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  1. Ice Queen

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    And Manderly didn't violate guest right. As I said, breaking guest right was an abomination to the gods as well as men. What Manderly did was justice as far as the northerners were concerned, and the gods (or anyone not named Frey) weren't the least bit upset about it. Arya is death personified. How many 11 year olds in any time period have killed as many people as she has? And she does it with no regrets, not a twinge of conscience. I don't consider that to be badass at all, sorry. And it shouldn't be glorified. War sucks and people die in war, yes, but that's not what we're talking about here. Do you really think that if she survives she's going back to a normal life? She's not. She was a child who had no control over what was happening. She is clearly traumatized and her sense of self and love for her family won't be enough to save her. Her psyche is irrevocably damaged. That being said, she's not a psychopath. She clearly loves her family and her friends (Gendry and Hot Pie). She is sadistic, though. She takes satisfaction not just in watching them die, but in the pain she is causing.
  2. I still get sick thinking about the Library at Alexandria. That's the real world counterpart to the Citadel.
  3. Ice Queen

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    The gods sanctioned it. That's what the story of the Rat Cook was about. In the north, guest right is sacred and inviolate just as it was in northern Europe. Only kinslaying was considered as bad and was dealt with harshly. And Manderly didn't break guest right as he was not the Lord of Winterfell. He was re-enacting the Rat Cook and such an act would have been seen as justice. Arya is bent on revenge, not justice. She may be conflicted but that doesn't stop her from killing. The only reason she hasn't gone over completely is Nymeria. That is her link to her self.
  4. It's not to stop the WW. It's to prevent the dead from rising as wights.
  5. I'm not entirely convinced they've actually read the books, and show only folks won't know the difference. Unfortunately. I know for a fact that most people on this forum could have done a much better job of it.
  6. Ice Queen

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Character assassination? Arya has been walking the path to the dark side since the beginning. The Ghost of High Heart even calls her "dark heart". She is death anthropomorphized. Killing people with poison while wearing a false face or baking them into a pie...what's the difference? People are equally dead. Although I admit Lord Manderly's way was at least entertaining. The Freys had broken the sacred guest right, and there is no sin more unforgivable in the eyes of the gods.
  7. The Maesters want a world without magic--a Planetos version of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. That makes humans just as much a threat to the dragons as to the WW. If the dragons figure that out, humanity is quite literally toast. They and the WW would be natural allies.
  8. Correct. Viserion is a wighted fire dragon, not a ice dragon. Ice dragons breathe cold.
  9. Ice Queen

    Dany’s denial

    As Illyrio said, black or red, a dragon is still a dragon.
  10. Ice Queen

    So Now We Know...

    Not sentient enough? They've been one step ahead the whole time. They're sentient enough to know how to make more of themselves, and how to make weapons capable of killing dragons. The wights may be undead berserkers, but the White Walkers are not.
  11. Ice Queen

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    It makes you wonder if Aemon knew who Jon was.
  12. Ice Queen

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    The whole point is to have a realm woefully unprepared for the horrors they're about to fsce in the Others. The futility of war, the price paid by the common people, death, destruction, starvation and hopelessness. This is what Feast was all about. And even then, the nobility is STIL at each other's throats instead of seeing the fate that awaits them all. Now imagine you have Robert Baratheon on the throne when the threat became clear. Say what you will about Robert, but he wasn't a terrible king even if he didn't actually want the job. Once Ned explained the situation, he would have marched north, warhammer in hand, with the kingdom behind him, and been grateful to have something to do. He would have faced that threat head on. He would have found a way to ally with Mance and the wildlings. And as a united realm they would have sttod their ground. In other words, a completely different story. But just to remind everyone, this was originally supposed to be a trilogy, not the monster it's become.
  13. Ice Queen

    So Now We Know...

    Well, damn, I don't know what happened to my post. Basically, this is making me nuts because it reminds me of something I read many years ago, but I can't remember what it was or who wrote it. I think it was a natural philosophy treatise and I need to track it down. Give me time, it'll come to me. I feel like Gandalf at the Mines of Moria right now but I know I've seen something similar somewhere before. Edit: In some ways, humanity has already forgotten its past. The North Remembers, but does it really? Ned doesn't really believe that the WW are back despite more and more reports. The Starks have forgotten the history of the North and their place in it. They follow the old gods, but they don't remember what that means. The Maesters--supposedly the ultimate compendium of all human knowledge--don't believe any of it. Even when the dragons come back, the WW aren't on their radar. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. Humanity seems doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
  14. Ice Queen

    So Now We Know...

    Essentially, Bran has humanity's genetic memories or collective unconscious. There isn't much that hits at humanity's pith and core, but with no memories we could not exist as a species or learn from our mistakes, or progress at all. It would erase who we are. Maybe the point is that the NK wants to do to humans what humans have done to every other species on the planet. The third eye is a window to the unconscious--past, present and future. He can see endless streams of possibilities, including nothingness.
  15. I got a sense of that too. So what if he can't give her an heir? Dany is supposedly barren but that wouldn't stop her from taking the IT. Regardless of whether they have romantic feelings, they share a deep bond that won't be easily broken. He's confessed his worst sins and she loves him anyway, even if that love simply turns out to be a sister's love for a foster brother. Other than Sandor, he's the only man who ever willingly stuck his neck out for her. Theon did it knowing his life was on the line. Littlefinger doesn't count--she was just a pawn in his manipulations.