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  1. Loge

    Was Robb drugged?

    Robb was administered a love potion. And Jeyne was given a contraceptive. Sybel Westerling was in cahoots with Tywin Lannister. He couldn't beat Robb on the battle field, so he brought him down through intrigue.
  2. Loge

    International Thread 4

    I always thought those rape charges against Julian Assange were fishy. Looks like they were: https://www.republik.ch/2020/01/31/nils-melzer-about-wikileaks-founder-julian-assange I don't know that publication but what Melzer says about the case doesn't let Western democracies and their judicial systems look good.
  3. Loge

    What if Theon came to Pyke naked?

    Balon's plan to conquer the North just wasn't thought through, as Asha stated at the kingsmoot. He was trying to have it both ways, stick to the old ways and have an empire. The old ways means being a bunch of pirates. But if the Ironborn wanted to rule the North they'd have to settle down there, take up farming and become respectable. Balon would have had to become what Theon was when he came back.
  4. Loge

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    You obviously cross a line when you break the law. Nobody should be allowed to get away with that just because there is demand. But spreading gossip isn't a crime. Hacking people's phones is, the though. No excuse for that.
  5. That didn't stop the Targaryens in the past. Sure, it has been a while since they last practised polygamy, but there is precedent. If Aerys could marry his sister, then why should Rhaegar not be able to have a second wife? He could either just have ignored Westerosi custom or found a loophole, citing his wife's inability to have more children or something of that sort.
  6. Obviously, Rhaegar didn't plan to produce an heir with Lyanna. But after the death of Aegon and Rhaenys, Jon is the heir. The marriage was obviously kept secret, though at least some of the Kingsguard must have known. It's one of the story's big mysteries, of course. Rhaegar definitely didn't have his marriage annulled. That's definitely something he couldn't have kept secret. As for legitimising Jon, IIRC that's the king's prerogative. Rhaegar couldn't do it.
  7. There's also the Kingsguard's presence at the Tower of Joy, which doesn't make sense if neither Lyanna nor Jon were part of the royal family. If on the other hand, Rhaegar and Lyanna were married, then Jon is the heir to the throne and the ToJ is the very place for the Kingsguard to be.
  8. Loge

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    Tabloids are driven by money. Stories about the Royals sell and royal weddings are rare. So, most of their footage is gossip. But the culprit, if you need to blame somebody, is the British public, particularly the people who buy tabloids. As for Harry and Meghan, apparently they keep their titles as Royal Highnesses, but won't use them anymore. Whatever that means. And according to the Guardian, the queen didn't particularly like their attempt at being part time Royals and effectively fired them. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/18/harry-meghan-buckingham-palace-deal-analysis
  9. Loge

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    I think Steinmeier did a bit more than appeal to Schultz. IIRC, he talked to all parties. And apparently, he told them that he wouldn't call new elections, which only he could. So the prospect was a Merkel-led minority government. Now one might argue that this would have been better for the SPD than another coalition, but apparently their leadership didn't think so.
  10. There were no German citizens on the plane, but three German residents, an Afghan woman and her two children who were granted asylum in Germany. Could be they had German travel documents of some kind.
  11. Loge

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    Who says the president of (say) Italy is or should be a merely ceremonial position? You forget that most countries have much more complex party system than the US, so there often isn't an obvious winner after an election. The president will then mediate the process of forming a government. Not sure about Italy but it did happen in Germany. Angela Merkel wouldn't have got another term in office if the president (a social democrat and former foreign minister) hadn't intervened. And of course coalitions can break up mid-term and new ones formed. Nothing undemocratic about that. People elect parliament, parliament elects and fires governments as it sees fit. The president often has some limited power to block legislation if they deem it unconstitutional. They don't have to sign whatever is put in front of them, like certain monarchs. They're supposed to check the stuff they sign.
  12. Loge

    Littlefinger's Plans

    Littlefinger's wealth might be a bit overrated. He certainly doesn't hold vast lands. As for stealing money from the crown, he may have filled his pockets but there is no way that is the reason for the debt. Robert just spent a lot. Made him popular as a king but left a big problem for his successors. Governments do that all the time in the real world. If Littlefinger really had stolen all that money he would have to keep it somewhere. He couldn't put it into some bank account in Braavos, he'd have to store all the gold somewhere, physically. Where would that be?
  13. Unlike fossil fuel, minerals don't disappear as we use them. All the metal that has ever been mined is still around. We may run out of ore at some point, be we can always recycle the stuff we have. Whatever mining an ancient civilisation might have done wouldn't have removed the minerals from Earth either (unless they used them to build starships). As for fossil fuels, we obviously need to stop using them long before they run out because of the greenhouse effect. That would have been true for an ancient civilisation as well.
  14. That is far from certain. There is a good chance that Cersei and Jaime are actually Aerys's children. As for Cersei's reading of the prophecy, people misinterpreting prophecies and making them happen by the very things they do to prevent them is a classic in literature. It's fairly obvious (just not to Cersei) that Dany the is younger queen. The part about her children is pretty straight forward. Joff and Tommen have both been crowned king already, and Joff is dead. Tommen will bite the dust at some point, and so will Myrcella, but she will be crowned queen before that. (I don't think that attempt in Dorne counts.) The only thing we are not sure about is the valonquar, but it's fairly obvious that it's not Tyrion. Has to be Jaime then.
  15. If you are thinking of infectious diseases, that probably would be your least worry. Without any humans around, there isn't anybody you could catch a disease from. Of course, the interesting question is: If there's alien life out there, how alien is it really? Was the earth just infected with life or did life start on its own? I haven't read the books (nor watched season 4 yet), so I don't know if the series addresses this.