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  1. I thought that Jaime wasn't that same jerk he was in season 1////clearly he had to let Brienne down hard so she could move one...he never insulted her etc...he put it all on him...S 1 Jaime would never have done that. I think he went to KL no knowing if he would find Cercie as the mad queen and try to stop her...or try to save her if she was losing. I meant saving her body and child. Maybe he was hoping for an exiled Cercie with no teeth and eventually they could have a normal life...who knows but he had def become a better person/character.
  2. I agree the way they died wasn't what anyone expected. But have to admit the acting was awesome...the few words they said...mostly Cercie....Lena Heady really sold that scene. Too bad the rubble ended it all so soon.
  3. funny....when Lady Olenna told the high septon she could smell a fraud a mile away...I believed her. The high septon does have a hidden agenda. I also think he is a Targaryen supporter...maybe in league with Varys....we shall see soon enough!
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