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  1. Loge

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    No, the UK crashes out by default. The House's vote is irrelevant. The only way to prevent hard Brexit is to accept one of the alternatives, i.e. May's deal or no Brexit. The House can vote against hard Brexit as much as it likes. I may as well vote for better weather.
  2. Loge

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    Because it didn't. They may have voted against no deal, but that's meaningless unless they also vote to either accept May's deal or to revoke Article 50.
  3. Loge

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    Those 200 millions must have bought them something. What reports I have seen were rather vague about the extent of the rights they bought. One thing is certain, though. They now have Tolkien estate on board. The movies couldn't use anything not mentioned in LotR and the Hobbit because Tolkien estate opposed the project. With Christopher Tolkien out and the new leadership favouring adaptions it's just a matter of money.
  4. Loge

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    His current term ends in November. The question is if he could have another. Haven't seen anything suggesting that he couldn't.
  5. Loge

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    As far as I know Tusk could be re-elected. Juncker isn't running again. Right now Manfred Weber of the EPP (German Christian Democrats, Bavarian CSU) has the best chances to get elected by the European Parliament. That of course means there is no way Merkel could run for the post of president of the European Council. Not sure how Tusk's chances are. His own government didn't want him last time around but that didn't stop the council from electing him then.
  6. Loge

    UK Politics : Groundhog May

    The two year A 50 period can't be extended by more than 3 months without messing up the upcoming elections for the EU parliament. These elections are to take place in May. Is the UK to participate? It would have to if it isn't certain that it has left by the time the new parliament convenes.
  7. Loge

    Popular shows you quit on

    Has been a long time since I watched that show. The thing about season 5 is that the show was expected to be cancelled after season 4, so they rushed some plot lines to have a conclusion. They also shot a final episode that was supposed to be the finale to the whole series, and set up the plot for a successor. That episode was then aired as the finale of season 5. I'm not sure that the reasons for Claudia Christian leaving the show have ever been disclosed.
  8. Some good news for a change: The council has rejected the directive.
  9. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    Arrivabene out at Ferrari. Let's see how they do under Binotto.
  10. Because they want to catch the person(s) operating the thing(s)?
  11. Loge

    International News Thread

    Tax on Diesel fuel is still substantially lower in Germany than on normal gasoline. For all the outrage about Dieselgate, the German government used to promote the Diesel as a means to lower carbon dioxide emissions, and still does. France also used to promote the Diesel, though more for protectionist reasons. It was a way of keeping the Japanese manufacturers out of the European market. I'm not so sure how the German public would react if that tax advantage was taken away. On the other hand, we swallowed Merkel's VAT raise by three percentage points without any protests...
  12. Loge

    International News Thread

    Here is a fun bit: Yanis Varoufakis is running for the EU parliament - in Germany
  13. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    Was there just some mistake? I don't think so. Looks more like Claire Williams just isn't up to the job. Things have really gone downhill since Toto Wolff left for Mercedes. But F1 has seen formerly successful teams decline before. March, Brabham, Lotus - Williams and McLaren are actually the last survivors of that era. And Ferrari of course. Looks a bit like an independent team without the backing of a big carmaker can't really be competitive these days. So now we have the driver lineup for next year. Never heard of Alexander Albon. Kubica is a strange choice but Williams need an experienced driver if there is to be any chance to improve their car. Will be interesting to see how Daniil Kvyat does and how Gasly's promotion to Red Bull works out.
  14. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Well, Die Zeit never retracted their story and it's back in the media. As for the SPD, of course it isn't just Nahles, but she has been part of the party leadership for some time. There won't be any radical change while she is party chair. ETA: Meanwhile, Seehofer has confirmed his resignation as party chair.
  15. Loge

    German politics xth attempt

    Seehofer is resigning as party chair, according to Zeit: https://www.zeit.de/2018/46/horst-seehofer-csu-vorsitz-aufgabe-ministerposten/komplettansicht I wonder how much longer Nahles can cling to her post. Her party is doing worst of the three coalition partners. Would be funny if she was the one chair who stays. Looking at the opinion polls, the SPD can't just go on like this. They're approaching single digit territory.