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    House Arryn appreciation thread

    Well he did it because he had no choice really, but it was still impressive. But he was honestly one of the worst hands we know about. Bad decisions across the board.
  2. lyannaisalive

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    Isn't he in his 20's when he attacks Marcella?
  3. lyannaisalive

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    Ive always had a n issue with the fact that Aegon is real. I don't know if he is really Asharas son but it feels more likely then him being the real Aegon. I liked one theory that she is living in Greywater watch as Howlands wife and mother of his children. Someone has a theory that Meera could be Jons twin, right age and similar features.
  4. lyannaisalive

    What if the Mad King had succeeded in burning King's Landing?

    Ned was on his way to Kings landing. Robert was seriously wounded so Ned took the vangaurd. Tywin was worried because if Ned made it into the city it would likely come to a battle between the two because a that Point Ned would still think Tywin loyal to Aerys.I believe Ned actually took Tywin by surprise because of how fast he marched on Kings landing. It was well after the sacking that Ned found Jaime on the throne. Not to mention Ned was honorable, the Lannisters were hated after that sacking, Ned would have ordered his men to gain control, including killing the Lannister army to do it.
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    What if the Mad King had succeeded in burning King's Landing?

    No offense but it feels like you have a lot of happy endings in here. He could rebuild Kings landing, or he would likely need to rule from Oldtown. Sure it could be Storms end but it's not really the ideal place. Even when Aegon invaded everyone thought he would rule from old town except he had Kings landing built. Stannis and Robert hated each other anyway, he gave him Dragon Stone as an insult, he would have found another way, probably giving him the burned remains of Kings landing fi he did choose Storms landing as his seat. Except Roberts Rebellion was the catalyst for Elias death. SHe was never in danger until that point. In fact, if you believe the evidence Raehgar was going to peacefully remove his father from the throne and Jon Arryn escalated it all. Dorne still holds them responsible, especially Oberyn. You can directly lay the death of Elia and her children at the hands of Robert no matter the outcome. And everyone knows that Dany was born on dragon stone, no one thought they were in Kings landing. Tyrion likely becomes Lord of Castelry Rock unless Robert names someone else as punishment for not rallying to him from the beginning. but Tyrion doesn't marry a commoner, he would marry someone of Noble birth close to the Starks or Baratheons. Robert still marries Cersei. She's really the only one of age worthy of the marriage and they still need Casterly Rock. The North and Riverlands were bound by marriage, The vale the North and Stormlands were bound by Ned, Robert and Jon. they still have to get Casteryl Rock and the best way is marriage. I think the difference is Cersei doesn't have the control she had with Tywin dead. Jon made concessions to Tywin, not Cersei. You then bring in the Reach by betroth Margery to Robb and interestingly enough, possibly Dany to Roberts first borne. Dorne is still angry but will be nullified still be Jon Arryn. see above. Littlefinger is still at play, he is responsible for Arryns death, not Cersei. Chaos is a latter, he will find a way to create it. You also leave out Ifanother possible catalyst, Jon Snow.
  6. lyannaisalive

    Rob Stark was really not that great of a General

    Tactically it was the right move, in fact, if you look at the board it was the best move a commander made in the book IMO. Renly had crowned himself and had 100,000 men at his back. Robb had two choices, move south or west. IF he goes south Tywin either moves against him or retreats south to Kings landing. EIther way Robb loses a lot of his army and risks fighting with Renly as well. BUt going West was the genius move Sure another army was being gathered but it was relatively small and full of the bench warmers. Robb annihilated them and had complete control of Tywins lands. Robb was going to beat Tywin in the field from that point on, Tywin could not beat Robb unless his men simply prevailed in the battle. Robbs men would have had food, rest and most importantly the better position. They simply could have waited and Tywin would have to come to him if he doesn't then Robb still wins. Greyjoy was going to attack the North whether he had Theon or not. Robb was outnumbered and wa less experienced. Robb played the board right but was to Naeve and ignored the politics because of his honor.
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    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    I think Gerold Dayne might be her son. HEr son raised as her brother to save the families name and honor.
  8. lyannaisalive

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    Jon's mother has to be Lyanna, there is no evidence to support she is Jons mother. I doubt NEd killed Lyannas son and there is nobody else that that could be Lyannas son
  9. lyannaisalive

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    She's not dead. For him to specifically add that nobody actually saw the death or her body means she's not dead and has some role to play later on.
  10. lyannaisalive

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    ive got a couple of tmy own I would appreciate some opinions on. Hardhome and TOJ