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  1. If you went to college in the 1950s you were from a wealthy, well-connected family to begin with. That probably helped more than the degree as such.
  2. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    McLaren was very successful under Dennis in the 1980s and early 90s. After that, not so much. They won the drivers championship in 1998 and 1999 with Mika Häkkinen and 2008 with Lewis Hamilton. They also won the constructors championship 1998. That's something but not that great for a time span of 25 years. And most of it can be attributed to Mercedes engines and Adrian Newey. Meanwhile, Hamilton has signed a two-year contract with Mercedes. So each of the top three has one of their drivers fixed. Bottas fixed for 2019.
  3. Loge

    Cycling 2018 - TDF, puff the magic cyclist.

    Has been a long time since I last watched a Tour. Froome maybe No 1 at Sky but he still has to do something to earn that yellow jersey. Thomas can't openly go against Froome but I don't think Thomas will go out of his way to avoid winning the Tour either. The stage to Alpe d'Huez was an opportunity for Froome. He tried and failed. There aren't that many opportunities left to gain that minute and a half. Is he that much better at time trials? The whole Tour could just end like yesterday's stage.
  4. Loge

    Catalan thread continued

    They'd have to drop the rebellion charge to get him extradited. They prefer not to do that. Not having him extradited allows them to let the rebellion charge stand, which means he can't return to Spain for the foreseeable future.
  5. The EU parliament has rejected the directive for now. It will now have to be revised before it's voted on again.
  6. Loge

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Yet another author who blames piracy for poor sales. Maybe piracy hurts, maybe not. It's not really the issue, though. There must be a lot of bootlegged Harry Potter copies out there. Still sold a lot of copies. The truth is that very few authors get rich from sales. Always has been that way. Even GRR Martin's career failed after the Armaggeddon Rag. No piracy to blame there.
  7. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    Boullier is out at McLaren. I doubt that that's enough to turn things around.
  8. Loge

    Babylon 5

    Babylon 5 ran on a rather limited budget and was broadcast in NTSC, which wasn't exactly high definition, so the special effects didn't have to be very good. There also was the threat of cancellation and the show lost its lead character after season one, which required major changes to the main story arc. Still, it was a great show.
  9. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Schäuble hasn't been a member of the government since last year's elections. He is the speaker (president) of the Bundestag now. Olaf Scholz of the Social Democrats is minister of finance now. Not that it changed anything. So Seehofer is going to stay after all? The Postillion couldn't make this up.
  10. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Looks a bit as if Seehofer has overplayed his hand. The party doesn't seem ready to pull out of the coalition yet.
  11. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    These were two interesting weekends. Vettel screwed up both times and still comes out one point ahead of Hamilton. Watching him plow through the field after the start accident in France was quite impressive. The Austrian grand prix saw quite a few DNFs. I wonder what's up there. Maybe the altitude. And everybody was struggling with the tyres. The Ferraris should have been able to win, though. They definitely had the pace. They had the best start, too, but got stuck and lost positions rather than gain. At least not another accident. All six cars with Ferrari engines in the points. Mercedes are still best in qualifying but they have to worry as Ferrari seems to be faster over the race distance. They did a much better job managing their tyres, too. And a good job by Verstappen. On the driver market, the silly season will probably last till the end of the year. If Hamilton wins another title, he'll probably retire. But that won't be clear before the end of the season. So, everybody will postpone signing new contracts as long as possible, particularly Ricciardo.
  12. Looks like it's way too late to stop this. It's a rather complicated matter and if they wanted to convince the public that this is a bad thing they should have started to explain it much earlier. Just telling people that it's bad won't do. Now the thing is in the process off being passed and we have the FIFA world cup, so nobody pays attention anyway. Then everybody will be off for the summer holidays.
  13. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Right now there isn't really anybody. Certainly not within her own CDU. Jens Spahn is the consevative wing's hopeful, but it's probably too early for him. If Merkel were to resign for health reasons (no known issues, but let's assume for argument's sake), the party would probably pick von der Leyen, Klöckner, or Kramp-Karrenbauer. All rather weak candidates but Merkel-loyalists. If she resigned because of a power struggle within the party, the successor would have to come from the winning side. Right now that probably would have to be somebody from the CSU. Then of course the CSU could leave the alliance with the CDU and operate nation-wide. Nobody knows what would happen then, mid-term. It wouldn't really change anything immediately. As for the other parties, the most natural way to get Merkel kicked out of office would be the Social Democrats winning the next elections, but that doesn't look likely right now. Right now Merkel's position is fairly strong as she has been elected for the term and the Bundestag would have to elect somebody else to kick her out. As simple vote of no confidence wouldn't do. So she could reshuffle her coalition (CSU out, Greens in) without a vote in parliament. What that would do to her party is another matter, but she has never seemed to care much about that.
  14. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    The official announcement is out. Now Red Bull must find their driver lineup for next year. As for Alonso, after winning at Le Mans he talked of the "triple crown," which is the Monaco GP, Le Mans and Indianapolis. So it seems possible that he leaves F1 for IRL, or splits his time between the two. Renault don't look like they could win a championship any soon (say within the next two years), and apparently McLaren has Indianapolis ambitions. Alonso also seems to have signed up with Toyota to do the full WEC superseason ending with next years Le Mans 24 hours. All of that leaves a departure from F1 more likely than a change of team.
  15. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    The BBC has some coverage, too. This could be an entertaining summer. There's all sorts of speculation already, like the CSU pulling out of the coalition and the Greens joining instead. Doesn't look like the CDU is ready to kick Merkel out yet, though. There just isn't anybody to replace her.