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    When I first read AGoT I thought it to be a more or less direct representation of medieval Britain. Of course I know it isnt a direct representation but there are many similarities. We all know about the geographical similarities and of course the wall and what have you but lately Ive been trying to figure if the 7 houses represented specific ancient powers. Im just a speculating teenager though so dont show me up to bad. I was thinking that: Stark=Scott. Tyrell=French. Martel=Spain. Lannister=English. Greyjoy=Viking. Baratheon=Welsh?. Tully=Also seems nordic. Arryn=German?. Also I thought Targaryen reminded of Rome. Andals and First Men possibly saxons and normans or something. Again this is just teenage speculation who bases all his history off of Sid Meiers ;P. Im sure Im far off here but anyhow thats what Im thinking.