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  1. Who did she free? Many of them willingly re-entered servitude just like during Jim Crow and the carpetbaggers. They just didn't call it that. She did not defeat the NK. Her strategy was shit and her dragons ineffective. If it hadn't been for Bran and Arya, they would have all died. It turns out she wasn't even necessary. I expected the realm to break up, but the Westerosi seem like they want to stay together. For now at least.
  2. We're talking about the show as you pointed out. She burned the khals in the show. And she had Jorah. It's amazing to me the lengths people are going to to defend her. Do you do this in real life?
  3. And he agonized over whether it was the right thing. Only time will tell. But how exactly would it have plunged Westeros into a civil war? There aren't that many Dothraki left and they're foreign invaders, not Westerosi. Jon probably saved millions of lives, not cost them. "She did more good than Stalin" is just a rationalization. You could argue that Hitler did some good things, too. That doesn't make them good and it doesn't make them good leaders.
  4. The Starks are far from perfect. Arya is permanently damaged and a "dark heart". Bran has the potential to be a villain as well. Sansa is a manipulative, scheming witch who just used all the lessons she learned from Cersei and LF to get herself crowned Queen in the North.
  5. But she did almost exactly the same in the show--burning the khals was utterly horrific and I don't know how anyone justified that at the time, either. It should have been seen then for what it was: an unspeakable atrocity, aided and abetted by Jorah who should have stopped her.
  6. Jon killed her for the greater good. Her speech about "liberating" the kingdom from Winterfell to Dorne should have horrified everyone. Liberated from what, exactly? Replaced with what, exactly? Were we greeted as liberators in Iraq or Vietnam? Hell no. And she didn't have a plan for what to do after, only that the people of Westeros from Winterfell to Dorne were going to suffer yet again because of her ego. Insanity.
  7. That's true. But Daenerys has Jorah, Barristan and later Missy to keep her in check. Even so, her high and mighty conviction that she's a god with a destiny comes through loud and clear, enabled by those same advisers...including Tyrion. She was in single minded pursuit of a throne she had no claim to, and shr's not doing it out of some benevolent motive--she is hell bent on vengeance. It's worth noting that she was always a sidenote to Varys' plans. Varys is going to put Aegon on the IT or die trying. He will hinder her in any way he can.
  8. Ice Queen

    Wheely? Discussing the "breaking of the wheel"

    Ah, forgot about Davos. I meant on the council. Was Davos there? I can't remember.
  9. No, it is a warning of what can happen when people fall for the glitter and start making excuses for atrocities in a dangerous game of whataboutism. Mindless devotion to a single charismatic "leader" and treating them as a god without checks can only end one way, and it's not good.
  10. We see her chapters through her eyes--of course she doesn't see herself as such.
  11. Yep and they're right IMO. Leto turned himself into a worm; Bran wants to be a tree, all in the pursuit of a Golden Path for humanity. Let's not forget that Leto was a brutal tyrant, as was Paul. After a few thousand years Leto was bored with the whole omniscience thing but he was convinced that he'd put humanity on a path that wouldn't result in their self-destruction.
  12. Ice Queen

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Ashes. It was right after the battle and the whole city was smoldering.
  13. Why are people still in denial about the fact she's been a psychopath since the beginning? She didn't need Bran's "guidance" to send her over the edge, only her overly inflated ego and sense of self-importance.
  14. Ice Queen

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Not to belabor the point, but only male descendants of Aegon V (Egg). There are none left save Gendry. But it's irrelevant anyway. Edit: Robert got the throne even though it was Jon Arryn who started the rebellion.