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  1. Reading comprehension fail on my part then. On the topic of the Netflix movies this Roma by Alfonso Cuaron looks promising.
  2. @lokisnow I am surprised to hear that the donors are so behind Helton. I would have thought that they'd be about as against him as the fanbase because he's perceived asd just not having the right pedigree for the prestigious USC job. Either way, I bet they win today if Daniels can play. UCLA is just too raw this year. But Notre Dame will probably hammer them. tOSU is really messing around and could blow this game to Maryland which would be great to see.
  3. Triskele

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    An interesting analysis of the Latino vote in 2018 suggests it's nothing unusual that is to say maybe Trump's effect is surprisingly low. Anecdotally, I had a talk with a Latina woman in the other day while Univision with Ramos was on in the background. They were talking about El Chapo, and she said he's basically the greatest guy ever who paid for people's education and healthcare and whatnot. She also said that she came to the US illegally but that the caravan was full of bad people who shouldn't be coming here.
  4. Triskele

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    I respect that criteria on ways to evaluate a #1 pick. I suppose that is up to debate. I think the reason that gravitated I to Bennett was for the reasons stated by @Maithanet. With a Russell or an Oden you can see why they were chosen #1. And both of them at least had games where they looked good. Did Bennett have a good NBA game ever?
  5. There's a thread going on this one you could check out. The reaction overall seems to be mixed leaning towards "meh." i was interested to hear that it apparently bombed at Toronto and then got retouched a bit.
  6. What are you trying to say!?! Disappointing game for Oregon there. Is Iowa supposed to be OK this year? Dear God, that photo of Zion upthread. He's coming for us all.
  7. Triskele

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    That GOP Jesus is one of those great times where the execution lived up to the concept. Outstanding. Sorry that Abrams cannot win, but I'm inspired on how she went out swinging and called out Kemp's bullshit. Just saw her non-concession speech (or the most salient part), and it was so on the nose.
  8. It certainly sounds like season 4 is a totally standalone new story, anthology style. So there's absolutely no reason that you'd need to see S3 first. But I will say that I thought S3 was quite good. Minor spoilers about the overall storyline:
  9. Triskele

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    I'm reminded looking back on the thread that a major correction is needed. A few posts up I'd suggested, based off of the internet, that NuSi had been paid obscene salaries just because. There's evidence that was not the case provided here by previous critic Stephen Guyenet who I have quoted earlier.
  10. Triskele

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Someone who has the talent that Elon Musk is alleged to have needs to invent a substance that is like a reverse gun powder. You drop it on the fire and it spreads backwards, eating and extinguishing the fire. Now right there I have provided the vision of what must be.
  11. Triskele

    MLB 2018: Bonfire of the Metropolitans

    A piece making the case that the Cardinals and Bryce Harper would be a good fit. I'm skeptical just because of the price tag, but I sure would love to have an actual star player again. It's been a likable but fairly anonymous bunch in recent years.
  12. Triskele

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    Man, that Lockett catch was clearly not a catch on the best angle of the replay. And now Seattle gets the score. McCarthy strikes again. We'll see if Rodgers can bail him out. ETA: And then McCarthy takes it out of Rodger's hands on 4th and 2 to punt with only one timeout, and Seattle promptly gets one 1st down and kneels. McCarthy has to go. Rodgers' remaining years cannot be wasted like this. And I fully acknowledge that you never know for sure what you'll get, but is there any actual reason to think McCarthy is a good coach rather than a guy who had a special QB? ETA2: Here's the case that I'm overreacting. In the last four weeks the Packers have had @ LA Rams, @ New England, and @ Seattle. That's about as brutal a month as you could ever imagine in the NFL, and while they lost all three of those games they barely lost all three. Could you imagine if they'd gone 4-0 in that stretch? And they're literally only three plays away from having gone 0-4 in that stretch.
  13. Triskele

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Is this the worst #1 overall pick in modern sports history? Man, Portland is off to a really nice start but is already 0-2 against the Lakers which really takes the euphoria down a level.
  14. Triskele

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    You know with how much Trump keeps score he has to be seeing every one of these late call races breaking Dem. Has to be just ruining his already terrible mood.
  15. Triskele


    How much of it is Big Pharma influence versus just aiming to keep hippies from getting their leaf attitudes? I think it's hard to say.