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  1. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    Looks like it really is pay TV in the majority of countries these days, especially if you want full live coverage, but there's always some kind of free coverage in the core markets. Formula 1 is expensive, and it's a highly commercial sport. The money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere has to be the audience, one way or another. Ticket sales aren't anywhere near enough. Sponsor money alone isn't, either. TV broadcasting fees have been a vital part of F1's revenue for decades. I'd rather not see public broadcasters pour money into this. That leaves commercial free TV, pay TV, or streaming services. We have it on free-to-air commercial TV in Germany. They provide decent coverage, but you miss about half the race because of the ads. Pay TV provides better coverage, but if you aren't interested in football it's quite pricey. At the end of the day it all depends on how much interested you are, though. Formula 1 is a business. It's owners want to maximise profit, not the size of the audience. A larger TV audience means more advertising / sponsorship money. On the other hand, there's the broadcasting fees. Pay TV channels tend to pay more than free TV broadcasters. So, they have to find a balance between maximising the audience and maximising the TV revenue. That's why even Ecclestone would give exclusivity to Sky in Germany. Their subscriber base is just too small. In the UK, you are a victim of football. It made pay TV popular enough to make exclusivity viable.
  2. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    I don't think this is true outside the UK and maybe Italy. And even in the UK you should be able to subscribe to F1's streaming channel. Costs money, but not nearly as much as a Sky subscription.
  3. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    So, it looks like Lawrence Stroll is buying Force India. Good news for the team, I guess. Bad news for Williams. Let's see if they can get an approval from the other teams.
  4. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    I wouldn't bet on Mercedes staying. For now they do because they are very successful, but they'll probably pull out as soon as they lose that dominance to another team. They're already pulling out of DTM, where they have been competing much longer than in Formula 1, in favour of Formula E. If Formula 1 ditches the MGU-H then that's probably it for Mercedes.
  5. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    Ricciardo has signed a contract with Renault. Not exactly what everybody expected. Will be interesting to see what happens with Force India. Like Williams, they have benefitted from the superiority of the Mercedes engines over the last couple of years. Without that advantage they will have a hard time. Mercedes have denied that they want to turn them into their B team, but that would probably the best solution for the team. I wonder how much longer Williams can survive. With the loss of their sponsor at the end of the season the situation looks grim.
  6. Loge

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Not much of a bicycle person, but I was in a similar situation a few months ago. You probably want a trekking or city bike. There's a huge variety of them and also quite a price range. Spending more will usually buy you a better drivetrain, disk brakes, better light, etc and also less weight. Some things are down to personal preferences. Do you want a sprung front fork? I decided against it but it might be nice on bumpy roads (e.g. cobble). Gear hub vs. derailleur gears? I opted for derailleur but if you want as little maintenance work as possible a gear hub might be better. Your remark regarding aesthetics suggests that you might be the type who prefers old school steel frames, as they were standard back in the 1980s and before. They seem to have a bit of a renaissance. Not particularly lightweight, though. And of course, bikes come in different sizes, just like clothes. Make sure you get one that fit you. It's a bit late in the year, BTW. I bought mine in May, and that was way too late already. Ended up spending twice as much as I had panned, because the cheaper models (that fit my requirements) were sold out in my size. It's a very nice bike, though, if a bit overkill for my needs. On the other hand, buying out of season, e.g. in the winter, might get you a discount...
  7. Loge

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Well, running in a thunderstorm isn't a good idea. https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20787944/what-runners-should-know-about-lightning/ Maybe they could have postponed the race but you can keep the roads closed only so long. That's the downside of running through a central part of a big city.
  8. Loge

    Shopping Cart Craziness

    The deposit thing came up around 1990. I don't think the issue was people leaving the cart in the parking lot, though. They would leave them in the street or downright steal them. Not sure hoe effective the deposit is, but German retailers have stuck to it. I'm always slightly annoyed by it because you have to make sure you always have a fitting coin in your pocket.
  9. Loge

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    Works for me.
  10. Loge

    Cycling 2018 - TDF, puff the magic cyclist.

    That's it for Froome. Even the podium isn't safe after this stage. Another strong performance by Thomas.
  11. Loge

    Cycling 2018 - TDF, puff the magic cyclist.

    And another day without change in the GC. This looks really good for Thomas. Tomorrow is the last chance for Froome and Dumoulin to make a move. Then it's down to the time trial.
  12. If you went to college in the 1950s you were from a wealthy, well-connected family to begin with. That probably helped more than the degree as such.
  13. Loge

    Formula One 2018

    McLaren was very successful under Dennis in the 1980s and early 90s. After that, not so much. They won the drivers championship in 1998 and 1999 with Mika Häkkinen and 2008 with Lewis Hamilton. They also won the constructors championship 1998. That's something but not that great for a time span of 25 years. And most of it can be attributed to Mercedes engines and Adrian Newey. Meanwhile, Hamilton has signed a two-year contract with Mercedes. So each of the top three has one of their drivers fixed. Bottas fixed for 2019.
  14. Loge

    Cycling 2018 - TDF, puff the magic cyclist.

    Has been a long time since I last watched a Tour. Froome maybe No 1 at Sky but he still has to do something to earn that yellow jersey. Thomas can't openly go against Froome but I don't think Thomas will go out of his way to avoid winning the Tour either. The stage to Alpe d'Huez was an opportunity for Froome. He tried and failed. There aren't that many opportunities left to gain that minute and a half. Is he that much better at time trials? The whole Tour could just end like yesterday's stage.
  15. Loge

    Catalan thread continued

    They'd have to drop the rebellion charge to get him extradited. They prefer not to do that. Not having him extradited allows them to let the rebellion charge stand, which means he can't return to Spain for the foreseeable future.