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  1. Lordsteve666

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    I have this strange feeling the house they lived in is the key here. Seemingly they only moved in recently, so is it possible that house was used as the prep area for the attack? Did those responsible mess up and not cover their track as well as they think they did?
  2. Lordsteve666

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Jesus, that's a phrase you thought you'd never hear. When even concentration camps full of kids on US soil won't stop people loving Trump you have to question if reality has come unstitched somewhere....
  3. Lordsteve666

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Although it could be good I suppose I always get the shivers now when someone says the word “prequel “.......thanks George Lucas.
  4. Lordsteve666

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Could be interesting i'd say. The stories in the world book and from the books so far seem to drop a lot of allegorical hints about heroes and villains on a cosmic scale and about magics swords being stabbed into someone's wife. But if all of that is just jumbled up versions of reality it gives quite a wide scope to explore the reality of what happened. However, i'd prefer the past stayed clouded in mystery personally. There's something pretty neat about not showing us fully what happened. Same with Valyria, we don't need to know the full picture; just drop us the odd crumb here and there to add to the mystery.
  5. Lordsteve666

    Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular opinions eh? Here goes, The show of Game of Thrones should have continued with the pacing and slow world building it followed in S1-3, even if it meant eventually needing something ridiculous like 10 seasons to finish the story. It would have meant the later seasons didn't feel so rushed (looking at you S7) and that we needed less fluff to fill in space left from content they cut (cough..Dorne...cough). A deeper story and world to play around in would make the later plot twists mean more, rather than just be chea pshock scenes thrown in to grab viewing numbers. Finally it would have meant George might possibly have been less pressured in writing schedule to beat the show, and the next book may have come out by now.
  6. Lordsteve666

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Oh yeah Tie Fighter did a great job of letting us be the baddies, but i'd prefer a more grey area of the world/galaxy to be portrayed. I mean we see from Solo that people often sign up to serve in the Navy/army just to escape the poor situation they find themselves in. There's gotta be millions of stories worth telling for people who don't really care for the Empire of the Rebellion, as long as they get fed and paid. A story following a band of such soldiers, people who are mostly indifferent about the big fight but are stuck in a never ending war for the empire's great machine would be interesting.
  7. Lordsteve666

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I actually really enjoyed it. It had a few issues i'll admit, the ending felt a bit hashed together it think, as if it wasn't quite sure who was gonna double cross who until they got to the cutting room. But overall i think it was a good fun romp through some previously unused lore. Kessel run was a nice bit of fun with some added cosmic horror thrown in for good measure, and it was a tip of the hat to the now non-canon EU novels that explained the background to that area of space. I thought Lando was really well played and the voice was pretty close to the original at times. But you know what i really want after seeing it? A film centered around the Imperial Army in some form of campaign, where the majority of the cast are not the bad guys but are just soldiers trying to survive. I thought that brief section where they were n a ground warzone was really cool and I just think for once it would be nice to have an Empire view of things, but from the perspective of the grunts on the ground (the real troops, not the Stormtroopers). Something a bit like Malazan Book of the Fallen, with some humor thrown in and nice and gritty, perhaps a means to show that there are people in the Empire who are just trying to survive and they aren't all the evil bastard the rest of the films make them out to be.
  8. Lordsteve666

    China's Social Credit System

    I fail to see how you could possible have a remotely half-way decent and fair social credit system when literally half the country is stuck in what amounts to the medieval feudal system and a rich (corrupt) minority control all the power. It just looks like utter bollocks if you ask me. How is some poor peasant farmer in the rural districts supposed to be able to get a credit score on par with a rich city dweller, and as a result not open themselves up to all manner of nasty government reprisals.
  9. The one major problem with the existence of such creature(s) is why has nobody found one dead? Or a skeleton of one, or fossil of one? If there is/was a significant population in existence then you'd have thought that someone would have at least come across a dead one at some point. Unless these creatures are advanced enough to follow some sort of primitive burial rites, in which case why have we never found any sign of a primitive civilization. No caves with signs of life, no traces of artificial fires, no sign of habitation of shelters/nesting sites, no tool, no left over waste like animal bones, discarded food etc. And if bigfoot and his kind are developed enough to have such behaviour as hiding/disposing of their dead then i'd find in unlikely they'd exist in total isolation for so long, given they would presumably be capable of other higher level development. And any developing species is bound to come into contact with others such as humans eventually, if not through mere curiosity.
  10. Lordsteve666

