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  1. The Hugo Voter Packet is here and I have started the first novel, "Some Desperate Glory" by Emily Tesh. About halfway through.
  2. I have started Adrian Tchaikovsky's Alien Clay. Enjoyable so far, as you might expect...
  3. Ah, now, well sure that's good news, so it is! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yes! These are great. I tried to engage the author on Twitter last year, but got no response about book 3. I hope it's on its way.
  5. There is a new book set in the same world "The House of Open Wounds". Also great, IMHO. As for me, I just read the graphic novel Voyaging, Volume One: The Plague Star, adapted by Raya Golden from our old pal, GRRM's Tuff series. Very enjoyable.
  6. I highly recommend the first trilogy. Yes, there is some dodginess -- lack of women except as unflattering clichés -- but some of the good parts made me feel like I was hurtling towards the edge of a cliff with no brakes. In a good way. Dark and way too horrible to miss out on. As for me, Adrian Tchaikovsky's House of Open Wounds was tremendous fun. If you liked the first book in the same universe, you'll like this too. If not, not.
  7. Strangely, this is an author I totally missed out on. Might try to rectify that soon. For now, I am starting Adrian Tchaikovsky's House of Open Wounds. As always, a few pages in, I know I'm in good hands. This is set in the same world as his excellent City of Lost Chances, but apparently, you can read them in any order. Let's see...
  8. I have just started Ascension by Nicholas Binge.
  9. On to Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe.
  10. All of this. Between Two Fires is highly recommended.
  11. I finished Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe -- a reread after decades. It's *very* male-gazey, something my teenaged self failed to notice at all. Onto part two...
  12. Re-reading Gene Wolfe's Shadow of the Torturer for the first time since I was about 15. Enjoying it a lot, I have to say.
  13. I am just starting The Immortality Thief by Taran Hunt.
  14. I have almost finished Tim Pratt's Doors of Sleep. It's about a guy who travels (seemingly randomly) between universes every time he falls asleep. It's an entertaining and easy read. I may well check out some of the author's other books.
  15. I thought The Monarchies of God was really good. However!!! If I remember right -- and it's been a while -- there are two different versions, and it's the later one you should read. @Werthead is an expert. He'll know...
  16. I doubt I would enjoy the book either, but the TV series on Apple TV is enjoyable.
  17. I'm reading The Anomoly by Hervé Le Tellier, translated by Adriana Hunter. Very good so far, but only two chapters in...
  18. These are all great. In my opinion, Guns of the Dawn, Dogs of War and Cage of Souls are his finest works.
  19. I have started The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Naylor. Good so far. Near future Earth-based SF with an octopus. Don't know much else so far and haven't even read the blurb...
  20. I might give Michelle West a go next, although I'm struggling with the first few pages for some reason.
  21. I'm reading this now. Glad you enjoyed it!
  22. Nick Harkaway's Titanium Noir was very enjoyable. He's a witty SOB, that's for sure. Not too sure what's next...
  23. Just about to start Titanium Noir by Nick Harkaway.
  24. I'm reading Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, as suggested by RhaenysBee. Very good so far.
  25. Reading Adrian Tchaikovsky's And Put Away Childish Things. Fun, so far.
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