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  1. A Dance with Davos

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    5/10. Find it hard to go lower than that compared to other series that become really awful, but this episode was incredibly poor. Whilst I think it is totally unreasonable to expect a massive twist/shock every finale and ultimately when that becomes routine how can it ever shock? It is ridiculous that every single damn scene was overwhelmingly predictable. I mean you know something is wrong when the biggest surprise is that not only did Theon lose his penis. He also lost his testicles. Tension and suspense almost became non existent as characters walk into scenarios that the script yells at us that they are in danger, but in reality we know they aren't. Like Tyrion meeting with Cersei. Honestly the only moment where I felt real tension for a characters life and think they did pull it off well was the confrontation with Jaime and Cersei. Rehashing R+L. The Theon fight in general. I feel like it was only added in so they could have the whole knee to the groin joke, but I feel like it would have been far superior if he just convinced them how good of a leader Yara was and they shouldn't abandon her. I could go on, but won't. As I said I don't expect a massive twist every season, but my issue isn't as much there was no twist, but the fact that before this episode started I could more or less predict everything that bloody well happens with some minor exceptions like Sam and Bran talking. Don't even remind me about what happened to Littlefinger.
  2. A Dance with Davos

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    1) All the Starks seem to be half dead with their delivery. Bran is understandable, but I can only assume this is something they've been told to do. 2) I doubt it. Can't see the point of them saving Tormund last episode to just have him do nothing and then die in the next. 3) No idea.
  3. A Dance with Davos

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Whilst true. I think the major issue is that LF a master of lies and deceit admitted his crimes. I mean... I'm surprised he didn't just flat out say "You can't handle the truth".
  4. A Dance with Davos

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I try my best to overlook the flaws. I try to enjoy it, but this episode was poor. The twists didn't even make sense. What in the world was the point in having Euron pretend to abandon Cersei? How could they even plan this? Did she really believe that they would bring the dead to her or has Euron seen them before? Either way it was unnecessary as she said she would commit to the truce. Sansa and Arya fooling Littlefinger was pointless. If they somehow had proof of what he had done I could understand them tricking him so that they could justify his execution, but they never had any. So why not just kill him straight away? Ahhh yes. We needed someone to die in the finale. It's just not only has the series been letting me down for a while, but this episode didn't need to be 81 minutes long. Everything was by the numbers. Why did the show seem to give the impression that Tyrion was upset about Jon and Daenerys? He's been a dwarf his entire life he should have gotten used to being overlooked.
  5. A Dance with Davos

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    A pretty interesting chapter. It was nice to catch up with Euron. Also a lot of interesting ideas and theories going around this topic. I always enjoy seeing what some of the most observant readers spot or make connections too. I've never been good at spotting hidden meanings or hints in the text, but one thing I thought was kind of interesting, but could be nothing, is the similarity of the situations of Aeron and Theon in their sample chapters. Why I say it could be nothing is that I can't really make any theory around it and it could just be me making a few loose connections into more than it is, but here goes: Aeron and Theon being held prisoner by a king. Each king being on the verge of a battle. Then each chapter ending with what seems to be the soon sacrifice of each. Not exactly a lot to go by. Another thing I find interesting and this one is far more of a leap as it needs the idea of Euron to be in someway involved with The Others, but the contrast of Euron and Stannis. Stannis being the only king at the moment with the intention of opposing The Others. Then Euron.. the only king who might be involved with them. Also the motivation for the sacrifices. If I am remembering correctly Stannis is also contemplating sacrificing some Karstarks? As some want him to burn Theon. Euron is clearly going through with a mass sacrifice and Stannis might be. So we have Stannis seeming to sacrifice for political reasons. With Theon being executed Neds way to appease the Northmen and possibly a few burnings to satisfy the R'hllorists. Then Euron with a mass sacrifice purely for magic. It could be coincedence. It could be nothing. It might be something? It's probably nothing. It's just with them both being Greyjoys and having these chapters relatively near each other. The chapters ending with what seems to be their inevitable sacrifices seemed interesting.