    Rocket Man vs. Orang-Utan: Korean Krisis

    Sad thing is it's not even the NK people who won't bargin and yet they are the ones suffering. It is their political "elite" who are doing all the bargaining and trying to throw their weight around, the general population is just stuck in a blinkered version of hell. I doubt they even know that talks have been suggested, or that reunification is really a thing. They probably only know (or are forced to know) that everywhere else is the enemy. Reunification would be wonderful, but there is a huge mess to sort out were it to happen. SK is prosperous and safe and the people there are unlikely to want to pay for what is practically barely a 3rd world country to be dragged into the 21st Century. And what would China think of all this? Would a unified Korea suddenly loose its US military presence, or would China suddenly find it has a direct land border with a strong US ally, with bases popping up all along the northern border?
  11. Lordsteve666

    Rocket Man vs. Orang-Utan: Korean Krisis

    Looks to me like reunification is a key thing here, assuming NK is sincere in its wishes to go through with things. The whole point of the nukes seems to have been to push the US into a negotiation of sorts, the only other option being an act of aggression against what amounts to a third world country. It’s worked well if they are able to get sanctions lifted and start working towards some form of normality I’d say. But a lot rests on what Prez Orange Turd does in a the situation. That’s how things get screwed up I’d guess.
  12. Lordsteve666

    Gun Control III: the Hedge Knight Rises.

    That was a very interesting article and explains a great deal about why the current situation is so bad. It was sort of obvious to me the 2A was written in a different time and for a very specific set of circumstances but i had no idea that the NRA some extremist faction of the NRA had twisted its interpretation. That's a poor state of affairs for any country's constitution to be turned on its head by lobbyists like that. You let part of your constitution be bought out and twisted by the gun industry for profit, that's pretty darn sad.
  13. Lordsteve666

    Consolidation of Doom of Valyria

    Yeah i suspect based upon re-reads that the info presented points to this sort of event. The Valyrians wanted some resource that was found in the largest quantity in the rocks around the volcanoes, probably obsidian or the components of Valyrian steel. Maybe is was that the rock was good for building in their style as they used dragon-fire and magic to melt it into shapes? So in order to mine deep they needed mages to use spells to control the volcanic conditions. I'm thinking it was a bit like a nuclear reactor with the mage/spell combo being like some sort of arcane control rods to control the fires of the earth to allow mining operations. These mages got killed or lost concentration or something, the volcanoes got out of control and, boom....the whole place goes up.
  14. Lordsteve666

    The Wall (again, an ethical dilemma)

    Important thing about any defense, even a massive wall this big is that you always need a means to get to the other side for whatever reasons occur. Build a defense so good the enemy can't get in and you also build one so good you cannot get out, should the need arise! There's numerous reasons why gateways would be required; repairs, clearing the forest to have a clear "kill-zone" around the base, gathering of resources/food etc. In fact its specifically mentioned that the watch used to clear the trees away from the wall but that has now fallen by the wayside due to lack of numbers. So their view of the base is supposed to be open and clear. As to the ranging, well i'd say that its important because you know there is "something" out there you are defending against and you don't wanna be in the dark about what that something is up to. In the books we are in the dark as much as the watch is really, there's not been any actual proper big threat from the Others as of yet to really give any idea what the danger really looks like.
  15. Lordsteve666

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    The one area that always gets more attention is emissions and the link to climate change. Now i do believe we have an affect on global climate, simply because we pour tonnes of crap into the air that simply must affect something, it doesn't just vanish when it goes up the chimney. But even if we are not having a massive affect and mostly this is natural I do still believe that reducing emissions is still a worthy cause. I mean look at India, China etc, places with horrendous air pollution issues. Even if all those emissions don't affect the climate they sure as hell do affect the poor bastards living in those locations. Reducing pollution from industry will safegard human lives, even if it doesn't change the inevitable climate shift. So this is why doing things like going back to coal as Trump wants to is such a bad idea. It just goes against all logic to go back to something we know does harm to something, and is also an energy source we are trying to get developing countries to drop. And the funny thing is that now the whole world seems to be waking up a bit to this, yet the US is going backwards, thanks to your leadership.