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  1. Would be nice for Hülkenberg but that's really short notice. At least the factory is right next to the track.
  2. Italy also had two races too in those days. The Italian GP at Monza and the San Marino GP at Imola. Later, in Alonso's heyday, Spain had two races. The Spanish GP at Barcelona and the European GP at Sevilla.
  3. TV coverage is from Formula One and the same worldwide. Sky and the other TV channels produce the comments and some extra coverage from the pit lane. There is a streaming service in some countries but it never lived up to what was originally promised. You get the F1-produced video and the audio from one of the TV channels. The German comment used to be RTL but it's Sky now. It's bit weird because the what's on screen doesn't always match the audio. When there's an interview in the pit lane you won't see that person on screen as that's Sky's footage, not Formula One's. Ecclestone didn't care about the internet. Things were supposed to change with the Liberty takeover but I guess the TV rights sell better in a bundle with the streaming rights. Both have hosted Formula One races in the past. The last GP on the Nürburgring was 2013. After that it was Hockenheim only. There also was a time when both tracks hosted a GP in the same year, but the one on the Nürburgring wasn't called the German GP. This year's won't be either. Then the German GP alternated between the Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring for while but that ended when the Nürburgring went bankrupt.
  4. Has been a long time since I did any observing. The first thing you need is a place that's really dark. Any kind of light will seriously impact your night vision. If you have been watching Jupiter already, you can watch the four Galilean moons and how their position changes from day to day. And if you see Jupiter as a disk you can try Venus. Like the Moon, it's only partly lit, so you should see phases. And of course there's all kinds of star clusters and "nebulae." M31 (the Andromeda galaxy) should be a good subject. As for telescopes, there's quite a choice these days. What beginners usually underestimate: a telescope's most important part is the mount. Without a good mount your image will always be wobbly. For the optics, the diameter is the key parameter. A telescope is the more powerful the larger the aperture is. There are generally two types: refractors (which use lenses) and reflectors (which use mirrors). Reflectors usually offer more bang for the buck in terms of aperture. There are also different types of mount. You have to compensate for the earth's rotation or your object will move out of the telescope's field of view really fast. Equatorial mounts have one axis aligned with the earth's axis of rotation. Once set up, you then only have to move the telescope around that axis. With simpler altazimuth mounts you have to move around two axes simultaneously. That used to be rather cumbersome but these days there are computer-controlled clock drives. They need power though, which isn't always available in those dark places where you have got a good night sky. Joining a club might be a good idea. And read the "Sky and Telescope" magazine.
  5. As far as the TV rights are concerned, I can't see that Liberty are any better than Ecclestone. They just sold the exclusive rights for Germany to Sky, which Ecclestone has always refused to do. That's going to cost Formula One about 90 percent of its audience here. Their streaming service is also going away. You have to buy Sky's instead.
  6. The thing about the city circuits is that they require months of preparation work. IIRC, they need to start in May to host the Singapore GP in September. They probably could have had the race but they couldn't be sure when they had to make the decision. Other tracks are located in public parks that have to be closed to the public when the track is prepared for the GP. You can't hold races there whenever it suits Formula One. Another thing is logistics. Formula One travels with a minimum crew and it is strictly divided into "bubbles." Members of one bubble aren't supposed to mingle with members of other bubbles. Travelling overseas has to be a nightmare under these circumstances if it's possible at all. The three continents rule has been waived for this season.
  7. Three more races confirmed. Nürburgring, Portimao, and Imola.
  8. Methane is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, so even small quantities matter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_potential
  9. You focus on the wrong things. Rather than wait for that biceps to grow you should watch how you get better at whatever exercise you do. If you run regularly you should be able to run longer distances after some time, or run the same distance faster. And whatever trouble you have at the beginning should disappear as you get into shape. Monitoring your runs helps. A GPS watch or smart watch makes that easy.
  10. Well, that botched start cost Bottas a lot of time. And everybody was struggling with the tyres. Red Bull seem to have managed theirs better than Ferrari but their pace wasn't anywhere near that of Mercedes.
  11. Ricciardo probably did the right thing. Mc Laren have improved a lot over the last couple of years. Renault haven't. Losing their only customer won't help either. Ferrari had a horrible race at the second Spielberg GP, with Leclerc bumping into Vettel. Of course, their qualifying result wasn't very good anyway, but retiring in lap 1 is as bad as it gets. They had a better qualifying in Hungary, but not a particularly great race, especially Leclerc. Vettel gave a solid performance, but P6 was all the car was good for. Maybe he could have been 5th if they hadn't messed up that pit stop. One has to wonder about their pit stop strategy and tyre choices, too. They definitely got it wrong with Leclerc's first stop. That "pink Mercedes" is still damn fast. Will be interesting how that protest by Renault goes. If it's deemed legal they'll be in a very good position. once the budget cap kicks in. The championship is going to be a snoozefest as nobody is anywhere near the Mercedes. Maybe we see a closer competition between Hamilton and Bottas, but that's it. Red Bull should easily finish second in the constructors competition ahead of Racing Point. Hard to tell where McLaren is. Their performance in Hungary was not great. Ferrari is currently fifth, and that probably reflects their strength quite accurately. Sainz might come to regret moving.
  12. People in those countries are a lot more disciplined than in the West. In Europe and North America you can't trust people to follow the government's recommendations, and you'd better not make rules you aren't ready to enforce. Western countries haven't seen a pandemic or restrictions of personal freedom like the ones we saw under the lockdown since WW2 either, so there is some excuse for governments to have been hesitant. That said, they should have been planning for it since at least late January. But then it was just a Chinese problem...
  13. Well, the Racing Point seems to be a carbon copy of last year's Mercedes, with the current power unit. Ferrari have stated that there is a serious problem with their car that only a major upgrade can fix. Red Bull and McLaren couldn't use their 2018 cars for testing because they don't have the power units any more, so they are a bit behind there.
  14. iTunes has been split up on iOS a couple of years ago and meanwhile on the Mac, too. There's a music, a podcast and a tv app now. On Windows and older MacOS versions iTunes is still available, but I wouldn't expect it to see much development work any more. The trend towards proprietary platforms is regrettable. It fundamentally changes the character of podcasting. A podcast is supposed to be an RSS feed. No central hosting, no DRM, etc. That's not at all what Spotify etc. offer. I still stick to the free stuff, with the exception of Audible (which I have for the audiobooks).
  15. There aren't that many alternatives. Laschet obviously wants the job. If he manages to get elected as chairman he might have a chance. Not sure if Merz stands a chance. With AKK's withdrawal and von der Leyen in Brussels there aren't many potential candidates left.
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