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  1. 7 for me. I gave same for Hardhome and only give more for the episodes seven and nine. What i disliked: - Brienne being able to kill Stannis was again totally contrived writing like Water Garden fight - i could not imagine we could have a season in Dorne and not get Fire and Blood speech (or its show equivalent) or without Doran and Sand Snakes saying a word to each other, but here we go.... - some other stuff felt weak: FTW and Theon´s redemtion (contrived fanservice, like Brienne killing Stannis), WoS (distracting cgi)
  2. 9 Liked it more then Hardhome (not Jon/The Wall fan). Dont remember when was the last time when an episode hit me so hard. So much tension and emotional impact. Shireen scene was extremely well done. It was like RW or Ned´s beheading again. I will be cold when Jon get stabbed so this is my season highlight i guess. I think it is very much in Stannis character to sacrifice his daughter for greater good he believes in and it was the culmination of the storyline that existed from the season 2. For me he is as he always been in the books and in the show. Not evil. Just 100% dedicated to what he believe is the right thing, no matter the costs. Only minor stuff prevented me to give it 10. I still cant see the point of Dorne even if those scenes were not bad. I still feel it is a structuraly butchered storyline. And there were some weird moments during Daznak pit that felt off. Like SoH not attacking all at once when Dany was surrounded before Drogon showing and than everyone watching him instead of fighting/running away.
  3. Mingolla

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    That is not true. I did not enjoyed this episode that much and gave it 7 as oposite to 10 for the previous episode. I like GoT for the political stuff and for its many interesting characters. I dont like The Wall storyline and Jon. This episode had very little to offer for me because Jon part took half of the episode. That does not mean the show isnt for me, it is in fact my favorite show.
  4. Mingolla

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I think Myranda is who she is, a jealous girlfriend, but if they plan for her to betray Ramsay, it would be possible to make her Littlefinger´s spy rather then Northern loyalist. Being Littlefinger´s spy does not require to be a good person and it would be a fitting move from Mr."I know nothing about this bastard" if he knew all about Ramsay from the first hand and have his spy placed near Sansa. It would make him look very competent instead of clueless as he is looking now.
  5. Mingolla

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Many characters look nothing like they look in the books. It does not require any explanation. Maggy the Frog scene consisted of two 12 years old girls and averagely good looking middle aged woman. I dont even want to know what goes in your mind to describe that scene as part of "oversexualization" of the show. There was nothing sexual about it for any normal person.
  6. Mingolla

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    That is a ridiculous claim. Starks were aged up too, to be "oversexualized" i am sure....And Maggy the Frog? Did you wanted to jump on her, tear off her clothes and fuck her right there in that hut?....If you get horny everytime you see a teenager or middle aged witch on TV, well maybe the problem is with you and not with the show.
  7. If that someone is a murderer himself for example. More importantly during a civil war is much better to execute people who want to kill you instead of people who are killing for you, so that was spectaculy stupid from Dany (as it was from Robb in the season 3, but even more so since "the victim" here was not innocent ).