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  1. Dragon's Daughter

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    It's too bad that they weren't good with bows that could reach longer than Westerosi bows. And that the walls were so jam packed that there wouldn't have been any place for them to shoot burning arrows like the handful of warriors they bothered to put up there. /sarcasm
  2. Dragon's Daughter

    Targaryen + non-Targaryen children always favor the non-Targ parent?

    In the House of the Undying Dany saw a tall, Dothraki-looking man with Targaryen colouring she assumed to be Rhaego. Since this was just a vision we don't know with certainty if it was accurate, but given most of the other visions I'd assume that is what Rhaego would look like had he not been (cursed and?) stillborn.