black stone: This is the stuff that the Five Forts and the base of the Hightower in Oldtown are made of. It appears to be some natural stone that has been fused by dragonfire into an almost concrete/obsidian mix type material. I'd guess that what happened to the towers at Harrenhal is a similar idea but that was done in anger and probably without and magic to control and shape the molten rock created. Oily Black stone: This is what Assai and the Isle of Toads, together with Yeen appear to be made of. It's very unnatural in description and i'm thinking it's got some sort of black "plastic" appearance, or possibly it behaves a bit like nano-black coated object in that it absorbs light with no reflection. Come to think of it some form of nano tube material would possibly explain why everyone seems so sick in Assai, that stuff would be akin to living surrounded by asbestos all day long.
  6. Lordsteve666

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    I have this strange feeling the house they lived in is the key here. Seemingly they only moved in recently, so is it possible that house was used as the prep area for the attack? Did those responsible mess up and not cover their track as well as they think they did?
  7. Lordsteve666

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Jesus, that's a phrase you thought you'd never hear. When even concentration camps full of kids on US soil won't stop people loving Trump you have to question if reality has come unstitched somewhere....
  8. Lordsteve666

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Although it could be good I suppose I always get the shivers now when someone says the word “prequel “.......thanks George Lucas.
  9. Lordsteve666

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Could be interesting i'd say. The stories in the world book and from the books so far seem to drop a lot of allegorical hints about heroes and villains on a cosmic scale and about magics swords being stabbed into someone's wife. But if all of that is just jumbled up versions of reality it gives quite a wide scope to explore the reality of what happened. However, i'd prefer the past stayed clouded in mystery personally. There's something pretty neat about not showing us fully what happened. Same with Valyria, we don't need to know the full picture; just drop us the odd crumb here and there to add to the mystery.
  10. Lordsteve666

    Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular opinions eh? Here goes, The show of Game of Thrones should have continued with the pacing and slow world building it followed in S1-3, even if it meant eventually needing something ridiculous like 10 seasons to finish the story. It would have meant the later seasons didn't feel so rushed (looking at you S7) and that we needed less fluff to fill in space left from content they cut (cough..Dorne...cough). A deeper story and world to play around in would make the later plot twists mean more, rather than just be chea pshock scenes thrown in to grab viewing numbers. Finally it would have meant George might possibly have been less pressured in writing schedule to beat the show, and the next book may have come out by now.
  11. Lordsteve666

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Oh yeah Tie Fighter did a great job of letting us be the baddies, but i'd prefer a more grey area of the world/galaxy to be portrayed. I mean we see from Solo that people often sign up to serve in the Navy/army just to escape the poor situation they find themselves in. There's gotta be millions of stories worth telling for people who don't really care for the Empire of the Rebellion, as long as they get fed and paid. A story following a band of such soldiers, people who are mostly indifferent about the big fight but are stuck in a never ending war for the empire's great machine would be interesting.
  12. Lordsteve666

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I actually really enjoyed it. It had a few issues i'll admit, the ending felt a bit hashed together it think, as if it wasn't quite sure who was gonna double cross who until they got to the cutting room. But overall i think it was a good fun romp through some previously unused lore. Kessel run was a nice bit of fun with some added cosmic horror thrown in for good measure, and it was a tip of the hat to the now non-canon EU novels that explained the background to that area of space. I thought Lando was really well played and the voice was pretty close to the original at times. But you know what i really want after seeing it? A film centered around the Imperial Army in some form of campaign, where the majority of the cast are not the bad guys but are just soldiers trying to survive. I thought that brief section where they were n a ground warzone was really cool and I just think for once it would be nice to have an Empire view of things, but from the perspective of the grunts on the ground (the real troops, not the Stormtroopers). Something a bit like Malazan Book of the Fallen, with some humor thrown in and nice and gritty, perhaps a means to show that there are people in the Empire who are just trying to survive and they aren't all the evil bastard the rest of the films make them out to be.
  13. Lordsteve666

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    1) The Iron Bank doesn't really give a damn where it's customers uses their money or what for, as long as they pay their debts. They are happy to fund various sides in a war or give huge loans to kings, or even allow slavers to use their bank for financial transactions. Doesn't mean they support any of it, it's just good business. So they are not actually engaged in slavery , but the economic affects of Danny's politics in Mereen has affected their customers and probably some of the returns they get on their investments. 2) Why did Jon not want to reveal he had died and come back? He could have used it to prove his story true as he could have said a red priestess brought him back. They just happen to have the same priestess on the island without their knowledge, she could have confirmed it. That would make his other story about the Night King seem more real. 3) Jamie Lannister is just a waste of time now. He had something going for him in earlier seasons, when with Brienne or saving Tyrion. Now he's just a wet noodle who cannot resist his sister. It's getting a bit daft, every time you think he's had enough and will wake up yet still he falls back in bed with her. It's mind boggling. 4) what is with all these massive fleets and armies that keep appearing out of nowhere? Has Euron got some sort of cloning device and wormhole tech so he can instantly just around with his never ending fleet of 1000 ship?!? And where do the Lannisters get so many soldiers from anyway. If most are in KL or on the march with Kingslayer then have they just abandoned their homelands completely? I must admit the faster pace is nice and all to move things along but that no excuse for stupid teleporting characters or armies that just grow up from nowhere.
  14. Lordsteve666

    Fortitude (Season 2) [Spoilers for S1]

    I'm not sure about on normal Sky, but on Now TV I have access to all S2 episodes right now.
  15. Lordsteve666

    Fortitude (Season 2) [Spoilers for S1]

    Anyone been watching this series? Got stuck binge watching it last night, up to ep. 6 so far and enjoying it. The first series was full of all sorts of weirdness to make it feel a bit unnerving as you never quite knew which way it was going in, was it a supernatural story or a crime drama, or something more. Oh and I take my hat off to Richard Dormer for a wonderful display of unnerving craziness. I certainly wouldn't invite his character round for dinner!