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  1. For what it's worth, I like Curling. It's the only event at the Winter Olympics I watch.
  2. The Olympic village is still a thing. Not really a village anymore, though, with 15,000 inhabitants. Some events have to be held outside the host city, like sailing. Road cycling saw the time trials at the Fuji racetrack. The road races started in Tokyo but ended on the Fuji track. I think football (soccer) is spread over multiple cities as you need more than one stadium for a tournament.
  3. They are also generally wary of technology. Computers are strictly forbidden.
  4. Your saying so proves that it works as it's supposed to.
  5. Allegedly she fell out with her ghostwriter, so she had to finish the book on her own. Or had her staff do it by copy and paste.
  6. The article doesn't say they can't afford a regular flight, but that there's a lack of connections because of the pandemic.
  7. Anybody who can afford the trip to Tokyo should be able to get vaccinated. They certainly don't have trouble procuring ... other types of medication. Got my second dose of Moderna this morning. Now two more weeks before I'll be officially vaccinated.
  8. Idon't know the authors or the site, but this seems to be a good piece about the cost of hosting the Olympics: https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/economics-hosting-olympic-games
  9. Yes, but those comparisons are beside the point to begin with. The question was if Hamburg is big enough to host the games, and it definitely is. As for the financial side, Hamburg would have the support of the federal government, which Los Angeles lacks.
  10. That episode would have been a lot better without any light.
  11. Hamburg is not a small city. And its government was confident that they could handle the games. It was the populace that opposed the idea. And Hamburg wasn't the only city to withdraw its bid. Rome and Budapest did the same. That left Paris and Los Angeles as the only remaining candidates for the 2024 and 2028 games respectively. So the IOC didn't even bother with a competition for 2032 and chose Brisbane out of hand.
  12. I don't really expect cancellation either, but people already being there isn't the reason. In other news, Brisbane has been selected to host the 3032 games. https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/australias-brisbane-named-host-2032-summer-games-2021-07-21/
  13. Last year's Australian Grand Prix was cancelled when people were already lining up for admission.
  14. Ain't no such thing as a crew there. Only passengers.
  15. People in Germany are quite obsessed with their summer vacations. They won't miss those for a vaccination. And as we'll have federal elections in September, no politician is ready to tell them they can't travel. Instead, the narrative has been that we don't have to worry about Corona before autumn.
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