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  1. El Diego

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    I don't necessarily disagree with your overall point, but let's not use glib wording to downplay Robert Baratheon. He's probably the most effective soldier of his generation.
  2. El Diego

    Can Bloodraven/Bran warg Patchface...

    If that was their sole goal? Probably.
  3. El Diego

    About the Coldhands =/= Benjen thing...

    The editor thinks it's Benjen, then asks if Bran doesn't recognize him because of his face being half hidden. The editor is trying to suss out plot holes. I see nothing weird about this.
  4. Many of the southern houses do trace their roots back to First Men. But the North clearly identify more as First Men than say the Lannisters who descend from Lann the Clever. Why/how? 1. They keep the Old Gods 2. They intermarried with Andals less (don't have obvious proof of this off the top of my head, but think it's clear) 3. Don't have knights 4. Were never "conquered" by the Andals I often see people imply that everything south of the Neck is Andal (I did this myself in the show forum recently) which is patently untrue, but let's not swing too far the other way. The North clearly feels and acts different from the "South", and much of that is tied to their identity as First Men versus the Southron identity as Andal.
  5. El Diego

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Not buying it. Doesn't make sense thematically, logically, or metastory wise. I always took the description of "he" as misdirection. Of course one would assume a mystery knight is a male, but it being Lyanna makes too much sense.
  6. El Diego

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    How would Jamie even know about the thing with the crannogman and the squires?
  7. El Diego


    There are honestly so many example. The whole first book is about Cersei cheating on Robert which Ned figures out because of Robert cheating on Cersei.
  8. He seems like someone who has a conclusion in mind and then finds post-hoc explanations to confirm it. Anyway, I'm not that interested in debating this topic either (at least, not here). I was hoping to get other view points on Bloodraven's magical ability/knowledge during his mortal span.
  9. El Diego

    Who is the great other?

    People find allusions to myth/religion/history throughout the books, and they extrapolate based on that. Problem is, you can't all be right. Just because GRRM borrows something from another story doesn't mean the plot hinges on that allusion. He may just be using an image or a name for the sake of using it.
  10. I think that's fair to say, but I also don't mind us completely speculating.
  11. El Diego

    Your biggest what if?

    My biggest what if, and I'm sure it has been thoroughly discussed in this forum, is what if Rhaegar won the battle of the Trident? I initially thought it would be all rosy, Rhaegar is great and he'd depose daddy and peace would spread through the realms; but now I think about it much more critically. Rhaegar still has to explain his "abduction", multiple great houses have to be replaced, and Rhaegar was on a slow descent into prophecy madness (even if he turns out to be right, it wouldn't have made for a steady ruler).
  12. Edited the topic to avoid getting into off topic discussions about whether or not Bloodraven is actually the 3EC. Original question was about whether he had any mentorship before the CotF.
  13. 1. That he is the guy in the tree? There is plenty. That he is the entity in Bran's dreams? Fair question. Regardless, Bran had someone/something guiding him before and now, and Bloodraven got help with his powers after meeting the CotF. I'm interested to know if Bloodraven had any guidance before getting in that cave. 2. Nothing to confirm it, just that is implied through Bloodraven always knowing what's going on, and people making comments that birds spy for him (literal birds, not little birds like Varys), plus the fact that he should have that ability. 3. Very possible, only read those once a while ago.
  14. With Bran having the help of Jojen and the 3EC as sort of mentors, I wondered if Bloodraven had any help with his abilities before meeting the Children of the Forest. I think we can all agree that it is heavily implied that Bloodraven was warging while living his mortal life. I always assumed he warged into ravens at the Redgrass Field to figure out the best position, and that he used it throughout his reign as Hand and the Master of Whispers. I'm not sure if he ever used his greenseeing. It makes sense that he would have green dreams but unless he knew what they were about I'm not sure we can say he effectively utilized them (and green dreams are tough to interpret anyway, even if you know they're coming). It also doesn't seem like going north to the Wall was some grand plan of his to further his abilities; he seemed pissed at being arrested and sent to the Night's Watch. This leads me to believe that Bloodraven kind of stumbled his way through his abilities during his mortal life, honing them as much he could by himself as he knew they would be useful. He appears to be a solitary dude; he's weird enough as it is, I'm sure he didn't go around telling people what he could do. Maybe he did research on his own but I don't think he'd talk to anyone about it. I also don't think he had a 3EC telling him to come north based on how he got there. Now, maybe once he got to the Wall he started seeing stuff or communicating with someone, or maybe he just stumbled into the CotF while up there, but my take has always been that he happened to have these abilities rather than some destiny type thing that seems to be happening with Bran. What are your thoughts? 1. Is there any textual reason to believe that Bloodraven was getting mentorship before meeting the CotF? 2. Is there any speculative reason?