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  1. WinterNathanielle

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Stannis freaking did everything to save her from Greyscale and that build up of the loving father character in the fourth episode then THIS?! Even to the last second I was hoping they'd take her off the fckin stake but NOOOOOOOOOO
  2. WinterNathanielle

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    What I kept thinking after watching was: "What will happen to the great northern conspiracy plot?" I know it's still a theory but i was excited to see it in the show, thinking that it will start at the wedding. Sansa's wedding was held, albeit a little too fast, and the great northern lords that were supposed to be there weren't. I was so hoping that at least some parts of jeyne poole's wedding will be parallel to sansa's and there will still be some assurance that there is a conspiracy between the northern lords to take winterfell from the boltons.