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  1. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    And here's another thing. How can they take over Essos, much less the rest of the world, if they can't cross water? Unless they figure it out or there's something we haven't seen yet, they're confined to Westeros.
  2. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    OMG really? Did they not read the World Book? Ice dragons are about 5 times the size of a fire dragon and breathe ice, not flame of any description. Edit: Here's the Wiki:
  3. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Okay, I see what you're saying and you're right. That would have been the easiest thing to do. Just to poke fun, the science geek in me says that salt water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water. Not that D&D care about the laws of chemistry and physics or anything
  4. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    The Wall was built with magic, though, that they couldn't get around until they acquired a magical creature capable of destroying it.
  5. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    I want one of those. It's almost as if the NK needs Jon alive, but that doesn't really explain anything. The inconsistency drives me nuts. D&D are in it more for the payoff than actual storytelling. In any given fantasy world, magic has a logical consistency, and it has its clearly defined limits. At least, that's what good storytellers do. This "make it up as you go along" shit is maddening.
  6. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    You'd think, right? But then D&D have to screw that up with the ambush where Dany rescues them. (I forget the episode, but it's the one where the dragon is killed.) The WW waited for hours for the water to freeze before crossing. (Or...the NK knew the dragons were coming.)
  7. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Just to nitpick a little. The NK does not have an ice dragon. He has a wighted fire dragon. Not quite the same thing. I hope we do see a real ice dragon.
  8. Ice Queen

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    In the show, who the hell knows. In the books Cotter Pyke's letters from Hardhome indicate that the water isn't off limits to the wights.
  9. Ice Queen

    The Night King and King's Landing

    LOL Of nuclear proportions.
  10. Ice Queen

    The Night King and King's Landing

    I think that's really optimistic. The North was seriously depopulated after the war and was never densely populated to begin with. At most, the population of the North, on a good day, was no more than 4.5 million. And that's including the wildlings. Anyone beyond the Wall is now a zombie. Only 4,000 made it past the Wall with Tormund. At most, the entire military strength of the Seven Kingdoms was 400,000. And that was before the war. All armies have been decimated, as has the populace. Assuming that no more than 1% could be mobilized for war in a pre-industrial society (and that's being generous), that would put the total population of Westeros at around 40 million. Most of those 40 million don't live in the North. Half a million alone live in King's Landing with the most densely populated area being the Reach and the bulk of the population living in the countryside. There is NO WAY Winterfell can feed half a million people. With what? Ice cubes? It can't even feed 10K.
  11. Ice Queen

    The Night King and King's Landing

    I don't think the opposition has enough dragonglass to take them out. They need a weapon of mass destruction. Where does this 100,000 number come from? I think that's an order of magnitude too many.
  12. Ice Queen

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Sam told Jon the whole story. Sam is the eldest son and should have been the heir, but he wasn't manly enough for Randyll, so he was given a choice: go to the Wall or Randyll would have him killed. Randyll says that Sam has given him no cause to be disowned, but he isn't fit to wield Heartsbane. Sam makes the comment that after Dickon was born, Randyll didn't care if Sam attended meetings or not, as long as Dickon did.
  13. Ice Queen

    Episode 2 preview

    Valyrians could ride dragons, not just Targaryens. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Dragonrider
  14. Ice Queen

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    I have a hunch it was Summerhall. The Targaryens messed with something they shouldn't have messed with, a magic beyond their understanding and control. Rhaegar was born on the very day of the tragedy.
  15. Ice Queen

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    Which is exactly what Jaime tried to explain to Brienne. Medieval figures like Robert the Bruce should have been burned a thousand times over under using their logic.