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  1. That Westerosi Dude

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Well at least Ghost and Drogon didn't die. I think they have a nice little friendship North of the Wall. Drogon should be attracted to Jon and he'll come visit from time to time.
  2. That Westerosi Dude

    Wheely? Discussing the "breaking of the wheel"

    They set up for the wheel to be in motion after Bran dies. They won't want his kids as they are Starks and the Starks and the North are no longer under their rule. So can't go that easy route. Tyrion most likely will be dead. So no "intelligent" discussion. So you'll have an open throne with 6 kingdoms wanting their own on the throne well 7 depends what the Greyjoys do. Are they part of the North or went back to the Riverlands? They put the brakes on the wheel, but at some point they'll start turning it again.
  3. This episode has a very Hunger Games book 3 feel to it. Which isn't a compliment. Someone is murdered, they have a "trial" nothing happens, they wrap up the series that makes no sense the end.
  4. That Westerosi Dude

    The Reason why Night King was interested in Bran

    The script said so. That is the only explanation given.
  5. That Westerosi Dude

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    They are living in a post apocalypse world.. someone will find an apple tablet and it'll go black... the long night was nuclear winter.. dragon glass is silicon so the night king was programmed to kill by a computer chip.... Ahahaha thanks Preston.
  6. That Westerosi Dude

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    The ending, because this has turned into fan fiction and it is horrible.
  7. The Realm only consist in KL. Dorne is gone, so is The Reach and Stormlands, Riverlands is gone since the Freys are gone. No one in the West, that was abandoned. And Vale is in the North. So what realm?