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  1. JonStarkIII

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I thought that Jaime wasn't that same jerk he was in season 1////clearly he had to let Brienne down hard so she could move one...he never insulted her etc...he put it all on him...S 1 Jaime would never have done that. I think he went to KL no knowing if he would find Cercie as the mad queen and try to stop her...or try to save her if she was losing. I meant saving her body and child. Maybe he was hoping for an exiled Cercie with no teeth and eventually they could have a normal life...who knows but he had def become a better person/character.
  2. JonStarkIII

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I agree the way they died wasn't what anyone expected. But have to admit the acting was awesome...the few words they said...mostly Cercie....Lena Heady really sold that scene. Too bad the rubble ended it all so soon.
  3. JonStarkIII

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    I think Jaime and Breinne were not just one night....but maybe a few days or a week...Remember its announced he is staying in Winterfell...and soon after he learns the contents of the message concerning Danys defeats etc.....thats when he decides to leave....Im not sure if he is going to help rescue Cercei or to prevent her from doing further harm. He knows she blew up the Sept and everyone in it....so maybe hes trying to prevent another mad king episode with wildfire blowing up the city...of course Dany could do that on accident with dragon fire. But I think Jaime was being tough on Brienne as not to hurt her. He treated her like a dick so she wouldn't pine after him forever.
  4. JonStarkIII

    Baby Dragons

    I have read this theory.....somewhere...it basically says that Drogon layed and hatch some eggs while Dany was queen of Mereen. During that season we barely say Drogon....just when he/she burned some sheep and at the end of that season when he/she rescued Dany from the fighting pits and the sons of the harpy. I am guessing in the trailer for this episode is that Euron sees not just Drogon but a few other dragons in the sky. This may be far fetched...but Id love to see more dragons....and as its been a few seasons since they've been in Merren Id guess if there are baby dragons they are big enough to cause some major damage. Let me know what you guys think.....enjoy this episode tomorrow evening.
  5. JonStarkIII

    Death scene: Theon

    I thought the Stark's treated him very well///he was especially close to Robb and fought for him Cat was right when she said not to send Theon home to make an alliance. His father and the Iron born treated him like shit and messed with his head. I think he was more of a Stark then a Greyjoy and proved it at the end.
  6. JonStarkIII

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    I have a feeling Sansa will go to KL with the rest for the war for the crown. Plus I think that she and Cercei have to meet again for Cercei to see Sansa is no longer a little dove.....but a strong woman who learned alot at Cercei's elbow.
  7. I noticed when Euron presented Harry to Cercei....when he was finished with his little speech and bowed he smirked....Im wondering if Harry is Jaqen in disguise or for that matter Euron is...Jaqen always had a soft spot for Arya...I could see him wanting to stop evil or whatever it is takeover the world and also to help at Winterfell with Arya/Starks....but theres not alot of time for him to get there is my theory is right...unless they hang back at KL and help the survivors later....another idea is maybe Dario is one of the members of the Golden Co. We shall see....
  8. JonStarkIII

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    funny....when Lady Olenna told the high septon she could smell a fraud a mile away...I believed her. The high septon does have a hidden agenda. I also think he is a Targaryen supporter...maybe in league with Varys....we shall see soon enough!